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How kids survive childhood or

Did your child do something so outrageous that you just had to laugh, I mean turn around and laugh because you didn't want them to think what they just did was okay even though it seemed to come right out of a sitcom?

Today's post: Precious children and the the immature know-nothings who raise them.  Meaning my husband and me.


Anyone else having difficulty letting go of their sinful sides?

Oh, yeah. Cursing is just starting to catch up with us (my son is 2.5). And he recently told me that he wanted to go to the store to buy beer for his best girlfriend...

I discussed a rather provocative article I came across earlier called "Zionist Summer Camp."

Estrogen on steroids while driving? Eeeew!

I wrote about my grandmother who used to hide the prized dollar Easter Egg in her cleavage. She thought she was still sexy at 86. Somehow, as I started writing about the creepiness of it all, it reminded me that we are all linked in some crazy fashion. I thought that my old granny was out of line, but I have had my share of my kids document. I guess the main thing is to lighten realize that we are all doing the best we can.

Moms beware: TSA 10 years later

Are you satisfied with their performance, customer service?

I *tried* to write about my stupid, and most unlike me, obsession with Jennifer Aniston. (I'm writing a book about heartbreak and am trying to at least get comfortable writing about celebrity breakups because clearly not enough people do that already...)

Today I wrote about the plight of the Las Vegas tunnel people and the role they play in my novel.

My blog post is "The Importance of Speaking Honesty to Children"  at

Join us for the third installment of "Why It's Worth a Watch Wednesday", where Tiffany White and I watch TV so you don't have to. :)


This week, I review "Men of a Certain Age":

Edgar Allen Poe had his Raven, and I have ‘Tales from my Functionally Insane Family’. I say with a smile knowing that I am part of the clan, too. I guess that makes me …



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