Why is a photo required? I've never seen that as a submission requirement before. I would love to submit to this contest, but the requirement of a photo makes me uncomfortable. Kamy, would you please explain the reason for this? Thanks.

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I agree -- and add that requiring us to state our age also feels bit invasive. Though I will happily state that I'm over 18.

Your age will remain confidential, though if you would rather just say you are over 18 that works, too.  The photo just helps us keep things honest -- that way we know we are dealing with a real person and we don't get multiple entries from people! Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply, Kami. I appreciate it!

Yes, that helps. Thanks for the clarification about the photo, Kamy.

Hi, I submited my material and received my confirmation; however, I am worried that my photo did not show up in the email because when I received my confirmation my message I saw that I had sent (under the reply) did not show my picture.  How do I make sure everything showed up correctly?  I don't want to be disqualified or anything over a mistake like that.   Thanks for your time.

I have the same photo concern. I prepared my submission in gmail and even sent it to various friends who use other e-mail servers. In some, the submission looked perfect, but in others my picture was broken or did not come through. Re-formatting is a nightmare with e-mail only submissions, so I sincerely hope you'll be understanding in that department when it comes to evaluating the subs.

I, too, was more than a little surprised for the request for a photo. Even RWA and SCBWI et cetera, don’t request a photo. And what exactly does that mean... "keeps things honest"?  If you’re worried about double dipping, then how is one to know that these unscrupulous contestants haven’t submitted different photos.  Even the members' photos aren’t necessarily representative of the member.  A lion?  What are you going to compare the photos to?  So, I also hope that one’s entry isn’t disqualified because of the photo request.  Not being tech savvy, I’m not sure how the photo will turn out.  Usually, the author’s name isn’t even supposed to be submitted anywhere with the entry...but this contest wants everything including the mug shot.  

Let's keep things cool. If someone doesn't like the rules then they don't have to enter.

I don’t think anyone is suggesting they don’t like the rules, I think some are concerned the photos requested come through and they don’t get disqualified if the photos don’t. And they are concerned because they do want to follow the rules. Please don’t take my facetious comments seriously.  My point being that I feel all the contestants are honest, enthusiastic and passionate people who love writing, have written a YA novel and are excited to offer some pages for the contest.  I, myself, included.  Good luck to all. :)



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