I didn't realize that I created the group and then totally forgot about it. I live in OC, so I am close to those of you near Irvine, Tustin, etc. I am a blogger and write about the places I visit, and other random topics. Basically, I am trying to get as much practice with writing as possible because it has been so long since I have done it for fun. I just graduated with a Biology major and am applying for Schools of Public Health. Where are the rest of you in your career/ life?

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I'm in Anaheim, writing romance and hunting down teaching jobs/thinking about a second round of grad school.
Wow, you're really close! Are you thinking of an MFA?
Yeah, if I could find an affordable one, preferably with online classes. I've been looking at the UC Irvine, Fullerton, and the UCLA Extension program
I live in Tustin and am currently working as a freelance writer. My fiction writing's going pretty good, but mostly in the form of a comedy web series and a horror manuscript hanging out with all the unpublished manuscripts in the land of novel submissions.
Rebekah, you are super close too!! I just followed you on twitter too! I am checking out your website just now=)

The website's just a little bit of fun I put up. There's nothing there but a weekend's worth of play writing.:)


It's cool to find other women writers who live so close.:)

I'm in Redondo Beach, so South Bay of LA.  Doing some freelance journalism while I stay home with my kids.  They're 3 now, so I'm starting to be able to return to the real world and want the flexibility of writing to challenge my mind but allow me to work from anywhere.
I'll be moving back to So Cal this summer, late August most likely, and in the San Diego area. Would be thrilled to meet women writers in the area. Thanks for creating this idea!

Hi Tinamarie,

We've got an active San Diego group and a couple of us are members of SDWI.  Hope to meet you when you get back home in August.

I am the co-owner of a publishing company, Steel Cut Press.  You can check us out at http://steelcutpress.com and we've published my novel "But This Is Different".  I live in Glendale.
I live in West Covina, in the East San Gabriel Valley. Most of my writing is done during NaNoWriMo (I wrote over 50,000 words each in 2009 and 2010, though I have not yet finished writing those two novels). My health is not the greatest (in 2004, I had to leave grad school for health reasons), so I am not working for pay. However, I do volunteer a lot at my (Catholic) church. I am a Lay Carmelite, a member of the Legion of Mary, a catechist, lector and Communion minister both at the altar and to the sick.


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