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Little Girl
and The Black Tortoise
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Search of Giants

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Creative Writing
and Manic Truth
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A Yankee State of Mind

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in Paradise

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and expat+HAREM,
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, and Married Life ... why I write
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Scarlett Writes

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Arlene Daniel: The Comedy That Is My Life
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Ashton Applewhite: Staying Vertical
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Reality Check

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Beyond the
Birds and the Bees

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Becky Gjendem:Deep Muck Big Rake
Becky Holland: Becky Holland, Tales From the
Abyss: Ramblings of a Single Mom
, and Learning
to Write, Right?!?!

Becky Pruitt: Divorced Diva's Guide to Survival
Bermuda Onion: Bermuda Onion's Weblog
Berna Rodriguez: Siluetas en Puntas
Beth Arky: Blog on Seventh Generation (look for "Bethina's
Beth Atchison: Simply Blessed
Beth Camp: Beth and Writing and Simply in

Beth Coulton: A Writers Journey
Beth Friedland: Beth in Greece
Beth Lowe: The
Pine Meadow Pond Journal

Beth M.Ramsay: Mean Women Suck - But You Don't Have To
Beth Mann: Beth's Urban Tales of Wonder & Decay, Silly
Lists of Nothingness
, The Most Boring
Blog Ever
and Answers from Alice
Beth Pena: Insanity Isn't So Bad and Ay, Bendito...Uff

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Beth Sylvest: Memory Weaver
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Bonnie L. Cochran-Painter: This World is
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Brigida Alexander Marcella: Naked and
and Miss Reith Jerevinan's Reviews
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Brooke Linville: Life After the Fire and Mommy in

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Cait Finnegan: Approaching Iona and Good
Tidings Ministry

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Cara Lopez Lee: Girls Trek Too
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Cari J. Bousfield: Teaching Authors
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Carol Peters: Carol Peters
Caroline Berger: A Minimalists Guide to Surviving a Recession
and Caroline Berger
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Carrie Barrepski: Carrie

Carrie Meadows: The Sweetest
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Cassie Tuttle: Cassie's Perfect ... Word
Cassy Lee: Living Creatively
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Catherine Dowman: Caffeinated Traveller
Catherine Maryse Anderson: Mama C and
the Boys

Catherine Yigit: The Skaian Gates
Cathryn Grant: Cathryn Grant and Cocktail

Cathy Bryant: WordVessel
Cathy Graham: Cats Furry Tales and Loup's Life

Cathy Lanser: Cooking by the Box
Cathy Voisard: Always Musing
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Chandra Hoffman: Chandra Hoffman, author and Hoffmans at

Charity Bradford: My Writing Journey and Descriptive
Faces: A Resource for Writers

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Cheryl Snell: Shiva's Arms and Scattered

Chris Stewart: Embarking on a Course of Study
Christi Broersma: Journaling My Life Away and Writing and

Christi Craig: Writing Under Pressure
Christie Williams: Diving Into Beans: My Journey with Writing, Literature
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Christina Baker Kline: A
Writing Year

Christina Brandon: A Little Coffee and Rational

Christina Christou: Angel Guided Mentoring and Committed
to Love - a journey through grief

Christina Kopp: What I Really Meant Was...
Christina Rosalie Sbarro: {my topography}
Christina Trapani-Scott: When One
Word Drops From the Sky...

Christine Garvin: Living Holistically ... with a sense of humor
Christine Morehouse: Romantic
Christine Swint: balanced on the edge
Christy Bailey: Panuelo Girl
Cindee Snider Re: Breathe Deeply
Cindy Dashnaw: Writing for Reading and IN Nonprofit Business Examiner
Cindy Fey: We All Fall Down
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Claire: Claire.You.Go.
Claire Castagnera: In Transit Blog
Clare Macnaughton: A Modern Military Mother
Colette Martin: Learning to Eat Allergy Free and When
Fridays Were Fridays

Colleen Weems: The Fulcrum Chronicles
Comingbackfrom BPDandED: Consequences of Impulsivity
Conseula Francis: Afrogeek Mom and Dad
Constance Adler: Emily Every Day
Coreen Trost: Velvet Over Steel
Crush Junkies: Erotic Book Junkies, and Over
The Edge BooKreviews

CSea Perkins: CSea
shares HOW TO do the eco.nomics
and EMF Journal
Cyndi Briggs: Sophia Project
Cynthia DeMone: 1960
, Reflection on Writing and DeMone's

Cynthia Haven: The Book Haven
Cynthia Newberry Martin: Catching Days
Cynthia Samuels: Don't Gel Too Soon
Cynthia Ulreich: Written in Ohio
Dagmar Bleasdale: Dagmar's MomSense
Dana DuGan: Chick With a View
Dani Keith: Dani Keith's Blog
Danica Davidson: Danica Davidson
Danielle Davis: Less Is More (Balanced) and Danielle Davis Reads and Writes
Danielle Metiv: Brave Blue Words: Musing on Oceans, Climate and

Danielle Ofri: Medicine in Translation
Darla Parris Smallwood: JK! The Fictional World of Joy Woods
Darlene Reilly: DarWrites
Darryle Pollack: I never signed up for this...
Dawn Friedman: This Woman's Work
Dawn Potter: Poems,Essays, Reading & Teaching Projects and What I
Made for Dinner
and Mentoring Writers and The Milly Jourdain

Deanna Zandt: Deanna Zandt
Deb Scott: Stoney

Debbie Lamedman: Confessions of a Cluttered Mind
Debbie McCulliss: Debbie McCulliss
Debbie Nunez: From Venting to Viggo
Debbie Ridpath Ohi:Inkygirl
Debby Herbenick: My Sex Professor
Deborah Ager: 32

Deborah Batterman: The Things She Thinks

Deborah Denson: Tawandabee
Deborah Goldstein: Peaches and Coconuts
Deborah Grabien: Tales from the Writerverse and Deborah Grabien
Deborah Ludwig: Rebirth
Deborah Siegel: Girl w/Pen
Debra Condren: Ambition is not a Dirty

Debra Eckerling: Write On! Online
Debra Johnson: She Likes to

Debra Kreps: New

Dee Thompson: The Crab Chronicles and Scribblerchick's Movie Dish
Deirdre Sinnott: Deirdre on Reading, Writing, and Living
Denise Emanual Clemen: His
Big Fat Indian Wedding
, Denise
Emanuel Clemen
, and My French

Denise Fuller Castellucci: Coloring Outside
the Lines
and Ethnic Food Girl
Diana Duke: Miscellaneous Title X
Diana L. Guerrero: Ark Animals, Fawnskin Flyer, and Guerrero Ink
Diana North: Northwords
Diana Raab: Diana's Notebook
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Diane Lockward: Blogalicious
Diana Raab: Diana's Notebook
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Dionne Ford: Finding Josephine
Dominique Millette: The Delphiad Blog, Canadian
News. Real.
, Canada Meets World and Bilingua-blogue
Donna Carbone: A View From My Pedestal
Donna Jolly: Audacious Ink
Doreen McGettigan: They Say Everyone Has a Story
Dory Adams: In
This Light

E. Annie England: Mess in a Dress
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Eden Tyler: Eden Tyler and An Aspiring Author's Journey
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Elen Ghulam: ihath
Elena Dixon: EMD
Design Journal

Elena Moskel: A day in the life of ...
Elisabeth Dale: Books on Boobs and Ask the Boob

Elisabeth Hamilton: From the Pear
Elissa Stein: Spiritual Pedicures and overflow
Eliza Earsman: Eliza: The Writer They Tried to Kill and Christian
Author: Eliza Earsman

Elizabeth Bales Frank: Elizabeth Bales Frank
Elizabeth Breuer: OB Cookie
Elizabeth Gregory: Domestic Product
Elizabeth King Humphrey: The Write Elizabeth:Writing. Creativity. Play.
and Lessons in Juggling
Elizabeth A. Kissling: re:cycling
Eliizabeth Kronoff: Causes and Effects
Elizabeth Kurecka: Baby Boomer Blooms
Elizabeth McBreen: Musings on Media
Elizabeth Patch: More to

Elizabeth Spiers: SpiersBlr
Elizabeth Kate Switaj: Daughter of
the Ring of Fire

Elizabeth Towns: This Grind Does Not Stop and It's

Elizabeth Willse: Elizabeth Willse and the NY Beer Examiner
Elizabeth Young: The Garden Gate
Ella Blackhart: Ella Blackhart
Ellan Bethia Otero: On Not
Being Able To Write

EllaRegina: Words Worth 1000 Pictures
Elle: Pipe Dreams and Professions
Elle Pedersen: We Like To Write
Ellen M. Baty: existence of ellen
Ellen Maguire: What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Race
Ellen Steinbaum: Reading and Writing and the Occasional Recipe
Elly Lonon: BugginWord
Emily Anderson: Rice in the Cupboard
Emily Battle Freehling: City

Emily Cappo: Hope All is Well
Emily Cross: The
Chronicles of Emily Cross

Emily Okaty Wilson: Pajama Days
Emma Bolden: A Century of Nerve
Emma D. Dryden: emmaddryden our stories ourselves
Emma Lauri: Emma Lauri
Erica Thompson: Hyper/wise
Ericka Clay: Creative Liar
Erin Martin: My Live in Vino
Erika: Politics of bochinche, Vision
, and Alirio's gift
Erika Penzer Kerekes: In
, The
Crabby Mom Report
, and the LA Cooking Examiner
Erin Beth Liles: Coloring Outside the Lines
Erin L. Copeland: A Little of This & That
Erin Marie Daly: Oxy Watchdog
Erin Reel: The Lit Coach's Guide to the Writer's LIfe
Estelle Marchasin: Just Sayin' and Out There:
Paranormal, Angels and the Afterlife Explored
and Through the
Looking Glass

Esther Altshul Helfgott: Witnessing Alzheiimers: A Caregivers View
Etta Worthington: ThinkingAboutStory
Ette Meyer: Transitions
Eugenia Budman: I Ponder
Eve Lopez: Free Advice for Women and What Would
Eve Do?

Faith Boughan: Literary Coldcuts on Toasty Buns
Felicia Tsung: second star to the right
Fi Phillips: Murdering the Text, Fi's Magical
Writing Haven
, The Sitcom Skirmish, and In
The Shade of My Family Tree

Fiona McColl: WrongSide and E-Stranged
FireMom: Stop,
Drop & Blog
and The
Chronicles of Munchkin Land

Fran Moreland Johns: Boomers and Beyond
Fran R. Schumer: Frannyblog
Frances O'Cherony Archer: Me & My

Franki79: Franki79's Blog
Frau Sally Benz: Jump off the Bridge
Gabriela Lessa: The Aspiring Writer World
Gabriela Pereira: iggi & gabi
Gabrielle Bryant: Gabrielle's Writing
Gail Torres: Gail's Spot
Gaynor Alder: The Modern Woman's Survival Guide
Gemma Dearsley: Travel Diaries
Geraldine Nesbitt: The Writing Process
Gerry Blumberg: Flashlight ... taking one step at a time
Gillian Ramos: Portrait of a Would-Be Artist as a Young Woman
Ginger B. Collins: Off the Top of My Red Head
Ginster Michel: Plantagenet
Glen Finland: Next Stop
Gloria Feldt: Gloria Feldt
Glynnis Jolly: Impressions of Life
Grace Hawk: In My Head
Greta Gunselman: Killer Romance
Gretchen Alarcon: Scarlet's Letters and Human

Gretchen Hirsch: Write Better Now and Gretchen

Guerrilla Girls on Tour: Guerrilla Girls on Tour
Gwen Hansen: Creating the Good Life
Gwen Morrison: A Novel Idea: 365 Days of Writing
Gwyn Nichols: Writers Resort
Hallie Sawyer: Write For Me
Hannah Coates: Volunteering in New York City and Home
Grown Happiness

Heather: The Unexpected Twists and Turns
Heather Conroy: Heather Conroy's Verbal Report
Heather Long: Daily Dose—Fantasy & Romance
Heather Marsh: Locavore in Training
Heather Munn Prescott: Knitting Clio
Heather Plett: Fumbling for Words
Heather Weidner: Crazy for Words
Heidi Daniels: Live With Desire
Heidi Dean: Married to the Masala and Buildings
and Skies

Heidi Mann: The Final Touch
Helen Carmichael: West Coast Adventures
Helen Gallagher: Release Your Writing and Pajama

Helen Smith: Helen Smith
Hephzibah Anderson: Chastened
Hila Sachar: le projet d'amour
Holly Osterman: Menopause ChitChat
Hollye Dexter: Shades of Gray
H'Rina DeTroy: Danceabout
Ibelisse Sanchez: A Writer's Inkhorn
Ileana Jimenez: Feminist Teacher
Ilie Ruby: New Mom to Three
Irene Troy: Elsie's Choice
J. M. Lacey: Season Ticket
Jackie Moore: Always Mom of 4
Jackie Morgan MacDougall : The Silver

Jackie Regales: A Patchwork Life
Jacqui Davidson: Something to Learn
Jaime Herndon: Tales from the Upper East Side
Jamie Haden: Spirit Seeker
Jan Gurley: Doc

Jan Rider Newman: Beyond Acadia: Reading, Writing & Living

Jan Yourist: Nexus
Jana Llewellyn: An Attitude Adjustment: Making the Best of Stay-at-Home

Jane Alynn: Jane

Jane Baskin: Foroever Kinda Young
Jane Ciabattari: Critical Mass
Janel Gradowski: Janel's Jumble
Janet Hill: Small Embellishments
Janet Morris Grimes: Writing for the Pursuit of Sappiness
Janette Currie: The Editor's Notebook
Janice King: Copywriting That Sells High Tech Blog
Janine Canty: Positively Neurotic Me
Janine Pickett: Sleeping With The Dogs
Janis C.: Sneak
Peek at Me

Jannine Phelps: The Invisible Seductress
Jaymee Goh: Rebellious Jezebel Blogging: Acting Out
and Redux Edition
Jean Ellen Whatley: A Woman
With A Past: The Post-Apocalyptic Approach to Dating

Jeanie Cullip: Soccer Mom in Giggletown
Jeannie Dell: The Stuff in Between
Jennifer Barut: Tope's Topix
Jedda Bradley: Orangepeel and One Family

Jenne' R. Andrews: Loquaciously Yours
Jennifer: January 16th
Jennifer Bennett: A Fish
out of Water

Jennifer Crews: Operation Peace and Serenity
Jennifer Eremeeva: Dividing My Time
Jennifer Graf Groneberg: Pinwheels
Jennifer Johnson: Forget-me-not-Days
Jennifer Lopez: Jello World
Jennifer (Jenna) McGuiggan: The Word

Jennifer Nobile Colgan: Kids and a
and Watch My Butt Shrink
Jennifer James: Jennifer James and at The Mom Salon
Jennifer Langille: BoatBites
Jennifer M.: Crazy for Books
Jennifer Morrison: Realia
Jennifer Parsons: The Evolving Homemaker
Jennifer Swan: Writing True
Jennifer Wagner: Connect
with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology

Jenny Motley: Crash Test Mommy
Jenny Penton: Planner Perfect, Planner
Perfect Meals
and Homeschooling Belle
Jenny Post: The Reluctant Long Islander
Jesaka Lang: a.k.a.

Jesse Mendes: September May
Jessica Atcheson: Partly It's the Boots
Jessica Brooks: My Thoughts Exacctly
Jessica Ferguson: Praise, Prayers and Observations
Jessica Gullion: The Epidemiologist
Jessica Rosenberg: It's my life and The Lemonade

Jessica Sanford: Mental Vomit
Jessica Keenan Smith: The Light Daughter
Jessica Van Dyne-Evans: days go by and the still
white room

Jessica Watson: Four Plus and Angel
Jillian Lauren: Jillian Lauren
Jo Wnorowski: Just Diggin' Around and New
Jersey Through My Eyes

Joan Hanna: Writing Through Quicksand
Joana Johnson: Creating Brains
JoAnna Haugen: Kaleidoscopic Wandering and JoAnna

Jo Anna (Jo) O'Hara: Stranger Than Diction
Joanna Young: Wisdom Within, Ink
Joanne Tombrakos: One Woman's Eye
Jocelyn Chia: Room to Think and For the
Writer Within

Jodi McIsaac Martens: Jodi McIsaac Martens
Jodi Sh. Doff: Dirty Girl Diaries and only the jodi
Jody Rosen Knower: Once More Unto the Breach
Jordan Q: DC Princess
Joyce Evans-Campbell: Raw
Joyce Wycoff: Peaceful Legacies
Joyce Yarrow: Travels with the Muse
Joyful Mom: Happy Girl Hair
Judaye Streett: Tales From Under A Middle Aged Woman
Judith C. Evans: A Homemaker Speaks and A Heart For
and Among the Pots and Pans
Judith Weinstein Haggai: Let My People Know—talk about it now
Judith D. Schwartz: Lit
Adventures in POD

Judith Faucette: A Lesbian and A Scholar and Books

Judith Lindbergh: The Writers Circle
Judith van Praag: Hope Filled Jars
Judy Clement Wall: Zebra Sounds
Julene Tripp Weaver: Trippweavepoet
Julia Munroe Martin: Wordsxo
Julianne Douglas:Writing the Renaissance
Julianne McCullagh: Grace Notes
Julie Bond Genovese: Inner Joy and Nothing
Short of Joy

Julie Daley: Unabashedly Female
Julie Jeffs: Beginning Life at 50
Julie Kinyoun: The Stoichiometric Equivalent
Julie Kraut: Julie Kraut
Julie Polk: Babe in Cashland
Julie Reinhardt: She Smoke
Julie Simon Lakehomer: The Pursuit of Wonder
Julie Sucha Anderson: Midlife

Julie T. Ewald: The Pencil Sharpener and Julie's

Juliet Wilson: Crafty Green Poet
Julieta Cadenas: Lindaraxa's Garden
Julija Sukys: Writing. Life.
K. Jayne Cockrill: Fragrant Liar
KB Walker: A LIfe Less Lost
KK Brees: KKBrees on Writing
K.M. Walton: Some Things I Think
Kadambari Singhania: miss_teerious
Kaitlin Davis: The Pink SophistiKate
Kalia Doner: Food: A Love Story
Kam Oi Lee: Kam
Oi Lee

Kara Kelly: The Other 98 and barenakedbitch
Karen Anderson: Writer Way
Karen Burgess: Literary Lunchbox
Karen Cantwell: Fiction for Dessert
Karen Murphy: Juxtapositioning
Karen Scott: Carpe Keyboard
Karen Sosnoski: Krsosno for and Imperfect Offerings
Karen Walker: Following the Whispers
Karen J. Weyant: The Scrapper Poet
Karen Wojcik Berner: Bibliophilic Blather
Kari O'Driscoll: The
Writing Life

Kari Wolfe: Imperfect Clarity
Karyn Hall: Mi
Vida Loca

Karyn Johnson: The Itinerant Writer
Kass Coover: Publishing Virgin and This
Journey Is My Own

Kat Crew: Reader I Created Him and Red Cross

Kate Gould: The Blank Page and The Criticess
Kate Hopper: Mother Words: Mothers
Who Write

Kate O'Mara: When Kate Blogs
Kate Rosselli: A
Beautiful Mindgush

Kate Smurthwaite: Cruella-blog
Katherine Harms: No Boundaries Ship's Log, Living on
, and America Means Liberty
Katherine Holt: Miss H Writes
Katherine Jenkins: Lessons from the Monk I Married
Katherine Sacks: La Vita Cucinare, Life Lived to Cook
Kathie N. Lapcevic: Two Frog Home
Kathleen S. Allen: Gaelic Fairie
Kathleen Gage: Street Smart Marketing and Daily Awareness
Kathleen Maher: Diary of a Heretic
Dr. Kathleen T. Ruddy: Dr. Kathleen T. Ruddy's Breast Cancer Blog
Kathlene Postma: In Transit
Kathryn Brown: Crystal Jigsaw
Kathryn Cann:
Kathryn Grace: Building Ordinary
Kathryn Koontz: Costuming Reality
Kathryn Scofield White: If Stones
Could Talk

Kathy Johnson: Catching Happiness
Kathy Jordan: Dr. Kathy Jordan
Kathy Matthews: Oregon Gifts of Comfrot and Joy
Kathy Ponce: I Write to Believe
Kathy Price-Robinson: Kathy's Remodeling Blog
Kathy Samworth: Dream For Your Life
Kathy Ver Eecke: Working for Wonka
Katie Kopin: Circling the Cuckoos Nest
Katinka Hesselink: All Considering and Spirituality
Squidoo Tips
and Thank You Lensmaster and My Best
Squidoo Friends

Katie Waldeck: Tactical Raids
Katrina Kay: you think it's funny but this is my LIFE
Kay Bigelow: Kay Bigelow
Kay Bishop: Chains of Yesterday
Keisha Bush: The Evening Dawns
Kelley Harrell: Intentional Insights: Q&A From Within
Kelly: From the Writing Desk of a Sailing Mom
Kelly Allardyce: It's a Food Life and Red Doors
and Ramekins

Kelly Coyle DeNorcia: Ahimsa Mama
Kelly Z Conrad: Conrad Creative
Kelly Davio: Kelly

Kelly Gooltz: Life with My Crazy Gooltz Crew, Eye of a
Lens, Ink of a Pen
and KG Photography
& Design

Kelly Hashway: Kelly Hashway's Books: Adventuers in all things
reading and writing

Kelly Lynn Thomas: The
Narratiave in the Blog: Commenting on Everything Meta

Kelly Klein: The Write Life
Kelly Smith: National Quilting Examiner
Kelly Wantuch: Lyrical Woodshedding
Kelly Whelan: The Centsible LIfe
Kent Toney: KTO Joint
Kenya D. Williamson: Sleep Deprivation and Me: A Love Story
Keri Pugh: Project Supermom
Kerry McGovern: Stupid America
Kerry Ann Morgan: Vinobaby's Voice
Kiki Walter: Flibertigibbet
Kim Bauer: Confabulicious. A Delicious Conundrum of the Truly

Kim Brittingham: Kim Brittingham
Kim Humes: Gathers No Moss
Kim Kircher: Kim Kircher, and Crystal Mountain
Kim Koning: Dragonfly Scrolls
Kim Le Piane: Reflections From a Spiritual Path
Kim McGowan: justtesting
Kim S.: Perfectly Cursed Life
Kim Steuterman Rogers: View

Kim Tracy Prince: House of Prince
Kim Werker: Kim

Kim Wollenburg: The Next 24
Kimberly Cain: Naked Prayers
Kimberly Froiland: Wife - in captivity
Kimberly Fujioka: Kfujioka's Blog
Kimberly Golden Malmgren: KimTalksBooks
Kimberly Sullivan: Journey Towards Epiphany
Kittie Walker: Indigo Girl - As I See It
Kristen Demaline: The Idealist Milano Blog and Ginsberg's

Kristen Marie: Musical Musings
Kristen Roderick: the
spirit that moves me: love, lore & lessons learned

Kirsten Rue: A Blog of One's Own
Korky Vann: The Savvy Shopper's Living On Less Blog
Kris Neri: Red Room page and the
Femme Fatals

Kristi Faith: R.A.W. Random Acts of Writing
Kristi Holmes Espineira: Kristi Holmes
Krisite Leigh Maguire: Sizzling
Hot Romance from romance author Krisite Leigh Maguire

Kymberly L.King: Kentucky Writers Block and Kym's

L.A. Fields: Blood, Love & Rhetoric
LA Slugocki: Tales from the Velvet Chamber
Laina Turner: Being Fabulous is a Skill
Lameisha Weaver: Full of Sass
Lana Griffin: Lana Griffin: Paranormal Romance Author
Lanita Moss: A Mothers Hood
Laraine Herring: Laraine Herring: author's blog
LaTonya M. Baldwin: Color Online and Black Eyed

Laura Cococcia: The Journal of Cultural Conversation
Laura Diamond: Laura Diamond Writes On
Laura Didyk: Outloud
Laura McHale Holland: Laura McHale Holland
Laura Munson: These Here Hills
Laura Smyth: Thimbleberry Press and Walks with

Laura Sundstrom: Adventures of a Young Feminist
Laura Tompkins: Autumn Rose Beauty and Mediterranean

Laurel Zuckerman: Laurel Zuckerman's Paris Weblog
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Lauren Fairbanks: Life Styler [NYC on a Budget]
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Adventures of an Ambitious Klutz

Lauren Salkin: Think Spin
Lauren Stevens: Puking on the Inside
Laurent Michelle: Her Silent Musings
Laurie Blair: Careful, Or You'll End Up In My Novel and Help, My
Compass Broke

Laurie Erdman: Laurie Erdman Pottery and Owning Pink
Laurie Jo: Laurie's Muse
Laurie Nelson Hoffsmith: Lauries
Poetry Place
, Grandbaby Blues, and my bohemian

Lea Ryan: Professional Stringer of Words
Leah Cassorla: Rules of the Toad
Leah Odze Epstein: Drinking Diaries
Leah Singer: Leah's Thoughts
Leanne Woodland: Complementary and Alternative Health Care
Lee Ann Khoh: Blame It On the Love
Legacy Devine: Once Upon a Time Legacy
Leigh David: Fallen Wingz
Leigh Menninger: Peanut Butter and Lullabies
Lena Roy: Lena's
Lit. Life

Lesley-Anne Evans: My Grace Notes and Sometimes Suicidal Mama
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Leslie S. Moon: Moondustwriter
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Linda Gartz: Family Archaeologist
Linda Lou: Linda Lou, Writer/Humorist
Linda Sanders-Wells: Swell Books
Linda Strawn: The Country Author
Linda Weaver Clarke: A Family
Friendly Blog

Linda K. Wertheimer: Jewish Muse, A Writer's Blog on Faith and Family
Lindsay Davis: Lindspiration
Lindsay Price: Theatrefolk Weblog
Lindsay Rainingbird: Birdykins: Fly. Crash. Repeat
Lindsey Corey: Coreylation Does Not Equal Causation
Lindsey Mead: A
Design So Vast

Lindsey Sherman: Jonkathryn,Ink
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Lisa Dalrymple: Everything But a Blank Space
Lisa Katzenberger: Fiction City
Lisa Lane: Cerebral Writer
Lisa Lickel: Living Our Faith Outloud
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Lisa Marie Rollins: A Birth Project and Clutterbrained
Lisa Peet: Like

Lisa Potts: Virgin Sheets
Lisa Rivero: Everyday Intensity and The Wild Thyme Unseen
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Liz Hughes: Inventing My Life
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Liz Massey: Creative LIberty and Write

Liz Scherer: Flashfree
Liz Stubbs: From Pucci to Pudding
Liza Rosenberg: something something
llevinso: Sarcastic Female Literary Circle
Lois Houston: Thoughts Along Life's Highway and Almost Skinny Diaries
Loretta Matson: Emerald Realm
Lori A. May: Lori A. May
Lori Duffy Foster: The Boys: Raising Identical Twins and On Writing,
Living and Loving

Lori L. Clark: Just Bookin' Around and Lori L. Clarke,

Lori Marefka: Blue Girl in a Red State
Lori Moritz: Punk

Lori Newman: When We Listen
Lori Zimbardi: Argyle and Apricots
Lorna Dykstra: Loree's Writing Space and All About

Lorraine Duffy Merkl: Fat Chick
The Novel

Louise Gallagher: Recover Your Joy
Lydia Harris: Swimsuit Issues
Lydia R. LeRoy-Williams: WRITE

Lydia Sharp: The Sharp Angle
Lyla: The Uninspired Slacker
Lynn Fisher: On and Off the Page
Lynn Mosher: Heading Home
Lynn Voedisch: Bastet's Lair
Lynne Walker: Strange Islands
Lynsey Griswold: Mimicking Maleficent
Lyz Lenz: Shop of the Heart
LZ: My Messy

M. Kathy Brown: Ponder Deeply (and other good stuff)
M. M. Adjarian: Word By Frame
Mable Yee: Engage Her: Activating Women and Multicultural

Mackleen: Left-Handed People Cry Too and Stories to Read on a Plane
Madge Woods: MadgeW-musings
Maggie Daniel Caldwell: Life in a Skillet
Maggie Kast: Ritual and Rhubarb Pie
Maha Mostafa: More Unreadable Stories
Mai Ahmed Daader: MAI
Majena Mafe: that-unsound
Malissa Moss: Unimaginable Grief Unexpected Blessings
Mandy Horetski: The Shiny Adventures of a Browncoat Mommy, and
Thoughts of Reading
Mandy Lawrence: M&Y The Baking Book Bunny
Mandy Van Deven: Feminist Review
Mansi Bhatia: First Impressions
Marcella Taylor: Marcella Taylor's Blog
Marcelle Heath: target="_blank">Off

Marcia Fine: Jean Rubin Blog
Marcia Mayne: Marcia Mayne Book Publicity and Inside Journeys
Marcia Reynolds, PsyD: Burden of Greatness
Margaret Diehl: Mostly in the Afternoon
Margaret Haugen-Juniper: Margaret
and Corvina Jade
Margaret Michelle: Dear Mr. Postman
Margie Reins Smith: Newfangled Gramma
Mari-Anna Frangen Stalnacke: Flowing Faith:
Ponderings of an Almond Tree in Blooom

Maria Calidonna: Mother Madhouse
Maria Castillo Stone: Evening Lanterns
Maria Ciampa: Maria Ciampa Loves Her Day Job and Interviews with My Husband
Maria Geraci: Writing Romance in the Closet
Marianne Just: Lucy's Human
Marie Cooper: Nourish
Marie Gauthier: A View from the Potholes
Marilyn Campiz: The
Lotus Sutra Chronicles

Marilyn Fried: There Must Be Some Mistake: How Did I Get So Old So

Marilyn Polson: Marilyn's Mind
Marina DelVecchio: Marinagraphy
Marinka: Motherhood in NYC and The Mouthy
and Secret Spineless Whine
Marion Williams Bennett: Joy and Wonder
Marisa McCaffery: McCaffery
Marissa Bell Toffoli: Words With Writers
Marla Holt: Mad Janet and Go and Catch a
Fallling Star

Marlayne Giron: Wish
Fulfillment Stories

Marley Greiner: The Daily Bastardette and I Hate

Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus: Her Own Terms: A Post-Midlife Woman's Writing for
Her Life

Marta MacDougald: The Essence of a Soul
Mary Devitt: Put It to Bed - A Procrastinator's Recovery Tale
Mary B. Kurtz: At Home in the Elk River Valley
Mary Brooks Lindsay: Mental Housekeeping
Mary Carroll Moore: How to Plan, Write and Develop a Book
Mary MacDonald: Pine Needle Knit
Mary Anne McCaffery: Ponderings and Other Stuff
Mary E. McIntyre: Washburn Island: Memoir of a Childhood
Mary Noon: Fighting the Wind
Mary Roy: Timesspring
Mary L. Tabor: Sex After Sixty
Mary Walker Baron:
Mary Quigley: Mothering 21
Mary Wogan: Visions of Dylan and Dublizine
Maryanne Carman: Mostly Words
Maryellen Brady: Once Upon a Blog
Maryn McKenna: Superbug
Maureen Cooke: Maureen Cooke
Maureen D. Hall: Island Roar
Maureen E. Doallas: Writing
Without Paper

Maureen Finn: Mo Bloggin'
Maureen Walsh: MaureenWalsh-Daphnia
Meadow Braun: Inside Out Loud
Meg Waite Clayton: 1st Books and Stories of How Writers Get

Megan Kearns: Opinioness of the World
Megan Rudolph: Love in the Stacks
Megan van Eyck: A Widowed Mistress
Mel Ryane: Teaching Will: The Shakespeare Club
Melanie Haikem: Health Conscious Travel
Melanie Lynn Moro-Huber: Mortal Corkscrew
Melanie Myatt: Tales from the Crib
Melissa: Rock
& Drool ... mom gone mental

Melissa B.: The Scholastic Scribe
Melissa Firman: The Betty and Boo Chronicles
Melissa Grossman: Flying Ready
Melissa Camara Wilkins: Making Things Up
Melissa D. Johnston: Windspirit Girl
Melissa McKee: Miel
et Lait

Melissa R. Mendelson: Silent Dreams
Mendi Davis: 1st Grade Tales
Menique Aviles: Poetik Line Sense
Mercedes Sayagues: Gender Masala
Mercy Loomis: Mercy Loomis
Meredith Lopez: Meredith Lopez
Meredith O'Brien:Suburban Mom: Notes from the Asylum and
Picket Fence Post
Merry Jett: Merry
Town: Confessions of a Jury Duty Reject

Meryl Jaffe: Departing the Text
Metaxa Cunningham: Waking Up a Writer
Mia Soriano: Online Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom
Michele Hirning: "You
Sure Can Talk, Baby"

Michele Witney: Michele Whitney's Blog
Michelle Campbell: Scribbled Black Ink
Michelle Cantrell: VenusVision
Michelle Earl: Michelle Earl, The King's
, The Food Tunnel, and Fantasy's

Michelle Ephraim: Everyday Shakespeare
Michelle Gulch: Small Cost Big Fun Idaho Adventures
Michelle Hoover: Michelle Hoover
Michelle Hunter-Gray: Michelle Hunter-Gray
Michelle M: A Violent Yet Flammable World
Michelle M. Jones: The Creative Spark
Michelle MacKenzie: Active Leisure and The Hubby

Michelle Maskaly: Fun.Friends.Adventure and My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much
Michelle McGee: Moxie Momma - takin' names and kickin' sass
Michelle McGrane: peony moon
Michelle O'Neil: Full-Soul-Ahead!
Michelle Welch: Quintessential Life
Milagros Hill: The Good District
Millicent O'Reilly: Millicent and Carla Fran
Miriam Hall: Inside Space
Mischa Geracoulis: Culturati Independent Views and Reviews
Missy Durant: 50

Miz Sharon: Write, Ahab, Damnit!
Molly Kernan: Nerd Thoughts
Molly Sweeney: Molly Sweeney -- The Elusive F-spot finally

Monica Brand: Paper Bridges
Monica Devine: Between Two Rivers
Monica Egan: Musings from the Everyday Weight Loss Guru
Monica Epstein: Looking 4 Words
Monica Medina: Monica's Tangled Web
Monique Fields: Honey Smoke
Myne Whitman: Myne Whitman Writes
Myra Nelson: Writing Life
Myrna I Brown-Kainth: Mib Write Now
Myrna Rose: My
Daily Spirit

Myrthe Korf: The Armenian Odar and The Armenian
Odar Reads

The NDM: Not Drowning, Mothering
Nancy Hinchliff: Inn Notes, Business
Womens Forum
and Inn Business
and A Memorable Time of My Life
Nancy Julien Kopp: Writer Granny's

Nancy Matsumoto: Walking and Talking
Nancy Richmond: Easy Bake Mom
Nanette Rayman Rivera: shana
linda ~ pretty pretty
and To Live on
the Wind

Natalie Snapp: Mommy on Fire
Natalie Wilson: Professor, What if ...? and ;Seduced
by Twilight

Natasha Pappousek: Musings from a Hennaphile
Neely Coyote McCormick: Nells

Neha Thakkar Silam: Neha' s Blog
N H Senzai: book a brac
Nicky Wheller-Nicholson Brown: Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, Founder of the Modern
Comic Book
and BMA Blog
Nicole Abdou: Destination Unknown
Nicole Durant: Life of Tynise NIcole
Nicole Logan: Daysha Writes
Nicole McLean: My Fabulous Boobies
Nicole Palmby: The Coffee-Stained Writer
Nicole Unice: The Stubborn Servant
Nicole Zoltack: Where Fantasy and Love Take Flight
Nina Badzin: Nina
Badzin's Blog

Nisa Jaie McCoy: A Day In A Life
Nona Willis Aronowitz: girl-drive
Noreen Austin: NDWrites And This Is What's On My Mind
Norine Dworkin-McDaniel: Don't Put
Lizards In Your Ears

Nnekay FitzClarke: Nnekay
Norma Casas-Velilla: Living Out Loud
Ondrea Tucci: If Only She'd Shut Up
One Sassy Girl: Hot Piece of Sass
Organised Chaos: Organised Chaos
Padmavani Karkera: My Ghost Anchor and the Deep Blue Sea and
Human Resources
Management and Organisation Development

Paidra Delayno: Paidra's Pen
Paige Hodges: Redefining the Meaning of Wealth
Pam: Reflecctions of a Neurotic Writer
Pam Parker: Finding Meaning Within Words
Pamela Haag: Pamela Haag
Pamela Jane: Purr and Petulance: A Cat-Lover's Romp Through Jane
Austen's Pride and Prejudice

Pamela Taylor: Pamela R.A.W. (Reads and Writes)
Pamela Torres: So I'm Fifty
Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos: Coming2Terms and Barren Not

Pamela Villars: Musings from the Newly Hatched
Pamela Youdell-Bousquet: A Dose of

Pat Steer: Life Out
, Kitchen
and Dog
Trainer's Log

Patricia Altner: Patricia's Vampire Notes
Patricia Caspers: Fish Head Soup
Patricia Harrelson: Editeyes, Twilightme, and Inventor Mentor
Patti Frankel: Inner Wisdom Exploration
Patti McCracken: The American Lady
Patty Kay Mooney: A Diary Left Open, A Life in
and Soldiers Heart
Patty Kinney: Fat Fish
Paula Boyd Farrington: Paula's

Paulette Moore: PauletteFilmsBlog and It Begins
With Me. It Begins With You. It Begins With Us.
and Story

Peggy Doyle: Necessity Is the Mother of Invention
Peggy Duffy: A Clean Well-Lighted Place
Penny Lawler: Dancing in Barefeet
Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz: One
Writer's Journey

Perri: Lesser Apricots and Mud on
the Track

Pinar Tarhan:
Prerna Malik: The Mom Writes
Princess Andy: Finding Fairy Tales
Princess Carroll Ayo Durodola: Comprehensive Demonology and Empowering Lives
Through Stories
and Tunde, The Little Nigerian Prince and Art &
the Beauty of Life

Priscilla Warner: Priscilla Warner's Blog
Rachel Bateman: Blah-g
Rachel Federman: Last
American Childhood

Rachel Kramer Bussel: Lusty Lady and Cupcakes
Take the Cake

Rachel Resnick: Love Junkie: The Journey, Writers on Fire - Unplugged and Rachelville
Rachel Russell: Midwestern Wordslinger
Rachel Thompson: Giltfree
Rachel Thornhill: Rachel Thornhill
Radicalhope: Shapeshifters
Rahna Reiko Rizzuto: Rahna Reiko

Rain Hannah: Mitpachat: better than a tinfoil hat and Honey and

Ramola D.: Afterviews
Rathi R: What Can I Say!
Rebecca Ellis: Cherry Pie Press
Rebecca Horvath: Rebecca's Random Ramblings">The Book Frog
Rebecca J. Glenn: The Bird Sisters
Rebecca Rowan: Becca's Byline, Bookstack
and Write on Wednesday
Rebecca Ryals Russell: Ramblings of a Raconteur
Rebekah Spicuglia: NonCustodial Parent Community and Majority

Rebekha Ophert: Living
Without Maddison: My Life XX

Renate Stendhal: Why Do Something If It Can Be Done: Quoting Gertrude

Renee Cooper: Teen Rape -- Recovery and Understanding
Renee Hendricks: Renee Hendricks - Freelance Writer and Web

Renee Sims: Writing in Real Life
Rhian Williams: bits and bobs
Rhiannon Ellis: Whispers by Rhiannon Ellis
Rhonda Talbot: The Devil's Trifecta
Riley Carson: Wayfaring Stranger
Rinzu Susan Rajan: The Poetic Diaries and The Page

Rita Mae Reese: The Alphabet Conspiracy
Roberta Branca: My Saturday Evening Posts
Robin Lelani: Robminx
Robin Reagler: The Other Mother and Big Window
Robin Simonds Fitch: Ficiton
Robyn Hillman-Harrign: The
Brooklyn Socialite

Robyn Ryle: You Think Too Much
Rochelle Ritchie Spencer: slacker-chick
Rose Deniz: Love, Rose
Rosel Kim: What Are Years, and the invazn
Rosie: Spare

Roxanna Bennett: Roxanna Bennett Hates Almost Everything
Roxanna Sarmiento: Miguelina
Roxanne Piskel: Unintentionally Brilliant
Roxanne Ravenel: MIndful Banter
Ruby Sara: Pagan Godspell
Rukhpar Mor: Rukhpar Mor and Destination
Orange County

Ruth Elayne Kongaika: Elayne001 on HubPages
Ruth Harrigan: A Different Light and Wheelie

Ruth Pennebaker: Geezer Sisters
Ryder Islington: Ryder Islington
Ryshia Kennie: Ryshia Kennie's Passport to Romance
S. Diane Wellman: Fever Bliss
SK Walker: Incurable Insomniac
S. Ramos O'Briant: Blood Mother Blog
S.X. Rosenstock: Little Bigger Room
Sabrina Joy Steyling: Runnin'
Down a Dream

Sacha Cohen: Going Green DC
Saffina Destorges: Saffina Dsetorges and Sapphiscribe's
musings over darkness and light

Sagarika Pandey: Acquaintance With Letters
Sally Watkins: Sally Watkins
Samantha Ellis: Samantha Ellis
Samantha Sotto Yambao: The Slight

Sandarenu Amarasinghe: Show Off
Sandi Johnson: The Blue Inkwell
Sandi Kahn Shelton: Sandi
Kahn Shelton

Sandie Lee: Imagination Cafe and
A Cup of Romance
Sandra Gulland: Notes on the Writing Life and Baroque

Sandra Hurtes: Sandra Hurtes Finding My Place Through Writing and

Sandra Staas: LaVida Loca - The Crazy Life
Sandy: Soliloquy of a Fool
Sandy Ackers: Strangling My Muse
Sara Curran-Ross: Sara Curran-Ross
Sara Parker: Fearless Project
Sarah M Caron: Sarah's Cucina Bella
Sarah Braesch: Sarah and the Goon Squad
Sarah Fain: Sarah Fain Has Starfish Envy
Sarah Joy Albrecht: Sarah Joy Albrecht
Sarah Irving: TheThreeLeggedCat and The
Ethical Wedding

Sarah Martin Byrd: Grandma's Rocking Chairs
Sarah Neustadter: Taking the Long Way Home: An alternative exploration of
suicide, death, grief, and choosing life

Sarah O'Leary: Grown Up Mom
Sarah Orlikowski: The Unwrapping
Sarah Rogers: Spanish Tart: A Slice of Urban Spain
Sarah Sarai: My 3,000 Loving Arms
Sarah Savasky: ill. humored.
Sarah S. Shaffer: Everything Rhymes
Sasha Combs: Sasha Combs
Sayantami DasGupta: Stories are Good Medicine
Scary Azeri: Scary Azeri
Scrollwork: Scrollwork: Boomer quirkyness from a tropical transplant
to California Central Valley

Serena Freewomyn: Feminists for Choice
Shah Wharton: Wordsinsync
Shannon: Je ne sais

Shannon Kelley: Undecided
Shannon Min: Word and Confessions of a Boomerang Chick
Shanyn Silinski: Scarred Seeker, Mystic Mom,
Strawberry Roan and Chore Time
Shari Lynne Smothers: The Word 'Mage Blog and Telling

Sharni Montgomery: Chronicles of Sharnia
Sharon Anderson: It's Not My Fault
Sharon Cathcart: Sharon E.Cathcart's Author Blog
Sharon Douglas: haipule and kauai-womoon
Shasha Ali: aka ms.stellar
Sheana Ochoa: Sheana Ochoa
Sheila Hageman: Stripper Mom and Five

Sheila Moeschen: Citizen Dame
Shelby Irwin: The Time of Our Lives
Shelly Holder: Agonies of a Young Author
Sheri Caplan: Pettistripes
Sherri Cornelius: Sherri Blossoms
Sherril Johnson: The ICI Experience, My 3F Blog: Form
Follows Function
, and The Truth Shall Make You Free
Sheyna Galyan: Books and Beliefs
Shon Bacon: Plain Upon Tablets, All the
Blogs a Page
, and ChickLitGurrl
Sitarah Pendelton: Life with Wanda
Skye van Saun:skye in a nutshell
Skylar Kade: the Skylarverse and the mini

sMichelle Floyd: hot-bellied & southern
Sona Charaipotra: Sona Charaipotra
Soneet: Share Your Heart
Sonia Lal: Story Treasury
Spectra: Spectra

Stace Dumoski: Artifacts
Stacey: Wear Nail Polish
Stacey Graham: Stacey Graham
Stacey Johnson: Dreams Like This
Stacey Reckard: Rowdie Gurl
Stacey Turner: The Gert & Hildi Chronicles, and What Passes for Sane on a Crazy Day
Stacy Barker: In The Valley of the Sun
Steena Holmes: Chocolate Reality and Diva With A

Steph Pratt: Chronicles of a Book Junkie
Stephania: Urban Dreck
Stephanie Hooper: Living Childhood and Stephanie

Stephanie Kim: Demeter's Lament and Up From the

Stephanie Pina: Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood and Lizzie Siddal
Stephanie Schroeder: Beautiful Wreck Sex, Lies & Suicide and Werking

Stephanie Stean: Stephanie's Blog, Physique
, and Kundalini Memoir
Stephey Baker: Marked by the MUSE
Sue Swartz: Awkward Offerings
Summer K Edward: Well-Loved Tales
Sundi Jo Graham: Sundi Jo
Sunny: Sunny Sings the Blues
Susan Barrett Price: Mad in Pursuit
Susan Bearman: Two Kinds of People
Susan Laughter Meyers: Susan Meyers
Susan K. Perry: Creating in Flow and Writers Mind
Susan Katz Miller: On Being Both
Susan Sparks: Thoughts from tha Rev
Susan Wels: The Private Amelia Earhart
Susanne Barnett: Meditative Meanderings
Suzan Wood-Young: Chez Kelowna and From
the Valley and Beyond

Suzi Banks Baum: Laundry Line Divine
Suzy Turner: Suzy Turner
Svetlana Watkins: Bibberche
Sweepy Jean: Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World
Sybil Nelson: Writer's Lounge
T A_A I: The InceptioNovelist
T. Stores: Strangers in the Village
Tamara Dourney: Little Conversations
Tamara Lynch: Lynch Life
Tania Pryputniewicz: Feral Mom, Feral Writer
Tania Zaverta Chance: The Real Work Begins the Moment You're Finished
and Tania Zaverta Chance's Blog
Tanya Paperny: Lit
and Culturally Progressive
Tara Mackey: The Struggle Within
Tele Aadsen: Hooked: One Woman's Adventures Commercial Fishing in
Southeast Alaska

Teri D. McClanahan: View From Cali
Terry Lynn Johnson: Outdoor Adventures
Terry Trucco: Overnight Hotels
Tessa Quin: The Quest for a Literary Agent
Thea Easterby: Write, Change, Grow
Thelma Zirkelbach: Widowsphere: A Circle of Hope
Theresa Fischette:Doing It the Little Way
Therese Shechter: American Virgin
Therese Walsh: a href=""
target="_blank">Writer Unboxed
Ti Conkle: ElementandVertical
Tichaona Chinyelu: Diary of a Mad Reader and WeaverWoman
Tiffany Harmon: Writers Inspired and CincinnatiCouture
Tiffany Josephs: Fancy That! My quest for a life of whimsy%
Tina Haapala: Excuse Editor and taleS froM the trencheS
Tina Hernandez: Ashes of Beauty and Four
Kids & Still Clueless

Tina Lane: Girl With a New Life
Tinamarie Bernard: Modern Love Musings
Tomica Bonner: Truthfully Speaking
Toni-Anne Blake: Toni-Anne Blake, A Piece of My Mind
Toni Summers Hargis: Expat Mum and PondParleys
Tracey Williams: Tracey's Truth
Traci Green: Author Exposure
Tracy Jolly: Losing My Mind, Finding My Voice
Tracy Seeley: Tracy Seeley's blog
Tracy Thomas: Tracy J. Thomas
Photography & Design

Tracy Z. Turner: Tiny Mantras
Trelawney Goodell: Northwest by Northeast
Trendle Ellwood: Impressions of Nature, the Creator and the Journey
Tresha Barger: It's a Long Story
Tricia Sutton: Tricia Sutton
Trish Silver: Trish Silver
Trisha Martin: My Sista's Voice
Valerie Bonham Moon: Tossed
by the Fates
and Happy as Kings
Valerie Bosselman: The World as I See It
Valelria Furnas: Life 4 Me By Me
Valerie Wetlaufer: The V-Spot
Vanessa Saizon: Words For Your Soul
Venessa Perry: Love Jones - the remix
Veronica I. Arreola: Viva la Feminista
Victoria Hart: Auntie V Life and Cookery
Victoria Janssen: Victoria Janssen, Writing from the Inside
Victoria Noe: Friend Grief
Victoria Pynchon: Settle It Now Negotiation Blog and Commercial ADR Blog and
Quarterly Literary Journal Blog

Victoria Sandbrook: Blue Stockings and Internet-Ready Fiction
Victoria Skydancer: Dancing in the Sky
Vikki Bramshaw: Llyn Annwn: Blog of Vikki Bramshaw
Virginia Paris: GirlChasingFrogs
Virginnia Williams: Land of
Broken Hearts

Vivienne Diane Neal: One World Singles Magazine Blog
Walker Thornton: Delicacies, A Page of My Own, and A Woman's Page
Wanda McCollar: Synecdochic Stuff and Breast
Cancer As Is

Wendy Hammond: The Local Cook
Wendy Patrice Williams: My Incision: Living in the Aftermath of Infant

Wendy Siegelman: Creativity Fuse
Whitney Crispell: Storytime and This Old, Old

Whitney Henderson: Here I Am
Willona Sloan: DC Scorpiongirl
Willow Duttge: Chronicles of New York
Yvonne Strumecki: Give Me Music I Can See
Zeva Bellel: Paris By Appointment Only
Zoe Nicholson: Online With Zoe
Zoe Zolbrod: The Next Youth Hostel

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