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[REALITY CHECK] Self-Publishing: Adventures in Editing! by Patricia Robertson

Posted by Zetta Brown on October 22, 2014 at 7:00am 0 Comments

I don't care if you are self-published, indie-published, or NYC-published. Speaking as an editor, author, and publisher, it doesn't matter how many times you go through something you've written, you will either find a mistake or some minor thing you wish you could correct.

Perhaps the hardest thing when it comes to publishing (after getting published!) is to let go and let your book-child fend for itself. But like any responsible parent, you want to prepare your book-child as much as possible to defend itself, especially against critics. Having your work edited thoroughly helps strengthen your book and makes it harder for critical snipers to accuse your book-child of being sloppy.

Patricia Robertson shares what she has learned about self-publishing after…


Why Grammar Matters

Posted by Maria Murnane on October 21, 2014 at 8:06am 0 Comments

I recently began watching "The Wire" (yes, I realize I'm 12 years late), and I love it! So far it has lived up to the hype. It also gave me a good idea for this blog post. In one of the early episodes, one of the main characters (a police officer) spends a lot of time preparing a report about possible criminal activity at a housing project in Baltimore, and then presents it to a judge in hopes of gaining authorization for a wiretap. In this particular scene, we see the police officer sitting anxiously in his chair, so proud of all his hard work, just waiting for a pat on the back from the judge for following a very specific list of legal requirements to get what he really needs to stop the bad guys.


What does the judge do…


[Breakfast with the Muse] Don't Have Enough Time To Write? This 4-Step Process Will Get You on Track

Posted by Jill Jepson on October 20, 2014 at 10:50am 4 Comments

Finding the time to write. What do you do? There are so many options! You can neglect your family. Cut back on sleep. Stop exercising. Eat at your desk.

Or you can take four do-able steps that will help you create time by reducing distractions, eliminating time-wasters, and getting you into writing mode quickly. I’ve worked with dozens of coaching clients who were struggling to find time to write, and this four-step process has never failed.

1. Compartmentalize. defines “compartment” as a separate section, part, division, or category. I use the term compartmentalize to mean creating a distinct part of your life for writing. A compartment is a…


[SWP: Behind the Book] Why I'm Telling Secrets

Posted by Colleen Haggerty on October 20, 2014 at 7:00am 6 Comments

I grew up as the peace-keeper middle child, wanting everyone to get along. I don’t like to ruffle feathers or stir the pot. And if conflict does happen, I’m the one who plays mediator, ensuring everyone’s viewpoint is heard. 

This all comes from my desire to be liked. I really want people to like me.  And yet I also have an intense need to be authentic, which creates inner tension for me. If people really knew the Real Me would I still be liked? Admired? Respected? For years I thought the answer was No, so I kept secrets about parts of myself.

So why did I decide to reveal two of my biggest secrets in my memoir, A Leg to Stand On? Perhaps being a contributor to the anthology Dancing at the Shame Prom (Seal Press, 2012) made me think twice—three times—about the shame I…


Community Blog

Testing different book covers

Hey All,

I was really unsure what direction to take the cover of my book, so I did some market testing. The surprising results are in the following infographic.…



Are You a Good Listener?

Are you a good listener? Or do you cut people off in an attempt to talk over them? Do you voice your opinion even when you haven’t been asked? Do you attempt to tell others how to run their lives when they confide in you; many times making them feel bad in the process?

Do you then wonder why fewer and…

My Story and Surviving Domestic Violence - July 2010

As July started I was soooooo tired.  I just wanted to sleep all the time and didn't feel like doing much else.  Couldn't tell if I was sick or what was going on - but I didn't let it slow me down.  I did start taking more naps but still worked 6 nights at the bar.  I felt like he was spending even more time staying at his moms but I can't say I minded because it was less conflict.  I knew something was going on but…

My Story and Surviving Domestic Violence - June 2010

That feeling of happiness didn't last long going into June.  That bad gut feeling started happening and I knew something was up.  During the week he would make excuses and stay at his moms - or he would say.  I am the type that won't sit back and believe the lies - I will search it out.  My first marriage he had affairs on me and I sat back and believed stuff for so long - this time I wasn't going to.  I will…


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    Testing different book covers

    Hey All,I was really unsure what direction to take the cover of my book, so I did some market testing. The surprising results are in the following infographic.…See More
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