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Fi's Magical Writing Haven

Choice Words for September

As you know, this year I began to submit my novel 'Shadowbinder' to literary agents. After ten rejections, a reassessed novel, and a rest over the summer break, I'm about to re-start the process. I'd like to say that I'm revved up and raring to go but the truth is that doubts are beginning to chip away at my self belief. I've come to the conclusion that the only way to get where I want to go is to keep on keeping on so I'm readying my next submission.

Novelist, Claudia Cruttwell writes about this whole process in Finding An Agent: Why You Shouldn't Give up. Well worth a read if you too are feeling fraught from submission rejection.

10 easy ways to put agents off in your submission letter
Piers Blofeld

What I'm Doing This Month - September

So here we are at the start of a new school year and a new season. I have peace and quiet in my home, well, during school hours, and the chance to get back to my writing in earnest.

The first novel is complete. The second novel is drafted. I have a rough plan for the entire series.

I'm also looking into the whole process of self publishing. I'm still on the look out for an agent but I think it's wise to be open to options.

Away from writing, this is my daughter's birthday month which will entail two weekends of celebrating (with us here at home and then at Grandma's house). She's growing up and the toy aisles no longer interest her. She's already beginning to think about what she'd like to do for a living and looking at course options for her exams at school. When did my little girl get to be so grown up?

What are you doing in September?

Something Useful for 2016 - Exercise No. 21

I'm sure all writers pull from their own lives and experiences for at least a small part of their writing content, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes knowingly and in precise detail. Using what we know can ground our writing and add believability (apologies if that isn't a real world but it sounded right).

This month's exercise is to look into your own experiences and memories to find something unusual, or bizarre, an event or detail that was out of the ordinary, and embroider that memory or detail into a piece of writing.

My own memory happened on a winter's night on a railway bridge. My car skidded on black ice and piled into a lamp-post, thankfully preventing us from tumbling off the bridge onto the train line below. My then boyfriend was belted in but the force of the collision smacked him into the windscreen. I remember him screaming and then silence. Almost immediately, he went into shock.

The passing drivers all pulled over and helped. One drove to the local pub and called an ambulance. Another, an off duty paramedic, helped me treat my boyfriend. She told me that I had to keep him warm. He was dressed in a thin jacket on a frosty night and trembling, partly from the cold but also from the shock.

All I had to hand was a box of pantomime costumes in the back of my car so we wrapped him in those. To this day, I have a brightly coloured, mental image of my boyfriend sat in the back of the ambulance shivering with a dame's costume clutched around his shoulders as the paramedics strapped a neck brace onto him.

Car crash and pantomime costumes - that's my memory. What's yours?


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Who I am:
Wife, mother, writer. How much better does it get than that?
Connect with me online! My site, blog, or Twitter handle are:

Twitter - Mystery_scripts and fiswritinghaven
Books I've written, anthologies I've contributed to, and any scripts or plays I've authored:
A whole host of plays for my company Murdering The Text
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I write plays for Murdering The Text.
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Fiction, Plays, Blog Posts
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Occasionally review books on my writing blog.
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My writing blog is there to discuss writing related issues along with my own adventures in the literary world.
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Member of Giant Potential.
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Other writer blogs.


My name is Fiona (Fi). I'm a forty something mother of two and wife. For years I worked as a PA/administrator/secretary to support my habit - writing. I've always been a dreamer, an observer of people and a creator of worlds.

You'll usually find that I'm writing a novel but since 1997 I've been penning murder mystery plays for my business, Murdering The Text with two occasional co-writers. I write a blog to accompany the business, a writing related blog, and my personal family history research blog.

I lead a very full life, writing, working, networking and creating in between looking after my two children and their two guinea pigs.

Fi Phillips's Blog

7 Ways To Work To A Deadline

Posted on April 14, 2014 at 1:17am 0 Comments

2014 has been a wonderful year for my murder mystery script writing business with three commissioned plays so far. Fitting the writing of these three scripts into four months has meant working to a tight schedule to meet customer deadlines.

An added complication is the fact that I work from home and juggle my…


7 Ways To Keep Your Writing Rich

Posted on March 1, 2013 at 5:17am 3 Comments

That's rich like a good coffee, sumptuous chocolate or the deepest red of a velvety rose, not rich as in financially overflowing (although that one would be good too). How do you achieve and maintain the quality within your writing?

1. In the competitive world of Nanowrimo-esque word counts, it can be tempting to…


7 ways to survive NaNoWriMo

Posted on October 25, 2012 at 4:18am 0 Comments

Facebook Cover


1. Plan your book

I don't necessarily mean write out a chapter plan but at the very least sketch out an idea of where your story will go, the barest bones of its plot. You don't have to keep exactly to this plan but at least you'll have a guideline to start from.


2. When will you write?

It's all well and good to announce that you're going to take part…


Beating Off The August Monster

Posted on May 24, 2012 at 1:00pm 0 Comments

It isn't even June and yet I'm already counting down the days until the summer holiday begins. No more getting up at 6am. No more preparing packed lunches, reading school newsletters, or scouring the house for change to pay for miscellaneous school fees. It will be peaceful, restful, and above all organized.…


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At 8:11am on September 22, 2011, Samantha Anastacia said…

Hello Fiona!

Thank you so much for joining my group Blooming Late!

I had a look-see at your blogs! They are wonderful! I appreciate too that you wish to be a guestblogger on my blog. Also please take a bit of time and introduce yourself to the group in th Kick It Off discussion as well as list your wonderful Blogs in the OUR GROUPS BLOGS pages section to the left of the main group page.

Feel free to look around at the many discussions we have going and feel free to participate! I would really like if you could also list this last particular post from your "magical" blog in our comments section for everyone to read as the group really should read this!

You will also see that we have a wonderful group of ladies here that are in varying levels of the writing journey who are a great source of support, encouragement and inspiration for your writing.

Ver glad you are here and WELCOME to my group!

Samantha Stacia

At 4:21pm on January 20, 2011, Pauline Frederica Kiernan said…

Hi there Fi,

I'm delighted you've joined Writing a Screenplay.

Look forward to sharing.

All good wishes,


At 12:16pm on January 12, 2011, Heather Blanchard said…
I've been a member for a while but been dormant. Now it's the new year I'm eager to get really stuck in with my writing and get active on here.
At 2:21pm on December 1, 2010, M Kathy Brown said…
A lot more than I did! I didn't even try - lol.
At 8:57pm on November 24, 2010, M Kathy Brown said…
Did your novel make it out of the cul de sac!?
At 9:14am on November 12, 2010, M Kathy Brown said…
Can you give me a glimpse? a title perhaps? or...
At 7:21am on November 12, 2010, M Kathy Brown said…
Way to go! You reached Day 12's word count goal!! Noticed your post and just wanted to back you up :~)
At 7:12pm on November 4, 2010, Barbara Fischkin said…
Thanks you for accepting my friendship!
8,000 plus words. Wow some people take years to do that. They shouldn't.

Jodi: I saw your message below. None of us are crazy. It just looks that way to other people who are not compelled to write.
At 12:11pm on November 2, 2010, Jodi O'Donnell-Ames said…
Thanks for adding me. So, I was reading all that you are doing and thought:

"Wow, this woman's crazy."

Then I reminded myself that I am an EMT, nanny, writer, teacher, massage therapist and personal assistant. Hello!"

My mind observes everything and forever curious! Sound familiar?

At 11:20am on November 2, 2010, Anjuelle Floyd said…
So glad you've joined ”Why Do You Write & What Is Your Process?”
We have a wonderful group of members. I encourage you to read their profiles and visit my blog that lists the essays members have offered in answering the question that is the name of our group.
I encourage you to consider submitting an essay where you answer the question.
This is a great way to introduce yourself and a good promotional opportunity.
I also post the essay and picture (yours) on my personal blog.
To be featured forward your essay and picture to:
Again, I am glad to have you joined us and hope your time here will provide encouragement and helpful information about writing, publishing and all that good stuff.
Take care.

anjuelle Imagination is the key to freedom.
The author's job is to cultivate and nurture her or his imagination and that of others.


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