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7 Tips on How To Sell Books on Kindle

Posted by M. Louisa Locke on August 24, 2016 at 4:00pm 31 Comments

This post was originally published on March 11, 2014.

First of all, why should you listen to me, an unknown author, tell you how to sell your book on Kindle? A little more than a year ago, I was a semi-retired professor of U.S. Women’s history who, besides a few academic articles, had never published a thing. What I did have was a manuscript of an historical mystery I had written 20 years earlier, based on my doctoral research on working women in the late nineteenth century. In the 20 years after writing the first draft, while I pursued my teaching career, I found an agent, collected rejections, lost an agent, published briefly with a small Print on Demand (POD) press, rewrote the manuscript several times, and I was now giving the book one more chance. I also owned a Kindle, which I loved. After serious investigation, I decided to publish my book,…


Is your Book your Baby or your Employee???

Posted by Patricia Robertson on August 16, 2016 at 6:30am 0 Comments

Many months ago, on The Creative Penn blog, I read an interview with a prolific writer who wrote a book practically every month. As part of the interview, Joanna Penn and this author talked about the common practice by some of treating their manuscript like a baby, a creative baby. They agreed that maybe for the first few books that was okay, but in order to grow as a writer, a writer needs to write, get past agonizing over each book and put it out there for others to enjoy. They need to stop thinking about their books as babies, but rather start thinking about them as employees. Get them out where they can make money.

I’ve been thinking about this concept since then. As a woman who has experienced pregnancy and given birth, the image of giving birth to my books has been a powerful one for me. Last year, I repeatedly referred to my summer writing project as my baby. I’ve yet to send this baby out into the world where it can make…


[BREAKFAST WITH THE MUSE] 3 Exercises to Sharpen Your Observational Intelligence

Posted by Jill Jepson on June 20, 2016 at 7:30am 9 Comments

“Writers can fill their stories with as much ‘made up stuff’ as they like, but there is no substitute for astute observation,” writes A.J.Humpage at All Write Fiction Advice.  "It’s the one thing that marks flat, boring ‘telling’ description from vibrant, rich narrative that shows the reader.”

Most writers I work with are keenly aware of the importance of observation to good writing. Yet, few of them do much to improve their ability to observe. Most of us assume we’re pretty observant to begin with. We seldom think we have to work at it.

According to Psychologist Dr. Katherine…


Don't Review Your Own Book

Posted by Maria Murnane on August 15, 2016 at 8:00am 1 Comment

As I've mentioned before, I read a lot about book marketing and publishing. The other day I came across an article about an indie author who had recently published a novel about baseball. I love sports and thought his book sounded interesting, so I looked it up on Amazon. There were just two reviews, one of which was five stars and had the title: Great book. Among other glowing things, the review said the book was "a nice easy read for kids of all ages" and "well worth the time and money."

Then I noticed that the name of the reviewer looked strangely familiar. I scrolled to the top of the page and realized it was the same as the author! I couldn't believe someone would have the gall to give his own book a five-star review, but there it was, staring me in the face.

Needless to say, I didn't buy the book. How could I support such unethical behavior?

I've said more than once in this space that I believe asking friends and family to positively review your…


Community Blog


we talked to him at his gate,

asked him how he was.


he looked gently.


later he told me his

ears had been blasted regularly

at the quarry, so he is deaf.




i told him where i was from ,


meanwhile the man at the factory

cleaned bins.


we used the scooter again.





Nostalgia and Its Discontents - by Svetlana Boym

While searching for works on the multicultural experience, I came across the insightful, eloquent writings of the talented Svetlana Boym, once a Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures and of Comparative Literature at Harvard University.

Being at once Taiwanese and American, I am fluent in the languages and cultures of East Asia and North America. I grew up in California and in Taipei, yet feel as if I am still in a place and time somewhere in between the two realms,…

Book Wish List :)

While I am in graduate school, I feel tempted to set aside homework for a tiny moment of chick lit ... to read books I've been wanting to read. But instead of giving in, I chose to make a wish list of reads! :)

The common theme, one that resonates so well with me, is that of a woman emerging from adverse circumstances and gradually learning about the new world around her as she heals and experiences adventures in life and love and starts to blossom as she discovers her true self. Who…

The Silent Hallway

At this time of the year I become nostalgic. In the past, at this time in August I would be at school preparing my classroom,

my lesson plans etc for the September opening. This writing was inspired by those feelings.

The hallway was silent except for the soft click of her heels on the tiles. She was completely alone in the building but soon it would be filled with the raucous and excited voices of children. Eleanor had come to finish preparing her classroom for…

Meet LR Gray


1.    Tell us a few things about yourself

Well I am a mother of 8 and grandmother 21. I always…


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