Hello All:

I'm the published author of a true crime memoire called Bronx D.A., and my first YA novel, Assimilation, is now with my agent and being shopped (eek!).  Would love your feedback on my new website www.sarenastraus.com. It was hard to capture the different genres I'm working in (adult crime and YA - Assimiation has some supernatural elements), but hopefully I did!

I'm also always looking for guest bloggers on issues related to writing, crime and child/teen protection, so please reach out to me if you are interested.

Also would love people to share their successes with getting people to like their FB fan pages.  Mine is www.facebook.com/sarenastraus  I have plenty of folks who want access to my personal page, but the fan page has been a challenge.  Thoughs?  And please like my FB page while your at it and let me know your so I can do the same!



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Hi Sarena,

I've found the FB ads to be a very effective way to capture new fans that I never would have reached otherwise. It does cost money, but you can determine how much or how little you want to spend to get the likes. I haven't made the leap from account to page, yet. I know I should, but it feels like one more thing, you know:).

Also get the mixed genres. I write YA, (Driven), but co-wrote a contemporary romance novella collection (I wrote the YA parts if that counts:D) and just released the first in a mid-grade fantasy series (The Wishing Ring). The hodge-podge makes marketing a challenge!

I'd be more than happy to guest blog and I'd love to have you share with my audience. They love to read about how you get the material you write about (historical research and the making of trolls, for example). Take a look and let me know if you're interested in sharing posts: http://shellieneumeier.com.

Good luck! Shellie

Thanks, Shellie!  I don't even know the difference between account and page!  It is an awaful lot - if only I could link everything.  i can't figure out how to get things to post to my fan page and not my personal page and vice versa as needed.  I think I have the mind to write YA, but not to keep up with YA technology!  I LOVE the eye on your site - grabs you right away and makes you wonder what it's all about.  And would love for you to do a guest blog for me!  making of trolls...intriguing!  Let me know when you'd be up for something and what.  I'd be happy to do a post in return - could talk about building my YA characters, how I got my agent, etc.  :0) 

You know, I think the ease of multi-posting between my blog, twitter, and my facebook account has hindered the whole fanpage thing. There's gotta be away, but I've been using tweetdeck and have the blog set up to post to places, it's just easier not to fuss with the new:D. We should ask our teen readers how they do it. They'll have us posting in seconds:D.

As for posting how does the first week of May sound?? I'm fairly open (since I don't post often enough:D). I'd love to read how you developed your paranormal elements. I think that would be cool:).

What would you like? Anything you're looking for??

Shellie!  I lost track of this thread.  You still up for posting?  You can contact me directly at sstraus at gmail dot com.

:0D  PS - the FB Ad is working great and I seem to be mostly picking up teens, so thanks for the tip!  Going to turn it off when I reach 1k, but at over 600 now!

You bet. Goodness, lost track, myself. Feel free to send a post when you have the time: neumeier dot shellie at gmail dot com. I'll work on something for you, too:)

Just checked out your website, and here's my feedback:

- great to see and read your name easily at the top!

- your header bar is distracting right now--the font is indecisive about where it belongs int he hierarchy (yes I'm a designer and a writer) I would recommend keeping the font, but making Home/Bio/etc a SMALLER font size. A smaller font will make those words work more as a line, a visual divider between your name and the content on the page. People find these headers when they want them--making them smaller isn't detrimental to finding them.

- I recommend making your titles for each post a unique font, color, or size. They will need to stand out against the white. Right now what I see most on your page are the books and connect bars at the sides. All of the text in the middle blurs together. I should be able to pick out the post titles quickly, so that I can scan down the page and catch things I want to read.

- The font on the left for Bronx D.A., etc, is kind of humorous. Are these funny stories? Or serious and scary? Dark, or comical? Make sure the font is saying what you want. I like the vector art for each icon very much, but they are light-hearted.

- Your bio page is the most successful visually because of the large, dark photo (which is beautiful!) Consider using imagery substantially like this in your blog posts to make it visually intriguing, and easy to digest. Big blocks of text can be tough to stick with.

- overall, it's organized and neat. That's perfect. Too often, pages are very cluttered. If you can make the center column more important than the side columns (like with a different color background on one or the other) it might make it easier not to get lost in all of that white space.


It takes a lot of time to put these pages together!





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