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Great Poem

I should be doing OT for work right now, but I found this poem instead.The Manhattan ReviewJust when you think you're killing an angel. . . .See More
Sep 7
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Aug 23
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Aug 13
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Aug 7
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I saw a Malaysian Flight Photo

I was in MD's examination room to waiting to find out that I still had a little swimming pool water behind my eardrum, and listening to the doctor in the next examination room through the wall talk to his patient about Obamacare (and I couldn't hear the details, damnit), when I came across a picture in Newsweek or Time that disturbed me. A plane crash victim--decomposing and torn up--next to someone's bed in a little house somewhere in Ukraine. It has smashed through the roof. Now. We don't…See More
Aug 6
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Things to do While the Kids are Away

1.) read books2.) make vegetarian sushi3.) read the paper4.) take a long bath5.) see what's going on in the world that I might like to do6.) find an agent9.) finish one of my novels10.) find a publisher for that poetry manuscript11,) take off the really old toe nail (is that two words?) polish12.) work out13.) do a Carl Sandburg reading for the vloggish part of my blog14.) sleep instead of cleanSo far the only thing I did was work out.Maybe tomorrow evening I'll read and take a bath and take…See More
Aug 4
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Aug 4
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Jul 29
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Jul 27
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Have You Ever Sunk into a Seventeen Foot Deep Tar Pit? I have.

Just kidding. I did NOT actually roll back time, turn into a 20-30 year old Indian woman who lived 2000-3000 years ago, and fall into one of the La Brea tar pits currently located next to the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art. Only one human being has been excavated from the tar pits--and it wasn't me, thank God! I got to make the rounds a bit and see the Alexander Caulder exhibit before my annoying fellow travelers started whining about wanting food, and wanting to leave, and wanting to…See More
Jul 8
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California is Parched

Can't believe how dry the hills are. The narrow little streets of Hollywood Hills were pretty. Like a California version of Bucks County with the cozy nook and cranny feel. Turn a corner into shade and flower, up a hill to a million-dollar sun-room perched on a swan's neck of a post. No dashing single gentleman popped out of his art deco gate to invite me to his backyard barbecue. It will be hundred years of solitude for me, I suppose.
Jul 4
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Good Morning, Snobby Literary Journals

I wonder if their opinion of my writing would change if they knew one of my ancestors was tight w/Whitman? I like the letter online in which Whitman tells Dr.O.K. (my ancestor) that he can't help him get a govt job at his place of employ because of the financial situation there or whatever. That must have sucked for Dr. O.K. Just the way it sucks for me to have such a hard time finding a publisher for Enchantments and Dirty Words. It's funny too how I'd been selling Angels Carry the Sun a…See More
Jul 2
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Files, Files Everywhere

I'm a social worker so I have learned to document relentlessly. The #1 rule of casework is CYA. It's funny that as a caseworker it's direly important to write everything down--you basically live and die by the copier and scanner, but in writing, as a writer, some of the best work you do involves using the delete key. You can save a whole lot of needless editing misery by just hitting that key a couple times. You clean house and then move on to the joy of creating good stuff--you just gotta get…See More
May 30
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Wacky Pack

Nowadays I want--me who always scribbled everything down on paper like some kind of freak--now I want to keep everything off paper and just half-hitched in cyberspace. If it's not concrete, they (those dirty rotten human beings that can't be counted on for anything) can't use it against you later on! That being said,I actually had a really good day in NYC. Sometimes though I would stop and think as I looked at people, "Is that person a scoundrel? Would they sink very, very low at even the…See More
May 10
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Ongoing Obsession with Bed Frames

At bedtime I surf the net for the perfect bed instead of sleeping. Can't find it. Maybe I should start going to antique auctions like I used to. I once saw a wooden (oak, I think) frame carved w/flowers go for $500. That was a high-end auction. I remember the ravenous greed in everyone's eyes as they browsed the room before bidding. The niftiest antique I have from those days is a green coal-burning cook stove--Duchess Atlantic it says on it. Sometimes I picture it floating around in the…See More
Apr 26
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Mar 29
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I should write a poem about overtime and bureaucratic blues, but I think I'll fix a sentence in my novel instead.Word of the day: frippery, as in, "I am not wearing my frippery today because we are having a SORT OF casual Friday at the office, and jeans are okay for anyone contributing a buck toward our FUN FUND."wwwphoebewilcox.comSee More
Mar 28
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Do Redheads. . . ?

Sometimes I like to google a word or phrase to see what people out there in the world are thinking about it. When one types, "Do redheads," into Google, one sees a list like this:1. Do redheads go gray?2. Do redheads have a higher tolerance for pain?3. Do redheads have a soul?4. Do redheads have a higher tolerance for drugs?Apparently redheads don't go gray, they go blond, and then white, and it supposedly takes a long time to progress. Also, they're more prone to Tourette's Syndrome than…See More
Mar 24

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Great Poem

Posted on September 7, 2014 at 9:30am 0 Comments

I should be doing OT for work right now, but I found this poem instead.

The Manhattan Review

Just when you think you're killing an angel. . . .

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At 7:45am on September 7, 2011, Randi Fine said…

Hi Phoebe,

I just noticed your friend request from February!  So sorry I missed it.  I would love to be friends - just approved it.  Thanks

At 6:03pm on March 19, 2011, Kenya D. Williamson said…
LOL! Maybe my NEXT mansion will be in Beverly Hills. :) My mom worked all over -- Warrington, Doylestown... Bristol? I think she had some sort of training (as a caseworker) in Perkasie. Ah, PA... Don't ask me why. But, the old Pennsauken Mart and Cherry Hill mall (NJ) just leaped into my head. Get out!!
At 1:28pm on March 16, 2011, Kenya D. Williamson said…
I'm glad to call you a friend, Phoebe! Perkasie? I remember my mother going there for work. I'm enjoying your site and excerpts. Congratulations on all your success! I wish you more!
At 5:37am on March 9, 2011, Laila El-Sissi said…

Hello to All

I have been out of the country for a while. I was in Egypt.  I just started my blog.  If anyone is interested to know how the eRevolution started in Egypt, please visit my blog

I will be posting more.

Miss you all


At 12:45pm on February 21, 2011, Deborah Armstrong said…
Thank you for the invite - my first!
At 11:30am on February 21, 2011, Kelly Fitzpatrick said…
Hey, yes, Phoebe! Thanks for friending me. You barely got me first, just before I friend-requested you while reading your pages on your sites!  I love your webpages and can't wait to get your book. "A thousand Phoebes" back to you (heehee, am still laughing at that image...) Congratuations, keep writing, and enjoy...
At 10:37am on February 21, 2011, Meagan Frank said…

Warm fuzzies for a new friendship.  Thanks for the invite :)


Meagan Frank

At 5:12am on February 4, 2011, Lisa Martino said…
Hi Phoebe.  Thanks for the friendship add!
At 7:30pm on January 28, 2011, Ann Rodela said…
I visited your website.  It rocks!!!!!!!!! :)
At 6:39pm on January 28, 2011, Ann Rodela said…
Hello Pheobe!  I'm delighted to be your friend.  :)

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Our society really does not spend time preparing hapless adults to parent.Children — especially babies — are  little and vulnerable, vulnerable to the large, often clueless adults who care for them. Pu…See More
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[THE WRITER'S LIFE] Word by Word

Now that I’ve gotten my first book published, one of the questions that I try and…See More
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Cindy Eastman commented on the blog post 'Books By Their Covers -- Have You Dreamed Of Yours?'
"I LOVE your cover! And I can't wait to read the novel, too! Nice work!"
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"Thank you @Loraine, that was just what I was hoping for! I'd love to hear what people think of the back jacket copy, too. You can double-click and see a larger image. And @Mardith, very glad those questions helped you frame the way you are…"
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