Romance Writing Tip of the Day: #3
Written by
Yuwanda Black
March 2014
Written by
Yuwanda Black
March 2014

Set aside time to write daily. In the last month, I've published three ebooks (short romances). And it's because I got sick and tired of putting off transitioning from writing mainly how-to, non-fiction, to writing fiction (romance/crime) -- which I've been wanting to do far a while.

So I turned my whole schedule on its head. Instead of working on other projects when I first got up, I wrote on my romance first. This way, no matter what else I didn't get done during the day, writing wasn't one of those things.

My output reflects this change. Of the three short romances I've published, one was an Amazon Top 100 seller (see below) -- and it's even increased sales of my non-fiction titles.

So if you want to write, then make it a priority. And my #1 suggestion would be to do it first -- and let everything else take a back seat. 

As always, happy writing!

P.S.: Check Out the Amazon Top 100 Seller -- "Trapped by Desire." Read an in-depth excerpt at

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  • Yuwanda Black

    Oh God Diane, I could never write that late -- at least not romance. I can write "how to, non-fiction" all day and night. But romance writing requires more "fresh" brain cells -- so I have to do that during the day or what I produce wouldn't be usable at all.

    Thanks for checking out my book, and for leaving your feedback. I appreciate it. :-)

  • Diane Jortner

    I checked out your book on Amazon.  I am not usually in for romance,  but it looks fun.  The best thing about writing in the morning for me is that then I actually go to bed at night.  If I put is off, I will start at 10:00 PM, and not hit the pillow until 3:00 Am.. and then I look at what  I wrote in the morning, and pretty much have to start all over, it is that bad!