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This is a support group for women who started their writing seriously after age 40 and have hopes of a still long and illustrious career in writing.

Please no women under 40 allowed and no men either. This is a WOMEN OVER 40 group ONLY! Thank you.

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Kelly Hayes-Raitt commented on the blog post 'What Are E-Books Worth?'
"I don't mean to sound dense, Brooke, but I'm just not getting the math.  And I'm not trying to challenge you on your position about Amazon, just trying to understand it better. So Amazon takes 50% of ebook profits and the…"
2 minutes ago
Rebecca Elswick posted a status
""Would You Like Some Natural Chicken with your Smart Water?" in the new issue of The Notebook."
9 minutes ago
Dee Connell commented on the blog post 'What Anatole Broyard's Secret Says About Diversity in Publishing'
"Hi Olga, I appreciate your comments. I did read your blog post and I disagree with it--as you'd probably expect. I do agree with the person who commented on it--that unless it's otherwise stated, we usually assume a character is the…"
28 minutes ago
Brooke Warner commented on the blog post 'What Are E-Books Worth?'
"Thanks for your comment, Laura. Glad to see that you will be testing the $12.99 price point. This is probably going to be our next step too. But we'll see. The authors have to want to try it, and it's not right for every book for sure. In…"
35 minutes ago




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