Please share your twitter handle as a comment so we can find each other!

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Hello. I'm @fromsuntosun and @ninamckissock

Erin O'Riordan, erotic romance/crime fiction author!/ErinORiordan

I'll add everyone here. :)

I have two twitter handles:

@blankslatepress (as a publisher)

@readwritenow (as an author--plus this is my personal acct and can be quite political)

Mine is YejideKilanko. Thanks!



Lynne Favreau

Use links darlings-LINKS!!!

mine is @adventurebybook



and if you love romance, follow @passionandprose



My Twitter handle is ;. Focusing on my novel The Resurrection of Hannah/book events/blogs. Also talking about my upcoming book, too. Would love u to follow!

Great idea!  My twitter handle/link is:  @Mlouiseg88

And the reason to insert your link is it makes it really easy to click on it and follow -- I just did with the three that have live links inserted :)


I write about publishing a lot-- would love to join this group...

Hello, I am @petrakidd.  My blog is where I post a mixture of short stories, news about my writing/e-books and the odd musing.


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"Thanks for your honesty, Cindy. It's so hard not to feel ill while negotiating the vicissitudes of this book publishing ride. One day I feel so confident about my writing and my book and the next I'm down on everything! Doing my best to…"
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"Thanks, all...what lovely and thoughtful words. Those of you who are in the middle of bringing a book to life - congrats. It really has been the most amazing experience. So much so that maybe I'll do it again! (This is why women have more than…"
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"Cindy, thank you for the post.  A reality check is always good.  But never, say never, you must have another book waiting to come out.  Who knows what the future holds, keep on flipping!  "
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