I have written a children's faith-based series and am seriously considering self-publishing because of the many benefits and profit potential. Most of the publishers I have submitted to like my work but they said it will take two years at to publish. My husband is military and we will be stationed in Italy for 4 years so I am not sure if I can wait. With that aside, I would love to have some of you read my first book and give me feedback before I submit it to an editor. Let me know if you're willing to help. I am so excited because illustrations are almost done and I have promoted and have tons of readings and signings scheduled in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and New Orleans!

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Hi MiMi, I was really impressed with blurb.com...I found it about a week ago.  Thought I would look into it.  Have your used them? 
I know people who have used them and they love it. They are costly but I will use them to print hardcover books for me to use in readings and displays.
It is 25 pages, Jan.
Perfect. I sent you my email address above.
Thank you so much! I am sending it now.
Thanks for sharing this Jan...I just viewed it with your book...The Basket Weaver.  The site looks professional and easy to use.  What are your thoughts?  Thanks 
Debra, My thoughts on what?? Jan
Hi Jan, I was commenting on createspace.com with Amazon...self publishing.  I read that you had published 3 books with them.  I viewed the site when looking at The Basket Weaver.  I have also looked at Blurb.com.  I was very impressed.  Was asking your thoughts on the process of self-publishing with them. 
I had an awesome experience with createspace.com. I didn't want to do anything on the net because I hate waiting for emails to come back and thought the process would be too frustrating. But a friend of mine used them and kept pushing me to do it. Boy was I glad. Emails are returned quickly. And when you call them they usually get right through to someone on your team who is assigned to your book. There is no voice mail that makes you press a list of numbers with a machine talking to you forever. They have several different programs. The Basket Weaver, Voices from the Land and Kate's Way were done on their pro plan. All that means is they do it all, editing, cover, interior, fonts, etc. all with your approval of course. Then I have three other books The Mindful Writer, Still the Mind, Free the Pen, Echoes from the Womb, a Book for Daughers and The Breath of Dawn, a Journey of Everyday Blessings on site too. check out The Mindful Writer www.createspace.com/3546101 for instance. Now these three books were already out in book form but if you send createspace.com a pdf file and they need to do nothing on the book, you can get a page for them without a cost. When books sell they take a cut then, no different that a bookstore. I can't speak highly enough for them. Jan

Wonderful, Thank you Jan.  Great info.  I definately want to put your books on my books to read list.  Deb <3

I am interested in reading your book and providing feedback

I have recently started writing my own religious book for young children.

you can email it to me at asotah@gmail.com

Hi Mimi,


I've written 2 books for children and both are out of print.  I would love to read your manuscript .....


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