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Lynne Favreau shared Tracy Slater's blog post on Facebook
Lynne Favreau commented on the blog post 'Signing Books at Barnes and Noble'
"That's a spectacular tip. And congrats."
May 13, 2014
Lynne Favreau commented on the group 'Funny Women'
"Lucille, I don't understand your complaint or comment, and find it an unproductive way to address a grievance. Please be civil. If you have a specific complaint against a member of this group, then address it to the moderator. If you have an…"
Dec 5, 2013
Lynne Favreau commented on the group 'Novelists (Struggling or Not)'
"Hit 30k last night. We've had writer's coming out in record numbers for our weekend write-ins. The last two Saturdays we had 18, and 20 people, Sunday 14, 13, respectively. Two in our group have already hit 50k–those overachievers! I…"
Nov 14, 2013
Lynne Favreau commented on the group 'Novelists (Struggling or Not)'
"Yes, Liz. Our group, The WriNoShores (Writers of the North Shore) have already held one preNano Write-In. We had about twenty writers, half of whom were new to NaNo. We have two more events this weekend. I'm so proud of the community of writers…"
Oct 16, 2013
Lynne Favreau commented on the group 'Novelists (Struggling or Not)'
"I attended a reading the other day at which the author, who had an author friend slightly more known than he, take turns reading from his first book, a fictionalized memoir. Both kept it short, 2-3 mins, and read passages that were different in…"
Oct 12, 2013
Lynne Favreau commented on the group 'Small Publishers and Independent Authors'
"Thanks Olga. I'm sorry that happened to you. Typically you shouldn't pay for any creative work in full (just like a home contractor you'd never pay full price upfront) but agree on a price schedule, better yet have a contract.…"
Oct 6, 2013
Lynne Favreau commented on the group 'Novelists (Struggling or Not)'
"I host my Wordpress site and love how easy the interface is. I second/third preferring the no hassle approach to following/commenting on posts. I've been very frustrated by a few bloggers I admire who have comments that have to be approved.…"
Sep 6, 2013
Lynne Favreau commented on the blog post 'Writing "Young"'
"Jan you don't need to write younger, you just need to write respectfully. It sounds a bit like you don't empathize with being a teenager, or value your life experiences. Why did you chose to write for the magazine if you didn't think…"
Jul 16, 2013
Lynne Favreau commented on the blog post '[SWP: Behind the Book] Three Things I Would Have Done Differently In Hiring A Publicist.'
"Thank you for sharing this valuable story Judith. I'm in awe of how much work it takes to successfully launch a book. As much as I try to stay informed and up to date with social media, I think saving up for a publicist is the smartest thing I…"
Jun 24, 2013
Lynne Favreau replied to the discussion 'Advice for Someone ready to Self-Publish' in the group Small Publishers and Independent Authors
"I was thinking bartender school, that way I'd get to see all my writer friends."
Jun 19, 2013
Lynne Favreau replied to the discussion 'Advice for Someone ready to Self-Publish' in the group Small Publishers and Independent Authors
"No one source covers all the information you will need. Much of which will depend on your intentions and the decisions you make as you learn more. Self-publishing requires focus, determination, humility, and money. Start with an overview of the…"
Jun 13, 2013
Lynne Favreau commented on the group 'Novelists (Struggling or Not)'
"Thanks Olga, I'm so awful at writing synopses. It makes me feel like a dunce."
May 27, 2013
Lynne Favreau commented on the group 'Novelists (Struggling or Not)'
"Woot!!! That is awesome news Meg. Good for you. By all means, order out. Don't forget the celebratory champagne."
May 26, 2013
Vanessa B. Bernard left a comment for Lynne Favreau
"Hello Lynne, Have you read 'The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published: How to Write It, Sell it, and Market It Successfully" by by Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry?  What I have read so far has been really eye…"
May 26, 2013
Lynne Favreau commented on the group 'Novelists (Struggling or Not)'
"Yes, I follow Seth, Read quite a few of his books, good stuff-indeed."
May 24, 2013

Profile Information

Who I am:
I am a late bloomer. I didn't start writing until I started college at age thirty-seven with the hardest class I could imagine taking--ENG COMP I. First class was on Sept 11, 2001, I've since earned an AA in ECE from NECCo in Haverhill MA and a BA in Writing and Literature from UI&U--Montpelier VT.

I have three novels in progress, number one (Happenstance) and two (Endure) are on hold so I can finish number three (The Illusion of Marriage). The second one is a suspense story I originally envisioned as a script but used to participate in NaNoWriMo 2010. Still trying to finish first draft, think it may be a better movie but I've never written a script. Well, I've never written a novel either so there goes that logic. Current work is also a NaNoWriMo win 2011, also a story I envisioned as a movie (what's up with that?).

I decided I must be a writer after reading Betsy Learner's description of her neurotic clients in "Forest for the Trees" and recognized myself.

Most of the time--I have no idea what I'm doing, nor what to do next and really wish I was smarter.

3/7/11--I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm fine! It was early, 5cm, ER+ stage 2-3, nothing in sentinel nodes. Had a lumpectomy, did ACT for chemo. Treatment was relatively uneventful. I rocked a bald head. Chemo brain was awful but fog lifted soon after finishing. Damn, there goes that excuse. Radiation was a cinch. Anyone needing to talk about treatment or being diagnosed can email me here, or

I have two teenage daughters. Thank you for the sympathy.

My husband is a saint 90% of the time.

My older sister lives with us. She cooks, and does the laundry--no you can't have her, though she says she can be had for her own bathroom and a water view.

We think I have dysgraphia. It cost too much for an adult to be tested for a learning disability to find out for sure, especially since it hasn't stopped me from being successful. I can only write on the computer, otherwise my thoughts are a jumbled mess.

I wish I had something to put in all those little boxes below this one.
Connect with me online! My site, blog, or Twitter handle are:
Nanowrimo buddy me @lfavreau
I contribute to the Blooming Late blog,
My writing is:
Fiction, Poetry, Blog Posts
I'm part of these writers' groups or salons:
Ipswich Writers Group
I found out about She Writes from:
I just rediscovered it in my bookmarks, no idea where I happened upon it before.

Lynne Favreau's Blog

Formula for Success and Trends

Posted on December 18, 2011 at 11:08am 2 Comments

In response to Samantha's question about writing formulas and trends.

Oh, wouldn't it to be nice to have the formula for the next blockbuster-LOL!

Yes, there are trends-romance and YA have been trending for a awhile. And within those trends there are fads-vampires for instance. And yes, I believe all writing is about emotional response.

There are themes that trend in relation to our societal woes or triumphs. The problem is we often don't recognize the coming…


Response to Marilyn

Posted on October 24, 2011 at 10:30am 0 Comments

I found this question to be so interesting that I got a little carried away. I thought rather than subjecting everyone to the answer in the reply, I'd post it here.

Marilyn's Question. The dilemma of over-sharing, liking pornography, and spirituality versus porn.




I read your blog…


I'm a Big Picture Person

Posted on September 14, 2011 at 1:00pm 0 Comments

Hi All, I begin to post more and more around here, it will become evident that I am not a detail person. It's not that I don't know how to spell--know, now, or no, their, they're or there, or that I do not know their proper usage, I do. I just don't notice whether or not they've slipped out incorrectly. You'd think I didn't reread my posts before I hit comment. I swear I do, really. It's like I have night blindness to my writing errors.

My husband is a…


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At 1:01pm on May 26, 2013, Vanessa B. Bernard said…

Hello Lynne,

Have you read 'The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published: How to Write It, Sell it, and Market It Successfully" by by Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry?  What I have read so far has been really eye opening. 

At 11:24am on February 11, 2013, Rheanna Raynes said…


Good morning.

Because you were so helpful with another blog I was hoping you might take a look at this blog and help me to inspire action rather than repel viewers.


HELP. I am looking for input and advice from you all regarding my newest blog.

It is not my intent to deflect or reject viewers or supporters, but rather to draw attention and bring awareness to this issue.  

My Problem is that it is an ugly, disgusting issue, one which no-one wants to see or to hear about even though it is very real.  Unfortunately  it is not difficult  to come up with subjects or subject matter.  

It is however, a very tough subject emotionally for me, so therefore, I find it hard to write with any flare or objectiveness that might draw in followers, spark change and maybe even save just one life.

I have tried to present just the facts, cases, statistics, ect.  Now it needs some love and some life.

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


At 8:32am on June 8, 2012, Kate O'Mara said…

Hi Lynne Thanks for the friendship :) I love being connected with other writers. 

 I hadn't seen the friend request as I'm signed in only occasionally.   

My main communication venue is currently fb, if you use it  here's my link. 

At 6:43pm on April 12, 2012, Michele Tracy Berger said…

Hey Lynne,

Great to connect here and in Blooming Late. Always find your posts useful and on point.



At 1:19am on March 3, 2012, Eva Rieder said…

Thank you for the kind words on the blog, Lynne!

At 8:50am on February 24, 2012, Melanie Wolfe said…

Hi Lynne, we have a lot in common! I'm pretty sure I have dysgraphia as well as dylexia. I almost quit writing a million and one times over it. I must say I couldn't tell in your profile bio though. Your writing looked solid. I'm so happy to meet you. You know what its like to obsess over a sentence for an hour! We'll have to chat some time.

My best,


At 12:26pm on February 23, 2012, Timothy Desmond said…

Yes. Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated. After I posted that, I read another writer's opinion that trying to do signing events was a waste of time. She referred to LA market where there are many unknowns doing events, but only celebrity writers had a response and a boost. You may have read that. I believe her focus was on social net marketing. Thanks again. Tim


At 9:32am on January 8, 2012, Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan said…

Would you be ok with me editing/excerpting your story and posting it on cancer be glammed?

At 4:17pm on January 6, 2012, Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan said…

Thanks for your honesty! I am a journalist by trade so now I want to hear more...was there anything special that helped you through treatment? Music? A special soft blanket you loved crawling under when you got home? And again,this is only if you WANT to share. I'm hoping to generate some unique honest stories from women to share with other women. Please feel free to pass Cancer Be Glammed on to other women (and men) if you think it would help them!

At 3:04pm on January 6, 2012, Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan said…

Hi Lynne,

I am a fellow SheWrites member, and I do some professional writing. I was wondering if you journaled at all during your treatment and if it helped you. I thought maybe, if you did journal, you'd want to talk about the experience and the benefits and we could have you guest post on the site I write for, Cancer Be Glammed. You can find them online at and they are on Facebook and Twitter, too. It's a great site and business started by two amazing women. No need to reply if you're not interested, not trying to be pushy, just always looking for a chance to help other women get through a challenging time.

All the best,



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