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From the First Self-Publishing Summit to a First Self-Published Book, Part 3

Posted by Renate Stendhal on April 23, 2014 at 11:30am 0 Comments

Prize-winning authors Kim Chernin and Renate Stendhal talk about The Do’s and Don’ts of Proper Writer’s Etiquette.

Renate: Thanks to the Supreme Court decision in California, we had a topic for our new book: lesbian marriage. And, thanks to She Writes, we had the potentially perfect guide into the new world of e-publishing, Kindle expert Howard VanEs. Howard, too, thought it was a great and timely topic. Go for it! he told us.

Kim: I noticed over the years that when the timing is right, things tend to come together. Out of the blue, friends offered us a house-sit on Maui for an entire month: the perfect setting, we felt, for a writing retreat.

Renate: And a premarital honeymoon with cocktails on the…


When is it time to stop reading about writing and just write?

Posted by Glo Gray on April 23, 2014 at 9:00am 1 Comment

These are interesting times to be a budding writer. Thanks to the boom of self-publishing and the Internet, it is more than easy to research how to write, how to get published, how to self-market, etc. There is barely a writing-related topic that doesn’t have a good few articles written about it.

The wisest of new writers and aspiring authors will take advantage of this and allocate some time for reading about writing, reading about publishing--basically just learning about their craft and how to sell it. 

But is reading about writing always beneficial? Should we ever just close the browser and stop? And when should we do that?

Here are two examples of times you should stop reading about writing and just start writing:

1. When you're reading so much about writing that you're not actually writing.

Internet articles are like a virus: one breeds another, breeds another. You can follow them around in a merry little twist, trying to…


[What's Next?] First Feedback

Posted by Caitlyn Levin on April 24, 2014 at 5:00am 1 Comment

Some of you may remember my last blog post, where I announced that I had sent out my manuscript (the second draft!) to some trusted readers. I’ve started to get some responses back, and I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised. I didn’t give the readers any context – no history of problems from the first draft, no side notes of thoughts I’d been having about problems – no setup at all. I was hoping to allow for unbiased feedback, and to see if that feedback lined up with hesitations I found, or with the comments of the previous readers.

What I’ve found so far is that the comments are different from the first round, which is a good thing. There are also less of them, but that could be a result of choosing…


[REALITY CHECK] Print vs. Digital Magazine Publishing by Sally Whitney

Posted by Zetta Brown on April 23, 2014 at 7:30am 2 Comments

I've wanted to be a published author since I was a kid. My dream came true when I had a short story published in the literary journal of the junior college I attended. My next success came a few years later when I had a short story published in the literary journal of the university I attended. Both journals were in print, but the overall readership and distribution...I'd be surprised if more than 500 people read either story.

That was more than 20 years ago when ebooks were in their infancy along with audiobooks and a new creature called an "e-zine."

Electronic magazines were starting to pop up, trying to collect the musings of writers in thematic volumes before the blog boom. But did these pioneering e-zines cultivate or crash the dreams of the submitting authors?…


Community Blog

JSC scholarship result

JSC scholarship result

JSC Scholarship Result 2013 Junior School Certificate. Posted by Admin on February 19, 2014. ADVERTISEMENT. JSC Scholarship Result 2013 Junior School . 2014. JSC Scholarship Result 2013 JSC Scholarship Result 2013 The result Junior School Certificate or JSC Exam result .
JSC Scholarship…

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Join us May 30-June 1 for an extraordinary weekend salon at the famed Whidbey Institute led by renowned women writers.

Connect in diverse and powerful small-group workshops. Enjoy dynamic keynotes and discussions about opportunities and challenges for women who write. Share meals, open mics, conversation and community in a stunningly beautiful setting.

Location: Whidbey Institute | Whidbey Island, WA


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Can a Writer Convey Who & What He/She Is?

To answer the question above...

"Foregoing all other titles in life, I am me.  It is as simple as it appears at first glance.  Yet, it is equally complex at second glance.  My only goal when applying pen to paper is to reach reality.  However, reality is subjective.  My reality is subject to my point of view.  It and I are sometimes assertive out of the necessity to take a stand.  It and I are equally conforming out of the necessary to keep the peace.  All of this is my…

[DIARY OF A MEMOIRIST] Regarding Susan Sontag

Saturday night I watched the showing of Nancy Kates’s marvelous documentary about Susan Sontag at the Tribeca Film Festival. I was lucky enough to belong to the board of advisors for the film, and that brought me to a reception before it was shown. A few of us (including Terry Castle, from her essay on “Notes on…

‘Honor and Innocence’ eBook Is Free On Amazon April 24 – 25, 2014

Glen Hierlmeier announced today that his eBook Honor and Innocence: Against the Tides of War, a historical romance novel, will be listed for free on Amazon from today, April 24th, through April 25th,…


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    What's the absolute best use for new writing material?

    Started by Francine Huss in General. Last reply by Kimberly Golden Malmgren on Monday. 8 Replies

    My first book is currently in production with She Writes Press for publish date of April 2014. Meanwhile, while writing Book 1, I completely deleted a whole last section of the book, a continuation on how to use everything in the book on a daily…Continue

    She Writes Press News: Announcing Hysterical, by Rebecca Coffey

    Started by Caitlyn Levin in General. Last reply by RH Ramsey on Saturday. 4 Replies

    There are several serviceable biographies about child psychoanalyst Anna Freud, who lived from 1895 to 1982. But as a fictional memoir, Hysterical…Continue


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