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[TIPS OF THE TRADE]: Turn Your Book Talk into a Multimedia Presentation

Posted by Ellen Cassedy on August 21, 2014 at 12:30am 1 Comment

Speaking about my book – at bookstores and book clubs, synagogues and genealogy societies, universities, writing conferences, writing classes, and adult education centers – is one of my favorite activities as an author. Being in contact with audiences feeds me – as a writer, a thinker, and a person. And the talks are an important source of sales.


By showing slides as I speak, I’ve turned my talks into multimedia presentations. For me and many other authors of memoirs and other non-fiction books, adding images to the mix can be a key way to keep listeners’ attention and speak compellingly about our work.   


With evocative images, giving your talk can feel like telling a story – even like reading a picture book aloud.…


[NETWORKING FOR INTROVERTS] 13 Ways to Improve Your Presence on LinkedIn

Posted by Meghan Ward on August 21, 2014 at 1:30am 1 Comment

It's easy to get caught up with Facebook and Twitter and forget all about your LinkedIn account until you're out of a job. But LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, with 300 million users, and the fifth largest social network in the United States, with 100 million American users. So pull out your virtual feather duster and start sweeping away those electronic cobwebs. It's time to update your LinkedIn profile, and here's how:


1. Make sure your profile is complete, including a professional headshot of yourself.

2. Let your voice and personality shine through in your summary. Don’t skip it. It’s important.…


Marketing Tip: Make Sure Your Outreach Has a Purpose

Posted by Maria Murnane on August 19, 2014 at 8:46am 0 Comments

I recently received a tweet that left me scratching my head. A woman tweeted (to me, not to the world), a photo of herself holding a book. There was no accompanying note, no greeting or explanation, nothing. And she wasn't holding up one of my books, so it clearly wasn't a fan tweet.




Do your marketing messages make sense to the recipient?

I tweeted back asking if she'd forgotten to include a message with the photo. She replied that she was an author and thought I might want to read her book.


That's all she wrote.


Again, huh?


Book marketing takes a lot of work, and I commend any author who makes the effort to get the word out, but it's…


Why I Canceled My Amazon Prime Account (following Amazon's Spamming of My Inbox)

Posted by Brooke Warner on August 18, 2014 at 9:30pm 20 Comments

For those of you who follow publishing news, or who are KDP authors, you know that on August 9, Amazon sent a very bizarre email to all of its KDP customers, which has been dissected best, in my opinion, here and here.


You can read the full email here, but this post is really about why I canceled my Amazon Prime account the next day.

There is no question in my mind…


Community Blog

Manuscript Revision Requires Insight, Patience, and Persistence

When I outlined the book I felt sure about every section, every point, and every sub-point. I felt so sure that I wrote at top speed, cranking out headings and paragraphs. Not surprisingly, I finished the manuscript earlier than anticipated, and was pleased with it.

During the writing process I stayed in touch with a publisher that was interested in the book. I sent emails about changes and my search for experts willing to write back cover reviews. All seemed to be well, and then I…

The Unexpected

What should I expect?


You Know It's Out There Already

You know it’s out there already…your goal, your dream, your desire. It’s out there waiting for you to “reel it in” with your thoughts and feelings. It’s out there waiting for you to take ownership of it; to claim it as your own.

When you really, truly believe that it belongs to you then it will pop up in…

Coursework Can be Difficult When There is a Deadline to Meet


It pays to have someone write your work for you once, but if one continues with the approach of outsourcing writers all the time to get the homework done, chances are one can lose the plot. 

Meeting the Closing Date Can be Real Difficult

Kids today have it rough with loads of homework that they need to churn and deliver at the allotted time. If they…

Cuban Blog Day #16 Ask For What You Want. You Just Might Get It

Diving! When you live in Colorado, it’s a little hard to SCUBA dive.  I make sure every trip I take includes some sort of diving so as not to get rusty.  It still doesn’t work all that well. Each new dive, I’m a little nervous and worried that I may have forgotten how to do it. …


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    Started by Francine Huss in General. Last reply by Kimberly Golden Malmgren Apr 21. 8 Replies

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    Started by Caitlyn Levin in General. Last reply by Nina Gaby Jul 12. 6 Replies

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