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Blog Posts

Grammergency #13: When Quotation Marks Attack

Posted by Annie Tucker on May 26, 2015 at 9:19am 1 Comment

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a little photography project, inspired by signs around California that use quotation marks incorrectly and that I find hilarious—especially when I can’t figure out for the life of me what purpose the quotes are meant to serve. Got any theories?

This one is my favorite. I found it on a fireplace screen.

I get that garlic conjures up negative images for some people (bad breath, vampires, etc.), but there's nothing hypothetical…



Posted by Meghan Ward on May 28, 2015 at 8:47am 0 Comments

When I teach Blogging for Beginners at the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto, we get everyone's blogs set up, but that’s the easy part. Learning how to use Wordpress, Blogger, or SquareSpace will get your blog online, but it won’t make you a great blogger. Great blogs have five things in common—quality design, great content, clear layout, consistent posts, and audience engagement. Here are a few tips for making your good blog great:

Photo courtesy of John Stansbury via Creative Commons



If you’re not sure whether you like blogging, start with a free…


Pinterest Power!

Posted by Janay Lampkin on May 20, 2015 at 3:00pm 9 Comments


Ever find yourself logging on to your Pinterest account for quick inspiration--and 46 pins, a glass of wine, and 30 minutes later you've been sucked into a Pinterest hole? Why not maximize on this addicting platform and utilize its features to benefit your launch day? There is no reason your character inspiration, book and giveaway promotions, and #novelines should not be shared with the Pinterest world.

Here are four quick ways to help you gain more momentum on Pinterest when it comes to your author platform:

Cast board

If your novel was optioned for a movie, who would the director cast for the different roles? It’s always fun to match…


Does Your Dialogue Sound Realistic?

Posted by Maria Murnane on May 25, 2015 at 10:30am 1 Comment

Most of us read books because we love to escape (temporarily) from reality and immerse ourselves in alternate worlds inhabited by colorful, interesting characters whose lives are much more exciting than our own. That's certainly why I read! However, while the lives these characters lead might be less than realistic, it's important (to me, at least) that their dialogue is realistic. 

When I read a book with dialogue that doesn't ring true, instead of getting sucked into the story I find myself thinking, "Who talks like that? No one would say that." And as I've said a million times in this blog, you want your readers focused on the story, not on the problems with your writing.

(Note: I'm referring to contemporary fiction, not tales of dystopian…


Community Blog

Recalling dialogue in Memoir; Showing not Telling

I'm a big supporter of showing and not telling. After many scrupulous re-writes and edits of my memoir I'm always asking if I'm telling when I could be showing. Most times, I figured ways to turn the tell around. But there are specific parts where I don't know how to show it.

I'm struggling with writing some specific dialogue for two reasons. (I refer to conversation that took place many years ago, not recent.) One, I can't remember what exactly my dialogue partner said almost…

Rubber Stamp

I am a bureaucrat by day. I'm all about red tape. People as busy as I am don't have mentors or graduate classes. I have the library though. How ironic that the brainy (ish) kid never got her Ph.D. . . .

All Art Friday

Posted new edition of All Art Friday.

Spotlights are on Australia's nature-inspired Meredith Woolnough, Stony Island Arts Bank, paper artist Helen Hiebert, Smithsonian Libraries' online Artists Book Collection, printmaker Sarah Horowitz, Michelle Mckinney's woven metal artworks, and J. Scott McElroy's 'Creative Church Handbook'.

The round highlights exhibitions at Brady Art Gallery at GWU, Ft. Smith (Ark.) Regional Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Museum of…

Welcome Lorna Dounaeva, Author of May Queen Killers

My new novel, May Queen Killers, reads almost like a cosy mystery, but there is a psychological element and a pinch of humour at the heart of the story.
Mystery writer Jock Skone arrives in Fleckford, a small village on the English/Welsh border, where he instantly falls…


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    Recalling dialogue in Memoir; Showing not Telling

    I'm a big supporter of showing and not telling. After many scrupulous re-writes and edits of my memoir I'm always asking if I'm telling when I could be showing. Most times, I figured ways to turn the tell around. But there are specific parts where I…See More
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