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15 Online Writing Courses Every Writer Should Take

If there was ever an activity to never give up on, it’s learning. As a writer our lives consist of absorbing inspiration and constantly improving our craft, and there is no better (or more convenient) way to refine talent and creativity than through an online writer’s workshop. We’ve rounded up 15 best online writing classes every author will find educational refuge in – and trust us, these are lessons which will last page after page.

TV Writing with Gotham Writer’s Workshop – You don’t have to be a Manhattanite to take part in the iconic courses at Gotham Writer’s Workshop. We have a couple favorites we’ll be sharing, and one is exploring the craft of TV writing. You don’t have to be an aspiring screenwriter to join the course, but daring to bend your pen in a new direction is always educational.

How to Get Published with Gotham Writer’s Workshop – It’s not strictly writing per se, but approaching the publishing industry is a daunting and emotionally draining experience for any writer. This class will deliver you with prime industry tricks from NYC professionals and maximize your chances at publishing success.

Writing the Groundbreaking Young Adult Novel – Don’t have the time to commit to a full-time university class? No worries, Stanford University has an in-depth online writing course in every writer’s niche. Our favorite offering is the deep dive into the world of YAs – students are taught how to craft the next big hit in this universally beloved genre.

Storytelling Fundamentals: Character, Conflict, Context and Craft Craving a deeper grasp on storytelling? Taught by New York Times bestselling author Daniel José Older, this all-star class via Skillshare has rave reviews and you should probably take advantage of this one immediately.

The Poet’s Path – We at She Writes are firm believers that the more you stretch your creativity, the more it will give back to you. Whether you’re a fiction writer or a travel journalist, exploring the world of poetry is a valuable lesson for every imagination. This class via may just awaken your inner bard.   

Start Writing Fiction – Geared toward the person who finally wants to start their literary career, this 12-hour course by The Open University will give all the ground rules for creating your personal magnum opus.

Adventures in Writing  – For those who learn visually, you will geek out hard over this writing course taught by Stanford University. This series of graphic novel-style learning modules is one of the favorites among the writing crowd. The best part? It’s free.

Craft of Character – Not sure where to go with your character? This course from Wesleyan University enlightens writers of all levels to breathe vivacious, unforgettable and complex life into every character on your pages.

Show, Don’t Tell: The Art of Description – Learn the literary tricks to painting vividly intense emotional scenes that transport your readers deep into your imagination. This one-day online writing course from Hugo House (this Seattle-based school is one of our favorites) doesn’t steal much time but could change the way you write forever.

Memory & Memoir – Since we love the Hugo House so much, we thought we’d mention it twice. For those writers on a mission to create a trailblazing memoir, this class examines the most important tool to the writing process: memory. Students immerse themselves into the inner-workings of the mind and leave class with a clearer view on subjects and a powerful direction for memoir writing.

Humor Writing: Become the Next David Sedaris – Another golden find via Skillshare, this course demystifies the process of transforming tragedies or difficult life experiences into flawless satire readers will devour.

Crafting Stories for Children – Have unquenchable dreams of being a children’s book author? It’s time to make those come true. This compelling course from Writer’s Village guides aspiring authors through the art of children’s storytelling and the profound ways words teach remarkable life lessons.

Romance Writing – A consistently hot (no pun intended) genre in the publishing world, if you’re curious to dive into the sultry world of romance writing, it’s always time. From exploring your passion for romance to a deep analysis of the components of a successful romance novel, students will walk away primed to write their steamy masterpiece.  

Intro to Writing Science Fiction – We told you this article would cover every writer’s educational needs. Looking to pen the next 1984 or Lord of the Rings? Nourish your fantastical talent with the course that makes the impossible totally possible.   

Blog Basics with Gotham Writer’s Workshop  – Eager to build your platform or create an online brand from scratch? The blog writing course from Gotham Writer’s Workshop will give you a grand entrance to the profitable and ever-changing blogosphere.

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