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Blog Posts

Real Writers Need a Community: yes, that means you

Posted by Bex vanKoot on May 25, 2016 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

I’ve always called myself a shy person. The anxiety I feel in social or professional situations is in no small part why I chose freelancing in the first place. Discovering that I could just be a writer, just decide and then do it, was like uncovering a hidden gem while lamenting over the useless soil in my garden. But still, what does one do with a dirt-covered gem? It was not an easy transition.

For several years I made the journey completely on my own, carrying the gem around in my pocket while it boosted my confidence but also my anxiety. I got advice where I could find it, took courses when I could afford them, and worked my way up from bargain basement content mill rates to something that can actually sustain my partner and I through tough times.

We were making it, but it was lonely work. When I found the private Facebook community administered by…


[BREAKFAST WITH THE MUSE] When Things Go Wrong, Don't Go With Them: How I Survived My Website Crisis

Posted by Jill Jepson on May 16, 2016 at 7:30am 6 Comments

Last week, I had a website crisis. 

If you have to have a crisis, a website crisis is far from the worst. It wasn’t a national crisis, or a health crisis, or a family crisis. Still, it felt big—catastrophic, even—and sent me dangerously close to a yawning chasm of panic.

As I was making changes on my website, I realized that I wasn’t getting many of the messages sent to me through my contact form. They were stuck at an old email address instead of being forwarded to the one I use. Since others were going through fine, I had no reason to suspect a problem until I stumbled across a huge number of unforwarded emails.

When I say “huge number,” I mean it. Sitting in my never-viewed email account were 2,734 messages…


[THE WRITER'S LIFE] The Books of Life

Posted by Cindy Eastman on May 17, 2016 at 11:00am 2 Comments

I wrote a short email to my friend, another writer, after learning that she and her husband had recently found out he has brain cancer. Her equally brief response held all the confusion and helplessness such a discovery brings. She said: “If you could quickly write a book that explains how a wife is supposed to accept this that would be great.” A grimacing smiley face followed.


I wished I could. This particular situation has not happened to me in my life, but other similarly tragic or unfair things have. Most recently, my ex-husband died suddenly and I am without a manual to tell me how to act. Sad? Nostalgic? I just don’t know. When it happened, I needed a book to tell me when to cry, where to pitch in, when to hang back. I fumbled around the best I could and still have trouble managing my emotions almost three months later.


How, then, does one attend to a tragic turn of events? Some people live a life of…



Posted by Jane Leder on May 21, 2016 at 8:30am 1 Comment

Why I Write

Let's put it this way: I write because I must.  Sure, I get frustrated, bereft of ideas and self-confidence. Like someone in a bad marriage, I've tried to quit writing and move on.  I can't.

They say you can't give up the things you love.  (Well, something like that.)  And it's true: I can say things on paper (Boy, that dates me, doesn't it?) that I can never say out loud.  I can input thoughts/feelings on Word that I could never organize in the middle of a heated discussion.  I can't always be funny or "quick" or articulate in the moment but can often get everything straightened out when I write.…


Community Blog

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Good Evening!

Let it go- the comments of other people sometimes. Not everyone will agree with everything you do. They just won’t. But that is no reason for you to change your mind about what you’re doing or what your plans are if you really believe in them.

No one will ever have 100% of the vote- they’ll always be…

Unleash Your Best Work, Create Products that Sell -- More Things I've Learned from Podcast Episodes

As I mentioned in last month's post, I find podcasts to be great not only for fun or inspiration, but also to gain ideas and insights. I listen to podcasts when exercising, eating lunch, or making dinner, also when traveling on long bus trips or flights.


Here are two episodes I listened to recently,…




Happy Memoriall Day from The Halli Casser-Jayne Show!

We deliver today our special ‪#‎podcasts‬ together with ‪#‎PBS‬…


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    Unleash Your Best Work, Create Products that Sell -- More Things I've Learned from Podcast Episodes

    As I mentioned in last month's post, I find podcasts to be great not only for fun or inspiration, but also to gain ideas and insights. I listen to podcasts when exercising, eating lunch, or making dinner, also when traveling on long bus trips or…See More
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