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[What's Next?] Asking the Right Questions

Posted by Caitlyn Levin on September 10, 2014 at 5:30pm 10 Comments

Hi everyone! I’m really excited about this week’s post for a lot of reasons, but there’s a biggie that’s the main source of my enthusiasm: The final early readers are done with my book, and they’re ready to sit down with me and talk about it.

I’ve had some initial comments from them, of course. Vaguely positive, which is good! Now that I’m gearing up to sit with them and really flesh out the problems they found with the text, I’m thinking about what questions I want to ask. I have specific things that I’ve been nervous about and working on through different drafts, so of course I want to see if those come up naturally, or if the readers picked up on them. But I’m also wondering if there are questions I don’t know I should be asking. I don’t know what I don’t know. You know?

I have…


[REALITY CHECK] The Publisher-Author—the Reality vs the Dream by Marci Baun

Posted by Zetta Brown on September 10, 2014 at 7:00am 5 Comments

This week it is my pleasure to have my friend Marci Baun as my guest. Marci is the owner of two publishing houses, Wild Child Publishing and Freya's Bower. She is also an author, editor, mother, athlete, and owner of a gorgeous gold dress that comes out on special occasions.

Marci knows all the ins and outs of e-publishing because she is one of a handful of publishing houses that has been around for years (fifteen to be exact)--long before Amazon and NYC started throwing their weight around in this part of the industry. 

But she can also relate to living the life of an author and trying to juggle life, creativity, and business at the same…


I vs. Me

Posted by Maria Murnane on September 9, 2014 at 9:18am 0 Comments

I often hear people use the pronoun "I" when they should be using "me." Here's a quick lesson on the difference between the two.


"I" is a subject pronoun, which means it should be used only when you, the speaker, are the subject of the sentence, i.e., that you are DOING something.


For example:

  • Yesterday I decided to write this blog post
  • Today I am writing this blog post
  • Tomorrow I will read this blog post


"Me" is an object pronoun, which means it should be used only when you, the speaker, are the object of the sentence, i.e., that someone ELSE is doing something to you, with…


[Path to Publication] On Signing Books

Posted by Elizabeth Enslin on September 9, 2014 at 9:11am 4 Comments

My first book releases from Seal Press in exactly two weeks, and once again I start the day by scanning my to-do list, adding more items than I cross out: reserve a keg for my book launch, decide on room arrangement, respond to emails, set up Facebook events, make a hair trim appointment, answer questions for three different online interviews, upgrade wardrobe, order bookplates, clean the book tour mobile (my Subaru Forester), update blog…and so much more.  And then there are the chores I need to do before leaving our farm for several weeks in October: plant garlic, trim yak hooves (yes, really), dig up potatoes….

I try to prioritize, but no matter how I rearrange, one item keeps floating to the top,…


Community Blog

. scanning .

requires a scanner,
strength of spirit
for so many works.

i like repetition,
i have proved it.

skills come into play,


it was my job
in the office,
now my pleasure.


No Bodily Trace

Today, the world is certainly a lot lighter without you in it. But what more is there to say about this life that runs a number on us; leaving us with no trace of baby-photo exuberance. And now too, leaving no bodily essence of you for those of us left in this paltry borrowed existence.

Don't Let It Shake You !

When you have been anticipating something and it falls by the wayside, don't let that get to you. Remain immovable. Yes it sucks. Yes it can be unfair. Yes it hurts. But do not allow your faith to diminish.

You have to understand, there is still something better in store…

So Who Are You Listening To?

So who are you listening to anyway, when it comes to your own life and what you want to do? Are you listening to your gut or are you giving more weight to everybody else no matter who they are?

Okay, it is a good thing to listen to the advice of those close to you; after all they do care about you and…

Processing Questions

This blog post is in response to two recent questions, one posted in the comments section of this blog and one messaged to me on my facebook page. In reality, these are both variations of questions I’ve gotten since publishing my first book…


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