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Long time Comin

I'm a hand girl. I love a man with a strong pair of them, God's Grace embodied them as he lifted me from the ruins of my life, I use them as a conduit for creation and pleasure so that they seemingly hum with electrical current. So, there is no surprise that the imagery used to rattle the ratchets and loosen my grip on shit that no longer serves me, is that of hands. Two hands, letting  go. I see it loud and clear so that there is no mistaking the intended meaning of the message.…


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Good Evening!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day. Make it a safe and happy one and remember to be grateful for all your many blessings.Make it the best Thanksgiving ever.

#optimisticallyyours #LOA #crystalhealing #counselingwithdebbie #positivethinking #lifeoaching…


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Feel the FEAR and do it anyway

Neuroscience research tells us that 90% of the thoughts that run through our minds daily are negative. Ahem. And wait for it… they are aimed at ourselves.

FEAR is one of the main reasons why we have so many negative thoughts running through our minds.



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Art for Advent

Posted preview of Art for Advent series:

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Good Morning!

Good morning on this lovely Wed. It feels to me like a day of reflection; re-connecting with my inner self. Take some quiet time today (even a few minutes) to connect with your inner self because it always gives you the best advice.

Make it a great day!

#optimisticallyyours #LOA…


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Exploring Strengths and Weaknesses of Assignments

As far as the significance of assignments in academic education is concerned, teachers have used assignment writing as a phenomenon through which they could attain their own objectives. This is due to the fact that assignment writing does offer a lot of advantages to educators and students as well. At the same time, there are some demerits or disadvantages of assignments that should be considered as well.


First of all, strengths of assignments should be…


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,. place .

it is often the way, that we drift,


part company . return again

to our root.


not always where we think

it is, want it to be.


yet it is home.





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Grammergency #26: A Hyphenation How-To, Part One

One of my absolute favorite sections of The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) is section 7.77, entitled “To Hyphenate or Not to Hyphenate.” It’s a quandary that almost every writer encounters at some point, yet very few people are clear on all the many rules surrounding the shortest dash on their computer keyboard. That’s why I’m here—to help you make sense of where to place this punctuation mark on your page and when it's best for you to leave white space…


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Good Evening!

You have to start it first. We all want people to be kind to us, to listen when we speak, to understand and to smile. We all want that- but someone has to take the first step and that needs to be us.

We need to be kind first- to lend a helping hand when we can. We need to listen when someone speaks. To…


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What I Learned From My Indiegogo Campaign

Background: I recently ran an Indiegogo Campaign to help fund my debut novel, Grigory's Gadget. Since I've decided to self-publish, the cost of professional editing, cover design, etc. is my burden, rather than a publisher's. For the editors and designers I've decided to work with (Writership and Deranged Doctor Design) that burden summed up to about…


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Protecting Our Families Against Household Contaminants

For those of us who live in older residences, there are additional precautions we should take to ensure the safety of our loved ones. Unforeseen results from exposure to materials within our homes can cause serious health implications down the road, if we are not proactive in identifying risky areas of the home.


With the Holidays in the air, most women are in and out of the attic pulling out boxes from last year to decorate…


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The biography of rock ‘n roll icon Tom Petty, a great mystery from the “Queen of Crime” and the story of the Wild Weasels, the band of maverick aviators who flew the most dangerous missions of the Vietnam War are the subjects of The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, November 25, 3 pm ET.

Author and musician Warren Zanes…


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Book Publishing Secrets: A Conversation with Dr. Gabrielle Francis, Author of The Rockstar Remedy

We’re talking to authors from all walks of life about their experiences in publishing their book.  Some have smooth paths, some rocky, but they all share a common goal – to see their name on the cover of their creation.  It’s interesting to read what path they decided to take to get there and my guest today is here to tell everyone what he/she did in order to make it all happen so that other writers will learn a little something from the experience. 



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flamenco clouds - a found poem

Posted a found poem: flamenco clouds:

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Good Morning!

Good morning all. Such a beautiful cool day.Remember that each day is a gift that is denied many. Treasure it and never take it for granted. Do your best and smile often. Know that you can do it and then...

Make it a great day!

#optmisticallyyours #LOA #crystalhealing #counselingwithdebbie…


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. monday, later .

it was not written early,

there was the bed to change, the washing to dry,

the neighbour’s dog. there were thoughts, yet

they were forgotten in the medly of chores.


it is written later, with coffee, the cat full of



it is a cold and frosty start,  lower degrees

in edinburgh.


the sun is shining, birds fly up.






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Staying away from pickpockets while traveling

While traveling, you know that there is always a chance that a pickpocket might simply rob you of your money, smartphone and many other things if you are not on your toes all the time. Even if you are extra cautious, you might get tricked by a pickpocket.

So, what’s…


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The Power of the Work Bestie

Do you have a Work Bestie?  No?  You should really find yourself one.  Or two or three.  Work Besties are the best.  They can do so much for you.

Your Work Bestie is that person with whom you click the moment you meet at work.  It 

could be your first day or her first day.  It doesn’t matter.  You know two things instantaneously: you will be friends forever, and you should never sit next to each other at work.



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Good Evening!

Where’s your concentration? What do you concentrate on? Do you celebrate all the good stuff with a smile, even little things like a hot cup of coffee or the beautiful song of a bird at dawn? Do you celebrate that you’re living and breathing and that you awoke to find a brand new day?

Or are you just…


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Mystery on the Bayou is a Fun New Cozy

Book Giveaway Nov 23 – Dec 7: You have a chance to win an e-book of a Cozy Mystery, Mystery on the Bayou. To enter the contest, make a comment about the interview and tell me why you enjoy mysteries.


It’s time to get cozy once again with the Amelia Moore Detective Series. Louisiana, the land of bayous and gumbo! Crawdads, jambalaya, swamps, alligators, and plenty of Spanish moss hanging from the trees! Mystery on the Bayou, book six, blends a nice…


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Long time Comin

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