She who does not read is not a good writer.  Gotta keep up with the genre.  What awesome PNR/UF books have you read lately?  Let us know why we should add it our TBR pile!

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I just recently finished Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh. It's a shapeshifter romance, and overall, the Psy/Changeling series is fabulous.  The book was much anticipated, but I was left a little disappointed as I wasn't drawn into the romance between the main couple as much as I had hoped.  But I would recommend that this series be added to the TBR pile for those who have not discovered Nalini.
OMG I LOVE Nalini!  I discovered her first via her Archangel series and went back to the Psy/Changling.  Loved the first one and was waiting on my library to get the second one in e.  I second that recommendation!
I really need to give her Archangel series a shot.  I think I was too busy sulking that her attention was being taken away from the much loved Psy/Changeling series - so less releases a year - that I never got around to bothering. 
I just got the latest book by Illona Andrews, Magic Slays. I am in love with the series! I highly recommend them to people, they have a fun plot and the writing is really quite good!

The number of times friends have recommended Illona Andrews, and for whatever reasons ,I just have never been inspired to to read beyond the first handful of sentences.  Sometimes I think that I love some of my existings authors so much, I must be subconsciously prejudiced or something *shaking head* I will need change that and re-attempt an Illona Andrews novel!

And speaking of fun books, if you love fun and engaging paranormals, and have not discovered Kresley Cole...another MUST try. I love her Vamps and Lycans. 

I read a Hunger Like No Other and the heroine made me want to throw the book.  But I have a low tolerance for weak women.  obviously she doesn't STAY weak but at the beginning, UGH.

That's a shame, I loved AHLNO, it's one of her more controversial ones amongst her fans.  I also dislike weak heroines, especially the ones that get treated like doormats and still forgive the hero.  I don't think this was the case here. 


Yes, Emmaline was a bit of a wimp to begin with (lol), but that was the point of the story, her journey to becoming warrior woman.  I liked her vulnerability and I adored Lachlain.  Besides the woman was weak from starvation from a diet of low quality blood throughout her life, and had missed a meal or two when she hooked up with hero, she is half vampire afterall, so give her a break Kait! 


I recently finished The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. I must say, they were addicting. I will have to check out Nalini and Andrews.
I got to the second book of the Fever series and never went past it.  I'm not sure why.  I liked them.

I was so, so with the Highlander series, maybe the Fever Series will be better? I will check it out :-)

Linny, I loved it. But it just depends on what you like to read. I did a blog post about it here. This might help you decide whether or not you want to read them since it is a 5 book series. At the end of the post are several quotes from the books to give you a taste. :)
I particularly enjoyed the first quote.  ;-)


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