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Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[The Art of Submission] It's Not You It's Me'
"Yeah, it's amazing to be able to just do it on your own if all else fails -- without having to order 1000 print copies in advance like poor Henry David Thoreau did for his first (so-called failed) book about a trip on a river with his…"
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[The Art of Submission] It's Not You It's Me'
"Lloyd: "My Splendid Concubine." Really lovely"
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[The Art of Submission] It's Not You It's Me'
"By the way, Lloyd, who's your cover designer? It's gorgeous!"
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[The Art of Submission] It's Not You It's Me'
"It's a platitude, but I think it's true to a large extent: If you're writing something that sings to you, it's always a success. Easy for me to say -- let's see how I feel when I publish (or try to publish) my first novel!…"
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[SWP: Behind the Book] My Cross-Country, Whistle Stop Book Tour with Flash Readings!'
"I know this is beside the point, but can I just say -- you look awesome in those videos. Like someone in her thirties. Stay cool and enjoy the ride! I did about 100 book events the year after my book came out (mostly at universities and churches,…"
Fran Sorin left a comment for Pamela Olson
"HI Pam- Thanks for your kind and supportive nice to connect with you.  "
Oct 23
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post 'What Makes A Book A Success?'
"LOL, Nina -- here's how hard I tried to get on The Daily Show. Still hoping, some day... fingers crossed for you as well!"
Oct 23
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post 'What Makes A Book A Success?'
"Awesome post, Kamy. And it's funny... the novel I'm working on now is about this very subject (to which I can fully relate!) It's about a travel writer whose first book sold quickly to a major publisher, but sales were disappointing,…"
Oct 23
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post 'When Should You Change Your Book for an Agent or Editor?'
"Ironically, I suspect that if the publishing world curated more for quality than for focus-grouped "salability"... they'd actually end up selling more books. You're so right -- they don't give readers enough credit. Some…"
Oct 14
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[Body, Mind & Spirit] Gifts of Spirit: Knowing When to Write, When to Pause & When to Begin Again'
"Sending lots of love and support. I'm writing a novel (my first) about finding wisdom -- and I know I'm really writing the novel to myself, as a ladder to help me dig out of some of the pits I know I'm prone to falling into. The…"
Oct 14
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post 'When Should You Change Your Book for an Agent or Editor?'
"Several agents and editors told me my book Fast Times in Palestine -- a coming-of-age political travel memoir -- was problematic because it didn't fit neatly into any one category. That was actually the point of writing the book: creating…"
Oct 14
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post 'Books By Their Covers -- Have You Dreamed Of Yours?'
"Brilliant cover and amazing blurbs! Thanks for sharing. It's funny, the novel I'm working on is similar in a lot of ways -- there's a touch of magic in an otherwise realistic story, and it's also meant to be a fun, page-turning,…"
Sep 23
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[What's Next?] Asking the Right Questions'
"I just sent the first three chapters of my first novel out to some beta readers -- mostly volunteers from Facebook, some of whom I don't even know personally. At this stage I didn't want to ask people but rather let some folks come to me…"
Sep 11
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[REALITY CHECK] - The Dumbing Down of America: "Am I Part of the Problem?" by Patricia Robertson'
"I know it's a cliche, but instead of deciding between various rules, what I try to live and write by as much as possible is, "Be true to yourself." Be honest and write the clearest version of your own vision. Otherwise you are almost…"
Aug 17
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[Body, Mind & Spirit] Faith: A Writer’s Safety Net'
"Thanks, Bella. This is something I needed to hear today, too. Things may not work out the way you expect or think you want. But that's not up to you. If you give your honest best, you add strength and beauty to the tapestry of creation. And…"
Aug 17
Pamela Olson commented on the blog post '[SWP: BEHIND THE BOOK] Shelter Us, Part I'
"Thanks for this lovely post. I'm in much the same boat, writing about a woman about my age with a similar past to me, and similar problems at an age when I had those same problems. In part, I've actually been writing myself out of my own…"
Aug 17

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Who I am:
I'm from small-town Oklahoma, studied at Stanford, spent a semester in Russia, worked a summer in China, and began to realize travel, writing, and politics were my passion. I recently published my first book, Fast Times in Palestine, a work of travel adventure memoir journalism about my years as a young journalist in the Middle East. Read more about it here: I blog at
Connect with me online! My site, blog, or Twitter handle are:
Facebook: pamolson4
Twitter: PamelaJOlson
Books I've written, anthologies I've contributed to, and any scripts or plays I've authored:
Book I've written: Fast Times in Palestine, Simple eBook Formatting for the Technophobic Author

Book I've contributed to: Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Media outlets that I currently write for:
My writing is:
Nonfiction, Memoir, Journalism, Blog Posts
Services I offer to other writers:
Freelance editing, ghostwriting
I'm part of these writers' groups or salons:
Not yet, but I'd like to find one
I found out about She Writes from:
Nancy Kricorian

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At 7:10pm on October 23, 2014, Fran Sorin said…

HI Pam- Thanks for your kind and supportive nice to connect with you. 

At 9:23am on August 14, 2013, Deborah Siegel said…

So nice to "meet" you Pamela! Thanks for your sweet note. I'm doing a reading at Women and Children First Sept 19 on some similar themes as my TEDx talk - would love to meet you live, if you're in Chicago! Hope you're doing well.

At 3:49am on June 18, 2013, Niki Tulk said…

I'll definitely keep you posted! Peace ...

At 9:50am on February 9, 2013, Kamy Wicoff said…

Glad you are here, Pamela!

At 4:52pm on January 26, 2013, Meg Waite Clayton said…

Pamela, congrats on the book coming out. For 1st Books, I'm afraid I'm booked on into the summer. Sorry!


At 1:14pm on January 24, 2013, Meg Waite Clayton said…

Pamela, Welcome to the novelist group. If you haven’t done so already, you might introduce yourself by telling us what you’re working on in the “Show Me Your Novel and I’ll Show You Mine” discussion.

We do a live chat at 1 EST on the first Wednesdays of each month, with instructions on how to participate in the "Our Water Cooler" box near the top of the group page. And we save the wall for discussion, but welcome links to helpful blog posts on the “Links to Helpful Blog Posts for Writers” discussion thread and to published books in the “Our Published Novels” one.

I hope you’ll enjoy the group.

Meg Waite Clayton
Novelist Group Moderator
Author of The Wednesday Sisters (a nationally bestselling writing group novel) and the forthcoming The Wednesday Daughters (Random House/Ballantine)

At 7:07pm on January 11, 2013, Geena Bean said…

Thanks, I had the same experience regarding my children's picture book.  At times, my design team didn't provide quality control of the book, but when I called to address the issue, they fixed it.  Even though it took them quite a few times!  But I'm very happy with the outcome of my book.  I'm hoping that now I can begin my mission as a children's book author, leader and mentor with my self-published work.

At 5:26pm on July 24, 2011, Jill Starishevsky said…

Hi Pamela,


Welcome to SheWrites. Feel free to reach out if you need anything. 


Jill Starishevsky

Author, My Body Belongs to Me

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Pamela Olson's Blog

Book Tour USA: Week One (+Giveaway)

Posted on March 18, 2013 at 12:30pm 4 Comments

It’s Day 4 of my book tour, and I’ve slept in a different bed every night so far. A leaky air mattress on a floor in Mountain View, a couch in Marin, and a comfy spare bedroom in San Francisco. Luckily my other hubs will involve only two or three cities near each airport instead of seven!

My first event was basically a warm-up, a talk over dinner with some Stanford students at a co-op house where 50 students live. Half the students left as soon as they finished their vegan burgers…


Nationwide Book Tour: A Peek Inside the Sausage (+ Giveaway)

Posted on March 10, 2013 at 11:30pm 18 Comments

When I heard the words “nationwide book tour,” I used to imagine working an hour or two every day for several weeks and spending evenings in fancy hotels, all the while being hounded by adoring fans. Sounded pretty sweet.

Well, it may be that way for the superstars, but for the rest of us, a spring book tour begins in November, with planning, research, pitch letters, and reaching out to friends and contacts in various cities.

So there I was in November staring at a…


From Self-Published to Published: A Highlight Reel

Posted on March 3, 2013 at 11:30pm 30 Comments

It’s possible I got published because I liked somebody’s hat.

Let me back up a little.

I was 23 when I unexpectedly found myself in Palestine. Two years later, when I returned to the US, I was desperate to write about my experiences. But every time I thought about sitting down to write a book, I felt like I was standing at the base of Mt. Everest staring up into the the vastness. And the task was not to scale the mountain but to eat it.

Two years later I was…


Early reviews of my book, Fast Times in Palestine

Posted on February 14, 2013 at 12:36pm 0 Comments

 The first reviews of my book Fast Times in Palestine have been coming in, and I always cover my eyes a little bit, wondering what each verdict will be. Luckily it's been mostly good news so far.

Publishers Weekly calls it one of the…


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