Please check out the blogs that this week's curator Allyson Lang has chosen to review. And while you are at it be sure to visit Allyson's blog as well, Northside Four

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What a wonderful excuse to sit on this snowy day and read so many wonderful blogs. These three jumped out at me, and forced me to spend far more time on this project than I had originally allotted. What could have been accomplished in the reading of several posts turned to hours as I hesitated leaving these women and their stories. You might enjoy them also, even if you are not buried in snow.

Strangers in the Village

It’s February in Chicago which means that I spend a ridiculous amount of time wishing I were somewhere else. These daydreams usually involve beaches and warmth but today I visited a small town in southern France, and I plan to go back frequently. T Stores, her partner Susan, and their two children are snowed in and the reading is engaging, and beautiful. There are few places I love more than France and this writing not only takes me there, it invites me into a wonderful family, and I hate to leave. Celebrate her birthday with cassoulet, visit the markets and enjoy her family and their opportunity to take 10 months in one of my favorite places on earth. These are beautifully written pieces and a joy to discover.

Well Loved Tales

We’ve got a book problem, my husband is confident that we are sinking, bit by bit, into the ground below, and the children’s books are leading the charge. Before there were children, before there was the idea of children, there were children’s books. And now I find this wonderful blog which guides me, and encourages me, to collect more, it’s perfect. The Lady of Letters finds books I loved, and books to rediscover, sharing beautiful illustrations and summations, with a clear understanding of what makes a truly lovely children’s book. Recently she posted on the genius of William Steig, New Yorker cartoonist, children’s book author, and one of my favorites. I was convinced this was a great place to spend some time. Stop by Well Loved Tales if you enjoy children’s literature, and even if you don’t; you might just find a book you used to love sitting on her shelves.


Geezer Sisters

Ruth Pennebaker says she is old enough to call herself fabulous, and I believe that she really must be. Fabulous, I know nothing of her age. Rarely do I stumble upon writing that keeps me shaking my head in agreement, nodding along like a crazed old woman being lectured on dental safety, but that is exactly where I find myself, nodding and laughing and loving the Geezer Sisters. And yes, part of that wonder is in personal taste, but this is written so well, and with so much care, that even if you don’t agree with her take on exercise (only what you love) you will still enjoy the way it is said.

Allyson Lang
What terrific choices! I LOVE the blog title, GeezerSisters, so am going to pop over and check that one out first. Thanks for the ideas, Allyson.

Hi Allyson,
It was a nice surprise to get online today and recognize someone I've "met" as curator. Thanks for these recommendations, I appreciate the time you spent finding them.
Nice job, Allyson. You found some gems here. I am subscribing to email and RSS feeds, because I find myself blogging about similar terrain--transplants in new territory. It'll be interesting to see what you and T Stores and Ruth share in the future.

blog: View from Here (Hawaii)
I love Shewrites and have made some great friends through it. Thank you for your great work! I wish I'd had this community years ago. I've been a member for about a year, but have not figured out how to link my blog feed to Shewrites. Sounds like this is the way. Advice? Also, I'd love to be a curator. Let me know how...


It's about rural life as seen through the eye of a city gal. It's about mothering and cooking and riding horses and being a wife and a writer. It's about philospophy and musing, and it provides a safe haven for people to share. I would love for Shewrites to list it.

Thanks so much!

Today my post is about your Ultimate Question and your Ultimate Answer. Check it out and feel free to comment. I always respond.

I loved your Ultimate Question and Ultimate Answer post. I would ask a favor, please list your info about your blog in the discussion titled New Members Visit Here First int he bloggers group, that is where i go to find all the blogs that are to be added to the Members Blog Index. I'll get to it as quickly as possible.

Regarding being a curator, it would be great I'll send you a private message to discuss further.


Julie Jeffs
Beginning a Life at 50
THanks, Julie. I think I just did that-- wasn't sure so I posted the same thing twice. I'm a techno peasant that way! More soon. Email me at for more info. yrs. Laura
These are beautiful posts.  I had foot surgery Thursday and am enjoying reading them.  thank you

This is a fantastic idea. I'm always looking for new blogs to read. Looking forward to checking these out.


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