Q: Who can be a member of SHE WRITES?

A: We welcome individuals who consider themselves writers!  You don’t need to be a published, professional writer, but most of our members are, or aspire to become so.  When you fill out your profile, please use a name rather than a business.  We prefer first and last names, but we understand if there’s a good reason you need to use a pseudonym.  

Businesses: We will not approve businesses as members.  We do not allow unapproved vending on SHE WRITES.  If you wish to promote your services to the writers on the site, there are a few options: 1) advertise with us 2) pitch our SHE NEEDS HELP team, and we will consider promoting you on a case-by-case basis. See our terms of use for further clarification.

Men: We welcome men.  Our reasoning is twofold: 1) legal
2) philosophical.  We would not want to be excluded from a site called HE WRITES because of our sex or gender.

Q: Who can see my profile page on SHE WRITES?

A: SHE WRITES is a public network.  This means that unless you change your privacy settings (more on that in a minute), nonmembers can see your profile, read your posts, and view your videos and events.  This makes SW an excellent place for an author to have her online home -- readers, fans and others can view your activity and you can direct them to your site.  However if you wish to make your profile or specific content visible only to "friends," you can easily change your privacy settings.  One of our past Community Managers, Alison Groves, has also done a short screencast tutorial that will take you through the process: Changing Your Privacy Settings.

Q: Who can see the posts and activity on SHE WRITES groups?
When a SHE WRITES member starts a group, she has the option of making it private or public.  The group's status appears on its homepage.  Private groups are only visible to group members (who must be SHE WRITES members, too); public groups are visible to all.  The founders of groups are responsible for accepting or denying requests to join the group; they many also make other group members "administrators" in order to get help with that task.

Q: How do I control email notifications from SHE WRITES?

You have complete control over what types of notifications you’d like to receive from SHE WRITES. To modify which kinds of emails you receive, head over to the Settings page by following the “Settings” link in the upper right corner of the page. From here click “Email.” You can control which types of messages you receive, which types of member activity you’re notified about, and which types of content you’re following. If you don’t want to receive any emails from SHE WRITES, that’s fine too; just click the box next to “ I don't want to receive emails from SHE WRITES” and then hit the Save button.

Q: How do I upload video to my page?

To add a video to SHE WRITES, go to the Videos tab and click the "Add Videos" link. Then, just click the "Click to Add Videos" icon to select which videos you'd like to upload from your computer. You can also embed videos from YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo and other services.  For a Ning tutorial, click here.

Q: How do I add my book cover/poster for the movie, play, or tv show I wrote?

A: You can upload any image to your own page using a text box, and use the "link" feature (little link icon on style bar at the top of the text box) to connect to Amazon or any other external site.

Q: How do I find other members on SHE WRITES?

There are a few ways to find other members on SHE WRITES. To see who else is on SHE WRITES, click "Members" under the Community menu link. From this page, you can sort by Recently Added, Alphabetical or Random to see the different people on the social network. You can add people as friends, send messages and add comments to their pages from here.

You can also search for people on SHE WRITES. If you’d like to use a freeform search, use the Search bar on the Members page. If you’d like to search for members based on their answers to profile questions, click on the “Advanced Search” link on the Members page. The Advanced Search is an easy way to find people you want to befriend.

Q: How do I accept a Friend Request?

 Click "Friends" (link under your name, appears on the right-hand side of any page, once you're signed in)
 Click "Requests Received"
 Click the red "Accept" button under the requester in question

Q: Who can start a group or a forum?

A: We encourage anyone with a genuine interest in fostering community around a specific theme to create a group or start a forum.  However, we do not allow groups that exist for the sole purpose of advertising a specific business or service.

Q:  What is SHE WRITES’ privacy policy?

Click here to view our privacy policy. SHE WRITES is a Ning community, so we also abide by Ning’s privacy rules, which can be found here.

Q: Who owns the content on SHE WRITES?

A: The content you post on your page belongs to you.  Content that SHE WRITES features on its main page, in its webinars and in its SHE NEEDS HELP section is proprietary to SHE WRITES.

Q: Is SHE WRITES content viewable to non-members?

A: All content is viewable with the exception of private groups, and profiles that have been made private by SHE WRITES members.

Q: If I have a technical problem on SHE WRITES, where can I find help?

A: Please direct your technical questions to

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