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Who I am:
A novice writer who has spent my career in engineering, but always loved reading and writing. I'm currently working on my first memoir. In August 2014, I began pursuing an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Baypath University.
My writing is:
Nonfiction, Memoir
My professional associations:
National Association of Memoir Writers
Christian Writers Guild
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At 7:25am on March 4, 2015, Lene Fogelberg said…

Hi Sonya, thanks for asking, and I am sure there are many answers to that question. One is that for me there is some kind of release in putting  the pain into words. It was very difficult to do, but now that it is done I am starting for the first time to feel like I am free. I had very much support from my family, which helped, but in the end you are the one who have to go through it. At times I tried to sort of look at myself and say to myself: this is an interesting experience. That paradigm also helped me through the emotional roller-coaster of rewrites and editing. In the end I think writing is a way for me to connect and to clarify, not the least to myself, what I have been through. Wishing you all the best, Lene.

At 10:46am on February 19, 2015, Cassandra Black said…

Hi Sonya. Thank you for reaching out. Hmm...  I've been a member of the site for a long while. Not sure of start date. I see ur working on your memoir. That's great! I wish you much success with it. Send me the link when it's ready, okay. Nice connecting with you on She Writes! Cassandra 

At 6:16am on February 1, 2015, Shelah L. Maul said…

Hi Sonya! I can definitely understand why it would be challenging to write about painful experiences (re-living them so to speak). I applaud writers who accomplish this, it takes guts and a willingness to embrace the pain. On an unrelated note (but somewhat related..:) I don't know if this will help you or not but I've been reading this book called, "I am Word." Among other things it's about how we reprogram our consciousness, belief systems etc. by reprograming whatever doesn't serve us through memories of things that happened in the past. Literally I just wrote this down in my journal last night (and it's by my side). It sounds a bit hocus pocus but when a memory comes up repeat in your mind (or out loud):

"I am Word through this memory, and I am Word through any manifestations and any belief systems that were created through this memory that are no longer in alignment with my highest good. I release ______ (if you know the specific belief). I am Word through this memory and all it has begotten me. I am not making the choice to have this cleared once and for all and I intend now to release any unconscious behavior that would have me reclaim this pattern that I have stated I am now free of. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word."

When you say "Word I am Word" it aligns you with your Christed self and what is in your highest good only. It invokes a process where your consciousness rises from the lower self.

Anyway, all this to say...maybe your writing could really help heal you. I say write the painful memories and then as you reflect on them, release them!

As for my process w/ writing, I wrote someone else's story so it was a bit different than writing my own. The process began with recorded conversations between myself and Zenab. Then I transcribed the conversations. Then I just started writing "stories" or events without a particular order. It wasn't until the book was complete that I looked at the whole of everything and decided how to organize it. Even then, I've moved chapters around at least 4 times to help it flow better. Now it is a flowing narrative! What process are you embracing?



At 4:54am on January 29, 2015, Shelah L. Maul said…

Hi Sonya, your book sounds like a topic many people will really relate to! How far along are you/where are you in process?

To answer your question it took me almost three weeks to write the proposal. The most time consuming part of it was writing a chapter by chapter synopsis (there are 28 chapters), and the most challenging part was the competitive analysis (researching my competition and going into detail about why my book is as good as some successful titles, but at the same time entirely unique!) ;) At first it felt like just another hoop to jump through, but it turned out to be a very good exercise in and of itself for me to really think more about what I'm doing with it. Just waiting now. I decided I'm going to give the agency till April to make a final decision about whether they're going to officially represent me.

So waiting and getting serious about my blog and social media outlets in the meantime. :) Well I'm off to work. I hope you have a great one! :)

At 9:48am on January 28, 2015, Shelah L. Maul said…

Hi Sonya, just popping in to introduce myself and say, "hi." Congrats on your new writing endeavor! I look forward to hearing more about your memoir. Hope you have a great day! :)

At 11:53am on December 29, 2014, Jayne K. said…

I know what you mean about integrating all the information into a cohesive piece ... but it suddenly clicks into place I've found.  I also empathise with you regarding depression as I've suffered (on and off) since I was a teenager.

At 7:33am on December 29, 2014, Jayne K. said…

No I don't have a target date other than 2015 some time - so that gives me some leeway! I've done the bones of it, all the factual stuff, now I'm going through it and 'fleshing' it out with description, etc.  How about you? How is your writing going?

At 6:54pm on December 28, 2014, Jayne K. said…

Hi Sonya,

like you, I too am a memoir writer and am working on my first one.  I have sent a friend request and look forward to maybe chatting about our respective memoir writing experiences.  


At 3:38pm on December 27, 2014, Jill Starishevsky said…
Welcome to She Writes. Feel free to reach out if you need anything.

Jill Starishevsky
Prosecutor, Child Abuse/Sex Crimes
Author, My Body Belongs to Me - A Child Sexual Abuse Prevention book
The Poem Lady - Creating customized bat mitzvah and wedding poems since 2005
At 1:36pm on December 27, 2014, Caitlyn Levin said…



Welcome to She Writes!  We're excited to have you here.

You can check out the Getting Started section to help you find your way around, or a great way to jump in is to get involved with our Groups and Live Chats.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


All the best,

Caitlyn Levin

Community Manager


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