I've just set up a homeschooling website + blog and this is where nearly all my writing energy is going lately.

I can remember taking heart when my kids were young, and I read an essay by Anne Tyler about how she got her writing done ---mainly when the kids were in school--- I thought "just hang in there, soon you'll have **6** full hours to write!"

Well, we started homeschooling, and though I do not regret one minute of it, it certainly crimps my writing style.

I have found myself thinking I can do more than I actually can, and wanting to be a part of She Writes groups that realistically I don't have enough time or energy to be part of. I find I lurk a lot : )

Are there any other homeschool mothers here?


What are your experiences? Do you get anything done? How? What are your secrets?


I find I can work in fits and spurts, and my kids are a great motivator. I managed to finish Nanowrimo this year, only because 3 of my kids had signed up, and were threatening not to finish...so I pulled through to set a good example...


Anyway, what are your thoughts on homeschooling + leading a writing life?


By the way, the website is at: I School at Home

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Thanks! I imagine that it is a topic that interests many mothers (and others). Sometimes, though, I worry that it might be contentious. I certainly hope not.


Actually, I think even if kids are in school, so much learning still happens at home, that there is room for at home learning even for schooled children.


It's a tough juggling act, though, as a mother!

Yes, I'm a writer and a homeschool mom. It's a balancing act, that's for sure. It gets easier as the kids get older.


When they were really young I wrote during nap time. As they got older, they would have periods of busy time with their activities and I wrote. Now that 2 are in college and the youngest is in highschool, we're all busy doing what we do. All three have taken up the pen, or keyboard. We talk about what we're writing at dinner.


It's not an easy road, but well worth it. :)





I am still trying to make time to write and encourage writing in my kids. For the last 3 years, we have nanowrimo'd together for example, which has been a blast.

I am on-again-off-again in terms of finding time to write for myself, though...so sorry that it took me so long to respond to you!

I'm noticing that now that the kids are just a bit older I am again finding time to write -- looking forward to writing and reading much more in the coming weeks and months!


I'm new to SheWrites so that would explain the "tardy" response to your query.  I, too, homeschool.  In fact, my early steps into writing were born out of a need to process what we were doing as a homeschooling family and thus, my blog was born.  I don't write exclusively about homeschooling but since it is a huge part of my life, it permeates a lot of my posts.  Your blog is more informational than mine.  I just tend to gush and ruminate about my experience and if anyone wants to read about it, great.  I would love to hear more from others on this topic, too.  Since our learning is "on" 24/7, it is difficult for me to carve out a solid time for writing but I certainly think about it all the time! 


I also would love to hear more about this topic -- the balancing is so easy some days, seemingly impossible on others. I love to hear success stories : ) Families whose kids are grown and who have maintained a level of sanity throughout : )

I'm looking forward to writing much more in the coming weeks and months!!

I homeschool! My kids are 6, 4, and 2 and I don't really get any writing done. I try to do school during my youngest's naptime so I can't write then. They are all early risers - and I am not a morning person - so I just can't get up any earlier. And then I'd love to write after I put them to bed, but my husband wants to hang out...and I also need a full night's sleep or I'm pretty grumpy the next day. Sigh.

I hadn't planned on homeschooling, but my oldest HATED kinder so I prayed about it and now here we are. I actually love homeschooling and am so glad this is our path, but I had been dreaming about those hours to write while the kids were in school.

I do have a blog, but it's all about the kids. But at least there's a bit of writing in it.

I'm just at the point (my kids are 14, 12, 10, and 7 1/2) where I can write in the morning and they won't (usually) all wake up as soon as they sense that I have left my bed : )

Ah, the joys of attachment parenting + homeschooling : ) But I wouldn't trade this life for anything ~ no solutions, but I find I am comforted/motivated/encouraged just by the sharing.

Thank you!!

I homeschool my 2 children aged 9 and 11. It's tough but I try to get some writing done every day. If nothing else I set us all a writing exercise and write while they do! We use something called the grab bag where we grab 3 cards printed with different words out of a bag and weave a story out of them. I've actually gotten some useful material (ie the ideas for/beginnings of short stories) out of those sessions. But it's definitely hard. As the kids get older they do more independent study but I also find I have to spend more time preparing to teach/facilitate their learning especially with subjects I'm not a natural at (math comes to mind!) I'm off to check out your site now, and then... back to homeschooling :)

I *love* your idea of writing with them each day -- I have tried to similar group writing exercises in the past, but I think it is time to revisit this one --

Thank you!!

I get such inspiration from other mothers : )

Actually, thank you for the reminder that practicing is important -- sometimes I veer into frustration with all my hurried, half finished writing exercises -- but it's all part of the process, isn't it?



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