SheWriMo: She Writes November Writing Challenge, November 23rd

What's your writing goal for today?  Share it here, and come back to tell us how you did!

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 Today ..... I will upload a revision of a series volume that had 'vetter' problems, publish another volume that is ready to go out while preparing goodies for tomorrow and of course writing in book 2.. I am going to try and keep that at around 2000 words so I dont burn the cookies and candy for tomorrow!  O. G.

Hi! First time i write as I've just joined this site and am also on the write non-fiction month site. It's nice to be here.


Today I was finishing my last chapter, I wrote 2500 words. I'll add up some words tomorrow to get about the 3500 I need. It's been a tough challenge, fatigue is creeping in but I'm glad to be doing it... I now have a book of about 70 000 words (I've written about 50 000 words this month so far) for the first time, and that feels awesome!

 Hello, I am pretty new to the site, too.  What little I have seen of it, is awesome. It is filled to the max with literary advice, help, encouragement and commaraderie.  I would love to hear what your novel is about and chat about the experience of writing in general.  Good luck!

Writing a lot this month is really rewarding in the end. I love the feeling it gives. Even if next time I engage in this challenge I will set a lower word count than about 3000 words/workday because all day I'm raising my kids and don't have that much time :). My self-help book is about doing what we love, a method in 28 days to start living off our passions (blogged here : I love that I'm giving myself a month too on writing this book to show it's possible.

You seem to be doing good with your writing too! What is it about? Looking forward to know more about it. Do you blog parts of it?

You can visit my blog which is connected to Facebook and Smashwords where I publish. ; I have always written and told "stories", poems, etc. since I was a young girl.  Now I am doing more than personalizing cute books for the kids or helping with a charitable cause.  Year before last, I lost 7 years, 34 chapters and 240,000 + words.  It was a moment in my life that made me realize how intrinsic a part of me my writing was.  I have always been a 'mother' but now I can take time for this part of myself, the writer, that has always taken second place to the rearing of my children and tending to the elderly whether it be a hospice situation or or just because.  I know the hours you put in, the parts of yourself that are sacrificed to tending to the needs of your loved ones and dearly understand what place you are at right now.  They will grow up and need less and less of your time so enjoy every hair pulling second you have with them now.... those moments turn into the memories of a lifetime spent loving another.  Bittersweet.  Now that my children are grown with children of their own I look at a 'post it' everyday that says... "You weren't serious about it until now."   My children are such wonderful people and upon seeing that note posted upon my board,  each in their own way try to whisper...   " yes you were". Children are the true blessing in a mother's life and then you just get to have the fun of being 'Grand'.  O. G.

Well, I have avoided the writing urge all day after knocking out 3459 this morning before everyone descended upon the chief cook. It is late and the characters are calling out for attention.  I will not write, I will not write, I , okay maybe just for a few minutes!   Everyone is fast asleep and the turkey is dressed for the party tomorrow.  I cannot find one reason not to write except, sleep. Hmmmm, nah not good enough now, maybe in a few!  I went beyond my goal today...... the vetter problems were painstakingly corrected.  Volume III was published and I had some awesome, eye opening comments.... seems like some think that their presentation is suitable for framing!  Wow! again.  Volume I has a full view so go check them out..... I found that the javascript worked better as a viewer than the html..... Would love to hear from anyone who has had the time to look...." Charms of the Sisterhood" volumes are only .99 cents  volume III has a Thanksgiving message. All contain clues for the "Sanctuary Saga". I had so much fun doing the covers and presentations I can hardly wait for having the time to do another! O.G.



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