Tell us who you are. If you are an IR author, share your book news, web site and tell us a bit about your journey so far!

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I am a nationally known artist who has experienced something out of the ordinary. I started an autobiographical novel, THE RED MOON in 2008 when the painters' single-image format could no longer contain the story I wanted to tell - Artist Statement

I'm several steps away from where I started. The protagonist is still an artist but most of the characters in my book are musicians. The heroines' tragic infatuation with a White man starts during the early 1980s Los Angeles Punk/New Wave scene when she is playing bass in a Rock band. The full synopsis has a medical miracle subplot involving RH negative blood and the eclipse of the moon is a symbol of the blood elements in the story. Birth, spontaneous abortion, menstruation, leukemia, transfusions and death.

I don't really think of the story as IR maybe because relationships like these are so common in Los Angeles.

It's so funny that you started this group because I had an interracial group here on She Writes but removed it. I'm so glad you brought one back!!! I have a blog The Many Shades of Love and write about my 17 year interracial marriage and family. I am also a contributing writer to The Next Family where I write about my marriage and family as well. I am currently in the process of writing a memoir about our 18 years of ups and downs as an interracial couple. Glad to be here!
Hi Amy & Laura,


Hey, Ruth! LOL!

Amy that's interesting you had an IR group. I just started using She Writes over a month ago. I looked around for IR groups and when I didn't see one I started one. I will check out your blog!

Best Wishes!
Hi! Kent Toney and I write IR/MC fiction. My current project is an LGBT themed noir. I am currently in the revision/editing/refining process. And on top of that, I have yet to give my baby a name! Lol how bout that? :D
Hi! My name is Kim and I'm working on a book about an interracial couple (BW/WM) who first meet in high school, are separated and then reignite their relationship during a high school reunion.He's now an actor who's on the cusp of success; she is a restaurant critic for a local magazine whose still trying to figure out why her marriage fell apart. One thing they both know is they never really got over what they had.

Nearly everything I've written has featured interracial couples. I guess it's because I have been involved in several interracial relationships. I like writing about the dynamics of relationships and the added tension that often comes along with culture clashes, assumptions of race, etc are good fodder for conflicts in stories. I haven't decided yet if I will self-publish my book. Hopefully, I will have figured it out by the time I finish writing the book.
Welcome Kent and Kimberly! It's great to have you both here!

Best Wishes!
I'm Nevea Lane. Hi Everybody!!!! I am a published author with Beautiful Trouble Publishing and Red Rose Publishing. I have two works out now with black women/white men: Marked in Montana and Chased through Montana. Those were very exciting to write. Right now I am working on the rest of my Montana men series. I have been in Minnesota for some years now, who knows which is the next state that I will call home. I am unmarried but I llove to write steamy romances with a black woman/white male lead. That is what I know.

I can be found either shopping, people watching or drinking coffee. I am a social network fiend and I joined so many lists I can barely keep them all straight, but they have all helped me in some way, shape or form.

I twitter, blog and so on, I have not gotten into Facebook yet because I don't have the time! LOL. My dogs prefer my attention and I love giving it.

My name is Zetta Brown and I am the author of Messalina - Devourer of Men and its short-story prequel "Cherries Jubilee." Recently I had a story published in the anthology Making the Hook-Up, edited by Cole Riley.

I'm Editor-in-Chief/Head of Publishing for Logical-Lust Publications and LL-Publications.

I'm also a member with the professional organization EPIC - the Electronically Published Internet Connection, and a member-at-large on their board of directors. I review books for The New York Journal of Books.

Currently, I'm trying to find out how I can fit more hours into a day :)
Hi everyone, Stacy-Deanne, thanks for inviting me to the group. I grew up in the segregated south and although I haven't as yet written about this subject, it is very much on my mind. I also spent about ten years recording Native American elders and being exposed to life on several reservations and I traveled solo in China before it opened up in the early '80's as well as other places in Asia so I guess I'm just attracted to many and diverse cultures. I'm currently working on a bio of my paternal grandfather who started DC comics among other things and I am co-owner and publisher of Berkshire Media Artists, an audio publishing company, another reason I like to know what other folks are up to. Looking forward to hearing about what you all are doing. Best, Nicky
Hey Nicky, Zetta, Nevea!

It's wonderful to have you here! I am glad the group is catching on. Please pass the info along to people you think might be interested.

Also, jump in and start topics of your own. This group is for you to do as you please. Feel free to discuss what you're working on, anything. You can also post links and I don't mind if you post info about your books! All that's allowed here!

Much love!
My name is Vivienne Diane Neal. I started to write fictional short stories in 2007 and get my story ideas from observing people, places and things and watching true TV court cases.

My first book, Making Dollar$ And Cent$ Out Of Online Dating is a true-life and humorous account as to why and how I got into the dating business and the problems I have encountered and still do while trying to keep afloat in the ever-changing world of the Internet dating business.

In 2009, I authored and self-published my second book, Shades of Deception, a collection of ten fictional short stories centering on diverse men and women, who in their speedy search for love, romance and bliss, become the targets and victims of deceit, betrayal, fraud, revenge and scandal.

I just completed my third book Malicious Acts, an anthology of five short stories about people who will stop at nothing to get what they want. If it means disguising themselves as benevolent individuals and destroying lives along the way, they are up for the thrill. They will use romance, lust, greed and deceit as preludes to suck unsuspecting men and women out of their life’s savings. The release date for Malicious Acts is set for fall 2010.

My fourth book, Wicked Intent, is a fictional short story about a successful businessman who is set to marry but is sidetracked by a beautiful stranger who will brings lust, desire and eroticism into his life, but will ultimately destroy his relationship with the one person who has always stood by him. The book will be released in 2011.

Now, semi-retired, I continue to write short stores and articles on love, romance, relationships and other topics of interests.

In addition to being an author and writer, I manage two sites: One World Singles online dating at and One World Singles Magazine Blog at
Welcome, Vivienne! So glad to have you here!


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