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Fi's Magical Writing Haven

Do you limit your writing?

There's been a change in my life recently, in a good way. In fact, it's been rather wonderful. The effect of this change has been to remove limitations that prevented me from doing and having certain things. There is very little holding me back and yet my brain still thinks there is. My gut reaction is that I still can't do those things when, actually, I can.

It can be the same with my writing. For instance, they say to 'write what you know' and hence there are whole arenas of life and experience that I wouldn't dare touch on in my stories for fear of appearing naive or ill-informed. For instance, I worked in an office environment for decades, finally attaining a minor management role, and yet I don't feel comfortable writing about the upper echelons of the corporate world. I haven't ever held that kind of position so what would I know about it? There are other areas I would be reluctant to write about too - investment banking, brain surgery, politics. I wouldn't want to sound foolish.

Perhaps, though, I'm limiting myself  with these attitudes. When I was asked to write a murder mystery play set during the Jubilee celebrations in 1953, I only knew snippets of information so I researched the era. I did similar research when I wrote my 1920s murder mystery, Thoroughly Murdered Millie. Why can't I apply this approach to my novel writing?

After the assessment of my novel by the Writers Workshop, I'm making a number of changes to it and one of these is to experience more of the workings of the upper layers of the corporate world which has me a little nervous but I can see that it will add to the quality of my story. Another change involves broadening my thinking to create the entire world that my story takes place in, not just the parts that are revealed in the plot line.

I've shied away from writing short stories in recent years too because I felt I'd forgotten how to write them effectively. This year, I want to drop that limiting thought and write a whole host of short stories. Who knows? I may even send them off to a couple of competitions, if I'm happy with them.

In so many ways, 2015 is the year when I can step beyond the limitations of the past, if I have the courage. Wish me luck.

Tuesday Choice Words

I'm very lucky to be a writer. I have a sufficiently devious, I mean, imaginative mind that even in the most boring of situations, I can see the hint of a storyline.

In his article, Think Like A Writer on Medium, Bill Barol discusses how everyone should try to share a writer's view of life. Have a look.

A Fresh Set of Eyes

So it's been just over a week since I received the manuscript assessment report back from Brian Keaney of the Writer's Workshop. He told me, in his report, that he thought I would find his assessment 'challenging' and I did. However, it's a good challenge.

I now have information on what will make my story fit better in the publishing world. I always had a certain blindness to this reality. It's one thing to read a book, a shelf of books, in your genre, but it isn't always easy to apply that to your own writing. I now have a better idea of what will make my novel work.

I'm making a number of amendments. For instance, the book is now solely from the point of view of Steve (albeit still from a third person perspective) which has meant removing some chapters. I'll have to find a way to convey the information from these chapters in other ways.

I always wondered whether having access to Steve's internal dialogue, his thoughts, would work in a children's novel. Now, I know that it will. That's another amendment to make.

Similarly, I was unsure how much description to use. I wondered if a child/teenager would get bored and prefer action. I now know how to deal with that too.

I suddenly feel that I have a focus that was lacking before. I can see where to take my novel and I'm excited about that. My new chapter plan is almost complete. I just need one more obstacle for my characters to deal with.

If any of you are looking to have your manuscript professionally assessed, I can thoroughly recommend the Writers Workshop. Their communication by email has been swift, polite and helpful, and my assessment was well worth the money.

I envision the re-write of my novel will take me into the summer and then it's all guns blazing to find an agent.


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My name is Fiona (Fi). I'm a forty something mother of two and wife. For years I worked as a PA/administrator/secretary to support my habit - writing. I've always been a dreamer, an observer of people and a creator of worlds.

You'll usually find that I'm writing a novel but since 1997 I've been penning murder mystery plays for my business, Murdering The Text with two occasional co-writers. I write a blog to accompany the business, a writing related blog, and my personal family history research blog.

I lead a very full life, writing, working, networking and creating in between looking after my two children and their two guinea pigs.

Fi Phillips's Blog

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At 8:11am on September 22, 2011, Samantha Anastacia said…

Hello Fiona!

Thank you so much for joining my group Blooming Late!

I had a look-see at your blogs! They are wonderful! I appreciate too that you wish to be a guestblogger on my blog. Also please take a bit of time and introduce yourself to the group in th Kick It Off discussion as well as list your wonderful Blogs in the OUR GROUPS BLOGS pages section to the left of the main group page.

Feel free to look around at the many discussions we have going and feel free to participate! I would really like if you could also list this last particular post from your "magical" blog in our comments section for everyone to read as the group really should read this!

You will also see that we have a wonderful group of ladies here that are in varying levels of the writing journey who are a great source of support, encouragement and inspiration for your writing.

Ver glad you are here and WELCOME to my group!

Samantha Stacia

At 4:21pm on January 20, 2011, Pauline Frederica Kiernan said…

Hi there Fi,

I'm delighted you've joined Writing a Screenplay.

Look forward to sharing.

All good wishes,


At 12:16pm on January 12, 2011, Heather Blanchard said…
I've been a member for a while but been dormant. Now it's the new year I'm eager to get really stuck in with my writing and get active on here.
At 2:21pm on December 1, 2010, M Kathy Brown said…
A lot more than I did! I didn't even try - lol.
At 8:57pm on November 24, 2010, M Kathy Brown said…
Did your novel make it out of the cul de sac!?
At 9:14am on November 12, 2010, M Kathy Brown said…
Can you give me a glimpse? a title perhaps? or...
At 7:21am on November 12, 2010, M Kathy Brown said…
Way to go! You reached Day 12's word count goal!! Noticed your post and just wanted to back you up :~)
At 7:12pm on November 4, 2010, Barbara Fischkin said…
Thanks you for accepting my friendship!
8,000 plus words. Wow some people take years to do that. They shouldn't.

Jodi: I saw your message below. None of us are crazy. It just looks that way to other people who are not compelled to write.
At 12:11pm on November 2, 2010, Jodi O'Donnell-Ames said…
Thanks for adding me. So, I was reading all that you are doing and thought:

"Wow, this woman's crazy."

Then I reminded myself that I am an EMT, nanny, writer, teacher, massage therapist and personal assistant. Hello!"

My mind observes everything and forever curious! Sound familiar?

At 11:20am on November 2, 2010, Anjuelle Floyd said…
So glad you've joined ”Why Do You Write & What Is Your Process?”
We have a wonderful group of members. I encourage you to read their profiles and visit my blog that lists the essays members have offered in answering the question that is the name of our group.
I encourage you to consider submitting an essay where you answer the question.
This is a great way to introduce yourself and a good promotional opportunity.
I also post the essay and picture (yours) on my personal blog.
To be featured forward your essay and picture to:
Again, I am glad to have you joined us and hope your time here will provide encouragement and helpful information about writing, publishing and all that good stuff.
Take care.

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