If all goes well, I will shortly be blogging about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing for a big big big media site. I need your input.

1. Qualms, comments, or concerns about choosing self- over traditional, or vice-versa.

2. Successes?

3. Regrets?

4. Other thoughts?

You can reach me here on SheWrites, or at my blog; allehall.worpress.com.


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I like self-publishing because I keep most of my royalties. I also have a quicker turnover of books, than waiting to be noticed by traditional publishers. I believe that we should self publish as much as we can, we will be picked up sooner or later by a big traditional publisher. So keep writing ladies, keep 'em coming. My only qualms is that we self published authors have to work hard at advertising and using social media because in many instances we do not have a lot of money to advertise and go on tour, I say organize a tour with other self-published authors and make it happen. That being said is there anyone out there who would like to go on tour with my group?

Hi, I'm new to She Writes. Currently exploring the site to see what others write about.

How has it been going since March? Regarding touring: I go to bookstores whenever there is an author there and a couple of times I found that 3 or 4 authors had bonded together. They travel together and do their book talks and signings together.  I thought it served 2 purposes, author support for them and a bonus or 3 or 4 instead of 1 for the audience. 

Hi Alle! I've had 3 agents, 4 publishers and a whole lot of aggravation...until I started my own press! I'd love to talk to you. I can be of service to others in the same conundrum. Check out my website: www.marciafine.com

I have a new release in 2 weeks. Total of 5 books.



Hi, I'm new to She Writes. I would like to know about how you started your own press and how it is working for you. I also self publish under my own press and would like to compare notes. (I like your website and it appears you are a very versatile writer) My website is downdogpress.com which I am having to redo since IWeb got eliminate.

Having been published traditionally and via self publishing I would say self publishing has the advantage. Especially when publishing direct to Amazon you can change the price daily if you like, change the blurb, author page etc. That makes it very adaptable and means you can maximize sales at the click of a mouse. Traditional publishers in my experience are behind the times in the digital world and also they were not good at marketing my books either. I prefer to go it alone. You can contact me at emmakcontact[at]yahoo.com



Hi Alle, I'm not sure if you still need contributions but after speaking with several authors who used traditional and self-publishing routes as well as doing months of research,I'm a type-A personality with crontrol issues,so it won't surprise you that I've chosen to self publish. I'm 2 weeks away from releasing my book, Pee Where You Want, Man's Best Friend Talks Back! It feels awesome. I hired all of the expert services that would have been part of a traditional publisher but only I got to oversee all facets of editing, design, production and now promotion. There are a lot of terrific small firms who are very experienced at helping authors achieve their vision and TLC Graphics has definitely been that resource for me. Please let me know if you need any more comments. You can reach me via SheWrites or my email at kthompson65@gmail.com. 

Good luck with your blog!



The book business has turned upside down and is showing no signs of going back to the way it used to be. Traditional publishing is going the way of the dodo, even if a few hangers on to the old ways are going kicking and screaming to the grave. Everything has changed and with free and unlimited access via internet, why not self publish?

Old argument was that only an agent could land you a big deal and get you in the big box book stores. Well, they're folding their tents and vanishing into the past. B&N is hanging on and using the Nook as its sky hook. With e-readers proliferating and indie book stores closing all over, the internet is your best means of getting your book out to the public.

I started with a small publisher and they closed shop after three years, so I went to CreateSpace on Amazon and will upload my novel there. It's already available on Kindle and took me less than a day to get it up and running.


Royalties? 70% on CreateSpace and no agent commission. 

I'm not crazy about change but I'm not a Luddite either. If a BIG AGENT came courting, of course I'd be interested. However, in the meantime, I'm a writer.

Oh my! I have a lot to say on this topic. i went through 3 agents, 4 publishers and decided to bring it all home and start my own press. Check out my website: www.marciafine.com to see if we're a good fit!

Marcia Fine

Are you still interested? I've had 3 agents, 4 publishers, been jerked around upside-down and finally, success! I started my own publishing company!

Marcia Fine

I've done it all! 3 agents, 4 publishers, print on demand, independent publishing and finally I've started my own publishing company. At least you can say I'm determined! I've written 5 novels and a will have a 6th soon. What a maze of frustration1 I love sharing my experiences b/c sometimes they assist another author in figuring out what path is the right one for them. there's a lot of options now.

Marcia Fine


Hi, I'm new to She Writes. I came across this exploring the site while trying to decide what to write for the first time.

I notice that it is from last January. I would like to read your blog on it. 

PS: I try to be a funny woman, but not everyone "gets" my humor.  gerry strong



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