I would like to put out a call for submissions to an anthology or poetry and short prose. As I am new here, could someone advise where and even if this is possible? Thank you


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Sally, I'm also new so don't have an answer to your question per se, but am interested in learning more about what you're looking for.


Lesley Howard

Hi Lesley,

Thanks for responding - I'll just go ahead and tell you and if I am breaking the rules I am sure someone will let me know.

Last year I started Paragram which is dedicated to offering opportunities to poets and writers of short prose to read to at an event and also to be published...publishing opportunities seem few and far between at the moment. 

Our next reading event is 13 April at the Chertsey Bookshop with some open mic spots still available, though of course this is only useful if you live within travellin distance.

The anthology however is open to all, wherever you may be. The deadline is 1st July 2012 and the theme is 'Connections'. All the relevant details can be found at http://www.para-gram.com.

Do have a look if you are interested.

Hi Sally:

I am so sorry.  I didn't see your reply here.

It seems like you are already off to a great start.  I hope my response isn't totally useless.



Hi Sally:


I have never organized my on anthology to edit; however, I have responded to a very organized call for submissions.


To give you some background information, I found out about the call from a great site: www.winningwriters.com.  The post included general project specs (i.e. description of the type of literary work sought, word count, etc.) and the deadline.  There was also a link to the full detailed description of the project and its goals:  http://itsallinherhead.blog.com.


The editor used the blog to communicate with writers about the work, submission deadline updates, etc. throughout the entire “call” process.  She also included an email address for direct communication with her.  I found this particularly useful – as I had questions that I did not want to post on the blog.  But, what’s more, the editor was very hands-on, as she promptly replied to my questions, comments and concerns.  After the final selection process the editor emailed all of the “winners”, alerting us to the fact that she selected our respective pieces for the manuscript.


It’s in the editing process now, due for release Spring 2013 (last I heard). 


Now, as far as She Write goes, you can set-up another Discussion that includes the project specs or join a group to find writers with who may be interested in your project based on its specs.  If that doesn’t work, I would use the Member Search to find writers within your project’s genre and message them individually to invite them to consider the work.


Hope this helps.  Let me know if you need additional support.



Hi Clene,

This is very helpful, thank you for such an in depth answer.

I will indeed look up www.winningwriters.com.

Also, looking for members here and contacting them is a great idea,

Thanks again,



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