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What’s the Difference between Genre and Category?

Posted by Brooke Warner on June 29, 2015 at 9:30pm 1 Comment

A simple look at the definition of “genre” might cause confusion for any writer seeking to understand the difference between genre and category. According to Merriam-Webster, genre is:

“a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content.”

So if genre is a category of literary composition, what’s a category? And why does genre matter? A post on agentquery.com articulates a great response to “why genre matters” with the simple statement that genres are “a staple of the publishing world.” This characterizes what genre is better than the actual definition above because it speaks to…


[REALITY CHECK] Non-Writing Friends – and Why You Should Have Them

Posted by Zetta Brown on June 30, 2015 at 7:30am 0 Comments

Authors, I’m sorry to say, can be a fickle, thankless bunch.


When I started moving deeper in publishing circles as an author and a publisher, I began to meet a lot of wonderful authors, publishers, artists, and others in the industry. I like to say that I’m friends with many of them and even good friends with some of them.


But I also discovered there were authors who were no better than the cry babies and bullies from the schoolyard playground I thought I left behind decades ago. Some throw tantrums and make more demands than a Kardashian, while others take time out of their life to drum up a mob in order to bully or “destroy” another author.

I avoid those people and don't care to associate with them. I prefer not to court trouble.


Speaking as…


If She Writes Has Meant Something To You, Please Support Me Today.

Posted by Kamy Wicoff on June 28, 2015 at 5:30pm 23 Comments

Dear She Writers,

Six years ago today, June 29th, Deborah Siegel and I opened the virtual doors of this community, She Writes. Our vision was simple: in the rapidly changing, head-spinningly complex world of publishing, writers--and women writers in particular--needed a place to come together to share what they were learning, be inspired, and gather information about the craft and the business of writing. We created, in other words, the thing we needed. In the beginning, I thought we were founding an online home for off-line communities we were already part of. But in our first week we went from 40 founding members to 1,000, and today, we have more than 26,000 worldwide. There are She Writers in Italy and South Africa, Arizona and Alaska, Mexico and Dubai. Our growth amazes me, especially…


First Line Catches the Reader

Posted by Dee Ann Waite on June 6, 2015 at 12:00pm 34 Comments

Ever hear the phrase The Early Bird Catches the Worm? The writer’s twist would be:

The First Line Catches the Reader

They--the seasoned writers and professionals--say that the first line of any story is the one that gets the reader’s attention and keeps them reading. Of course. Makes sense, right? But I’ve been finding that many indie authors are overlooking this very important lesson. I can’t tell you how many indie books I’ve been asked to read where the beginning of the book just totally didn’t do it for me. The only reason I continued on was because of my obligation to the author who asked me for an honest review. Often, much to my surprise, these book find their momentum and completely thrill me.

I work a daily exercise that I created for myself called First Lines. Each evening, after I’ve met my daily word count on my current novel, I open a little blue notebook titled NEW IDEAS and leaf through the hundreds of ideas that I’ve jotted…


Community Blog

An Encounter with Yeshua, by Isabelle Esling

When Isabelle Esling met Yeshua, He tremendously changed her life.

Here is her story of the life-changing encounter. "Yeshua is a very special person. In fact, there is nobody like Him. Yeshua’s heart loves unconditionally. He doesn’t care about your…

Introducing Your Main Character – 3 Ways to be Subtle and Intriguing

Every author has a fully intimate relationship with his/her main character. There is a vision of what s/he looks like; there is a full psychological profile; there are facial expressions, little quirks of body movements. If an author did not have these things fully developed in his/her mind, the…

Summer Work In Progress - Every Which Way but Write!


I promised regular updates on my summer writing progress. The last few weeks I’ve been going every which way but write! Between publishing my latest book, Still Dancing, blogging, selling books at an Arts & Crafts fair, meetings and personal and family responsibility, I’ve done nothing as far as word count. That…

. napery .

noun: napery

household linen, especially tablecloths and napkins.
so they were, many boxes, opened and unpacked all day,
in the heat. yet we had the big fan going. the mill

always a cooler place to be.

it is an old fashioned word, not found
in the urban dictionary, remembered.

so doyleys, chairbacks, arm protectors
for chairs are all in stock now, whilst
i had a very satisfactory day,…


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    An Encounter with Yeshua, by Isabelle Esling

    When Isabelle Esling met Yeshua, He tremendously changed…See More
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