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Pamela Olson commented on the blog post 'Tell Me Three Things (About Your Book).'
"The Bracelet: A Novel of Freedom 1. The career of a writer in her early 30s has been a complete failure in her eyes. On the verge of giving up, she finds a gift that allows her dizzying freedom to travel the world and reexamine her life outside of…"
Mar 17
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post 'Is Publishing a Book a Birthright?'
"Henry David Thoreau self-published his first book. Just for reference.And he wrote a truly hilarious journal entry about the experience:"
Mar 12
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post 'Is Publishing a Book a Birthright?'
"You don't actually need to pay to publish. In less than 24 hours, and for zero dollars, I can have an electronic book published online with worldwide reach.I published my first book -- including paperback -- for about $1000 ($500 for cover…"
Mar 12
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post 'The Agony . . . The Ecstasy . . .'
"My worst turnout was at a really nice bookstore in my home state -- and included two people I didn't know and one friend from high school. Oh how I wish it had only been strangers to witness it. But that's when you take a deep breath,…"
Mar 3
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post 'Are you a writer? Or a person who writes?'
"My first book, a memoir, had a clear purpose from the beginning: Educate ordinary Americans -- in an engaging, novel-like, but totally true and often devastating way -- about the realities on the ground in Israel/Palestine, both personal and…"
Feb 19
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[THE WRITER'S LIFE] The Thing About Writing'
"Thanks, Cindy. I only know the quote in the context of snobby people using it to denigrate teachers. :P"
Feb 4
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[THE WRITER'S LIFE] The Thing About Writing'
"He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches. --Bernard Shaw, Man and SupermanI've always thought of this quote as supercilious bollocks. Teachers are DOING SOMETHING -- they are teaching, and it is a skill that, like other skills, can be done…"
Feb 4
Pamela Olson replied to the discussion 'What did you blog about today?' in the group Bloggers: Let's Make It Work!
"Here's my latest blog post -- Chapter 3 of my Work in Progress, The Bracelet: A Novel of Freedom (with links to the first two chapters as well):"
Jan 29
Pamela Olson joined a group

Bloggers: Let's Make It Work!

Whether you are using blogging as a way to let the world get to know you, market your book, or prepare the world for your talents, the form offers so many options it can be overwhelming. Let's network and share approaches. Bloggers unite!See More
Jan 29
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[What's Next?] Time to Read'
"I'm enjoying Hothouse by Boris Kachka, about the history of the storied publishing house Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. If nothing else because it tells you about the pitfalls of both the old "gentleman publisher" era and the new…"
Jan 22
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[SWP: Behind the Book] In Memory'
"An incredible and beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing. What an amazing family that you were so lucky to be a part of."
Jan 21
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[SWP: Behind the Book] The Nightmare of Publication and the Happy Afterlife of Books'
"I relate to so much of this. After my first (and so far only) book was published, it was such a crazy, tough time it took me a long time to dare put pen to paper again. What I ended up writing (a novel that I've almost finished) is about a…"
Jan 21
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[Body, Mind & Spirit] Fear Is An Excellent Teacher'
"Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts. It was something I needed to read tonight.Here's something I recently wrote about fear after a meditation retreat I did in Oklahoma (of all places):There are times and places to take your fears…"
Jan 13
Dee Connell left a comment for Pamela Olson
"Thanks for your comment through the friend request-- it was really encouraging! It's hard to bring up that topic because there are always those who completely miss the point. But the more we don't talk about it, the more people miss the…"
Dec 19, 2014
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post 'What Anatole Broyard's Secret Says About Diversity in Publishing'
"Excellent post, Dee, and great responses in the comments section. I noticed in my own first novel (which I'm currently working on) that not only did I tend to "default" my new characters to white -- I also defaulted them to male! (I…"
Dec 18, 2014
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[Breakfast with the Muse] Six Ways to Give the Gift of Writing'
"Another friend now creates watercolor postcards. I can't really explain or describe how wonderful they are, but they are wonderful, and so personal, and so her."
Dec 18, 2014

Profile Information

Who I am:
I'm from small-town Oklahoma, studied at Stanford, spent a semester in Russia, worked a summer in China, and began to realize travel, writing, and politics were my passion. In 2013 I published my first book, Fast Times in Palestine, a work of travel adventure memoir journalism about my years as a young journalist in the Middle East. Read more about it here: I blog at

I'm now working on a novel called The Bracelet: A Novel of Freedom. Learn more about it (and pre-order!) here:
Connect with me online! My site, blog, or Twitter handle are:
Facebook: pamolson4
Twitter: PamelaJOlson
Books I've written, anthologies I've contributed to, and any scripts or plays I've authored:
Book I've written: Fast Times in Palestine, Simple eBook Formatting for the Technophobic Author

Book I've contributed to: Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Media outlets that I currently write for:
My writing is:
Fiction, Nonfiction, Memoir, Journalism, Blog Posts
Services I offer to other writers:
Freelance editing, ghostwriting
I'm part of these writers' groups or salons:
Not yet, but I'd like to find one
I found out about She Writes from:
Nancy Kricorian

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At 10:27am on March 13, 2015, Cate Warren said…

Welcome to In Praise of Literature, Pamela!

I can't wait to see what books you love, or anything else you might like to offer!

Feel free to start a discussion, make book recommendations or cautions, post links to blogs, articles, or reviews you think everyone needs to see--anything that you think is literature (this could be song lyrics or film scripts too!). Most important thing, please have fun!

I'm new to this group moderator biz, so please let me know if I've overlooked something and I'll do my best to amend it!

Glad to have you aboard!



At 10:03am on March 13, 2015, Cate Warren said…

Hi Pamela!

I invite you to join my SheWrites group 

We cross paths occasionally in the comments section of various blogs on this site, and I've found the links you post and your literary recommendations to be extremely valuable--you've fattened up my lit-lust shopping list with books like Hothouse. I'd love it if you joined my group and posted some of these recommendations there--I think you're a goldmine, lady! :-) But absolutely no pressure!

At the very least I wanted to let you know I'm grateful for your recommendations, the links you post. You always have something smart and thoughtful to say, so thank you for that! 

I'll see you on the comments sections!

Have a great day!


At 6:08am on December 19, 2014, Dee Connell said…

Thanks for your comment through the friend request-- it was really encouraging! It's hard to bring up that topic because there are always those who completely miss the point. But the more we don't talk about it, the more people miss the point. Sigh. :)

At 6:34pm on November 13, 2014, Nina Angela McKissock said…

Good to realize someone else is deep in the fear of writing a novel. I have two I'm writing. One is as a ghost writer, and it's killing me. It's a wild, wild task and keeping it together is so disorienting at times. Do you use index cards, hang notes or have some way to maintain your timeline? Thank you.

At 7:10pm on October 23, 2014, Fran Sorin said…

HI Pam- Thanks for your kind and supportive nice to connect with you. 

At 9:23am on August 14, 2013, Deborah Siegel said…

So nice to "meet" you Pamela! Thanks for your sweet note. I'm doing a reading at Women and Children First Sept 19 on some similar themes as my TEDx talk - would love to meet you live, if you're in Chicago! Hope you're doing well.

At 3:49am on June 18, 2013, Niki Tulk said…

I'll definitely keep you posted! Peace ...

At 9:50am on February 9, 2013, Kamy Wicoff said…

Glad you are here, Pamela!

At 4:52pm on January 26, 2013, Meg Waite Clayton said…

Pamela, congrats on the book coming out. For 1st Books, I'm afraid I'm booked on into the summer. Sorry!


At 1:14pm on January 24, 2013, Meg Waite Clayton said…

Pamela, Welcome to the novelist group. If you haven’t done so already, you might introduce yourself by telling us what you’re working on in the “Show Me Your Novel and I’ll Show You Mine” discussion.

We do a live chat at 1 EST on the first Wednesdays of each month, with instructions on how to participate in the "Our Water Cooler" box near the top of the group page. And we save the wall for discussion, but welcome links to helpful blog posts on the “Links to Helpful Blog Posts for Writers” discussion thread and to published books in the “Our Published Novels” one.

I hope you’ll enjoy the group.

Meg Waite Clayton
Novelist Group Moderator
Author of The Wednesday Sisters (a nationally bestselling writing group novel) and the forthcoming The Wednesday Daughters (Random House/Ballantine)

Pamela Olson's Blog

On Leaving the Boring out of your Book

Posted on November 18, 2014 at 3:14pm 3 Comments

Confession time: I come across in my memoir as more collected and clever than I really am, and my life seems more exciting and interesting than it actually is.

This is due not to dishonesty — everything in the memoir is true. It’s because of the nature and structure of storytelling. Unless there’s a…


The First Draft as Scaffolding

Posted on November 11, 2014 at 1:00am 6 Comments

After finishing a memoir, I had the crazy idea to write a novel next, which is basically the opposite of a memoir. Memoirs have all the raw materials in place—the characters, the settings, the action. The writer ‘just’ has to string them together so they express some idea or lesson or theme. In fiction, you start with…


Book Tour USA: Week One (+Giveaway)

Posted on March 18, 2013 at 12:30pm 4 Comments

It’s Day 4 of my book tour, and I’ve slept in a different bed every night so far. A leaky air mattress on a floor in Mountain View, a couch in Marin, and a comfy spare bedroom in San Francisco. Luckily my other hubs will involve only two or three cities near each airport instead of seven!

My first event was basically a warm-up, a talk over dinner with some Stanford students at a co-op house where 50 students live. Half the students left as soon as they finished their vegan burgers…


Nationwide Book Tour: A Peek Inside the Sausage (+ Giveaway)

Posted on March 10, 2013 at 11:30pm 18 Comments

When I heard the words “nationwide book tour,” I used to imagine working an hour or two every day for several weeks and spending evenings in fancy hotels, all the while being hounded by adoring fans. Sounded pretty sweet.

Well, it may be that way for the superstars, but for the rest of us, a spring book tour begins in November, with planning, research, pitch letters, and reaching out to friends and contacts in various cities.

So there I was in November staring at a…


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Sharon Allgood commented on the blog post 'Tell Me Three Things (About Your Book).'
"Hi this is fantastic. Here are my 60 words. 1. What's my book about? A girl's desire to belong, causes her to join a pseudo-government organization, who's creator needs her because she's the cure to save his life, but at the…"
31 minutes ago
Maureen E. Doallas replied to the discussion 'What did you blog about today?' in the group Bloggers: Let's Make It Work!
"Posted Saturday Short, a documentary about Grace Hopper, "Queen of Code":"
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