Whether you have decided to go with the traditional path or the e-publishing route what are you doing to market your novel? Or even where have you found good ideas for marketing your novel?  


I know I am not alone, we all want our books to be raging successes.  Let's pool our ideas and we can all win.

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I may have a MBA in Marketing but this is a entirely new world with e-publishing and I have felt that I spend a ton of time researching the marketing of my novel rather then working on the next novel.  The strategies I am using aren't 


Strategies that I have been using:

  1. Blog- not only do I write daily I have the added bonus of getting immediate feedback of my writing and find people who genuinely like the way I write who will buy books later.   The bigger your audience the more people you have as an instant audience when you get that publication date.
  2. Read blogs and comment-  Sounds basic but if you don't read and comment on others it won't be reciprocated. If you want the blogger book reviewers to eventually review your book then become involved in their communities.  No body wants to be used. Make friendships and you will have loyal friends to go to when you need them.  
  3. Kindle Boards- get your name out there and introduces you to the world of writers and readers.  These are the folks that are a step ahead of you and they have a bunch to say.  Learn, and ask questions.  

This all takes a huge amount of time.  If you have ideas that have been working or have heard work please share.

These are all great suggestions! I'd not heard of KIndle boards. Very cool!
I've never heard about Kindle Boards. I will have to check this out since I am planning on self-publishing with Kindle as soon as I finish revising.
I've been struggling with the idea of a professional blog for a little while now. I have a personal blog and I recently purchased "jenkirchner.com" so I can put up a "professional" website & blog. But I'm not really sure about what kinds of things should go on a professional author's blog? Only other author friends care about posts on adverbs and plotting. What kinds of topics should go on a professional author's blog?

Hi everyone! I just wanted to circle back about some of these thoughts I've had about a writers' blog/website -- especially for those of us just starting out.


I wanted to do something that would gain interest and excitement in my brand and showcase my writing. On the other hand, I'm trying to wrap up my first novel and really don't want blogging and short story writing projects to impede progress there. I wanted something special. Something a little different. I checked out some other aspiring writers' sites, and then also went around to established authors' sites for ideas. Nothing there really grabbed me, but I came up with an idea that suited my personality and genre. So here's what I did:


This past weekend I launched my professional website, JenKirchner.com. I decided I would go with a weekly series -- a riff on the old Choose Your Own Adventure books I loved as a girl. (Remember those? SQUEE!) Anyway, the shorts I post are around 500 words each and, at the end, there are some choices. The readers vote in the comments or on Twitter, and the following Friday I post the next step in the story. It's a little different approach and it's only been up since Friday, but I'm getting incredibly positive responses. Has anyone else been thinking about creative blogging to grab potential readers' interest?


Jen Kirchner

I looooooove this idea! I just looked at your blog and it looks like such a fun process for everyone involved. Thanks for sharing it!

In the same vein as the Kindle boards, what about the Nook boards? Here are some other ideas:


  • Try to set up an author reading at your church or a local community center or small bookstore
  • Take out an ad on Facebook based on what your book is about and keywords of people's interests.
  • Set up a Twitter account
  • Tell your local newspaper about your book
  • Tell your local NPR station

I just finished reading a book on marketing, so I have ideas spouting out my ears now!


Great ideas!  What was the name of the Marketing book you read?

It was Rubies in the Orchard--I can't remember the author's name. It was by the same woman who runs Pom Wonderful. Her book is a fascinating look at her life, but also gives some great tips on marketing such as "look inside the box" to find what is the best about your product, then telling the world about that. Seems pretty common sense, but you could apply it to the book world in general when marketing. I think if authors find places where rabid fans of their genre reside they can tap into a great starter-base for selling their books.


I have it on my running Amazon list now!  That is a really good point.  I suppose that is why I go trolling through all the blogs, and forums trying to find my rabid fans.  

Great ideas, Jessie.  I too am wading through a great book, Publicize Your Book by Jacqueline Deval.  Has anyone dealt with a free lance Publicist?

I've been blogging for nine months and here's some of what's come from that: 

  • Guest Posts--I've been asked to do guest posts on other people's blogs. It's not usually a lot of traffic, but it does help establish relationships with people who have networks of their own. I recommend this, since blogging is about building relationships. 
  • Radio Interviews--Depending on the subject of your book/blog, you can send out press releases and get interviews. I actually didn't send out any press releases, but worked diligently to get high on Google ranks. One day, I got an email from someone wanting to interview me as a guest on North Carolina Public Radio. I said yes, of course! All I'd done is blog weekly and work a little bit on SEO. 
  • Expertise--A blogger's job is to establish expertise in a particular field. If you're writing about your first novel, or about the writing process, don't feel like you have nothing to offer. Everyone knows a handful of people who are dying to write or know the inside world of a writer's life. Blog about that and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Whether it's writing, or in my case as a cult survivor, you have a unique voice to offer. 
  • Social Media Networking--Social media is all about building relationships and being available to people. Don't just link your blog posts (although you can and should). Take time to build conversations daily or weekly (or pay someone to) and establish relationships with people there. Don't look at them as $$. Look at them as genuine connections and that will go a long way! 

Good luck marketing!

I hope that helps! 



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