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Cate Warren commented on the group 'In Praise of Literature'
"Cool, Lynn! Many thanks!"
35 minutes ago
Cate Warren replied to the discussion 'Highly Recommended' in the group In Praise of Literature
"Thank heavens someone had the mind to open a discussion for those books that require special exaltation--many thanks, Jacqueline Austin, for getting this show on the road! The book is called Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Three men seek…"
43 minutes ago
B. Lynn Goodwin commented on the group 'In Praise of Literature'
"Thank you, Cate. I like your philosophy.  In case you're looking for more reviews, you can find some at Hooked on Books in Writer Advice, www.writeradvice.com."
45 minutes ago
Cate Warren commented on the group 'In Praise of Literature'
"Lynn, YA is definitely literature! Anything YOU think is literature, is literature--I just recommended a book of lyrics yesterday, because to me they're every bit as good as the unsung, pardon the pun, poetry out there. Just go ahead and…"
51 minutes ago




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