It's often easier to pick ourselves apart than to build ourselves up--but when you're a writer, you need a little positive reinforcement now and then, including from yourself! With that in mind...

In six words, tell us: What is your greatest strength as a writer?

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Undermining the surface; mining the underbelly.

I respect how real people speak.

Ability to write it last minute.

Characters you can believe in.

A fertile  mind with open eyes.

Passion. Power with words. Perseverance.

Writing what people haven't thought of

Listening to my characters' voices

Sacrificing my dignity to make smiles.

my perseverance when things get tough.

Persistence: I believe regular efforts are key.

Stringing words into real life images



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"Behind the striving is the fear of not being enough. But even after achieving the goal its luster doesn't shine long enough."
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