This blog was featured on 05/18/2017
Requesting Book Endorsement Blurbs

Today was “book-endorsement-request day” for my next book, The Business of Being: Soul Purpose In and Out of the Workplace (She Writes Press, Berkeley, CA, 2018).

I sent seventeen email requests and have already received back two YES’s and one really cool turndown; a funny, personal email from none other than Seth Godin. He wrote:

“thanks Doc

alas I'm too swamped to take this on, I'm sorry

good luck with your work”

My pie-in-the-sky requests included a few of the people I quoted in my book: Brene Brown, Ellen DeGeneres, Cheryl Richardson, Mary Morrissey, Bill Gates, Stephen Hopson, Tara Brach, and three-time Olympic gold medalist Kristin Armstrong. 

I’m glad I ripped the bandaid off and got it over with. One more item off my pre-publication ta-dah list. 

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