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. cold tea .

some things are inevitable, old tea

sips badly, after all the work is done.

stains the cup if left standing,

remember the hotel, 1964,

we used to scour them especially

round the handle, then the base.

we peeled the tomatoes, and waited

for our boyfriends on the high wall outside.

the whitehall hotel. bournemouth.


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Before Order: A Poet’s Tale

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” —A. A. Milne


I wrote my novel by the seat of my pants. I created characters I was in love with, and I let them tell me what they wanted to do. …


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The Very Best Free Racing Computer Games

Over speeding on any real life road is always frowned upon. Even so, gamers can obtain their favorite race game and drive like a maniac. The best part is that your driving environment can be quite safe. The individual can drive and smash their car devoid of needing any high priced repairs or insurance coverage. The following are among the better racing games for individuals that want tickle their thrill gene.


Method 1 game

Anyone who loves to race fast possibly envies…


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Testing different book covers

Hey All,

I was really unsure what direction to take the cover of my book, so I did some market testing. The surprising results are in the following infographic.…


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Are You a Good Listener?

Are you a good listener? Or do you cut people off in an attempt to talk over them? Do you voice your opinion even when you haven’t been asked? Do you attempt to tell others how to run their lives when they confide in you; many times making them feel bad in the process?

Do you then wonder why fewer and…


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My Story and Surviving Domestic Violence - July 2010

As July started I was soooooo tired.  I just wanted to sleep all the time and didn't feel like doing much else.  Couldn't tell if I was sick or what was going on - but I didn't let it slow me down.  I did start taking more naps but still worked 6 nights at the bar.  I felt like he was spending even more time staying at his moms but I can't say I minded because it was less conflict.  I knew something was going on but…


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My Story and Surviving Domestic Violence - June 2010

That feeling of happiness didn't last long going into June.  That bad gut feeling started happening and I knew something was up.  During the week he would make excuses and stay at his moms - or he would say.  I am the type that won't sit back and believe the lies - I will search it out.  My first marriage he had affairs on me and I sat back and believed stuff for so long - this time I wasn't going to.  I will…


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My Story and Surviving Domestic Violence - May 2010

May started out good.  We didn't have a lot of conflicts with each other.  He continued with his classes and seemed to be less stressed.  His divorce became final and it felt like we could truly move forward with no barriers.  We decided that we needed to take a vacation together and we both had never been to Windsor, Canada.  We decided to go over Memorial weekend.  Stayed for 2 nights.  We had the BEST time.  The…


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My Story and Surviving Domestic Violence - April 2010

This month started out good.  We continued on with our life and getting to know each other.  I could see he was a little more stressed at times.  He had to attend all these classes to get custody of his son and court and it was getting to him.  He isn't the kind that likes to follow rules and do as he is told.  The outcome from that was more verbal towards me.  If we got in a fight I was a stupid bitch.  I was told…


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Book Giveaway for a YA Novel

Book Giveaway until Oct 23: You have a chance to win two Young Adult Novels for your teens, Mountain of Love and Danger and Stopped Cold. If you have a preference which book you want, let us know.


Mountain of Love and Danger is a novella. It’s a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk and will be book number four in a series with four other authors. In it Jack Greenthumb’s having fun—a different day—a different girl to ride around in Fairwilde…


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On the Street: The Faces of Women

Posted a brief look at Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's ongoing public art project "Stop Telling Women to Smile". Learn how, through this project, women are empowering themselves to respond to gender-based street harassment.

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Wintery Games

As the wind tried
its way through
freezing cold
into her bones,
she thought -
there's no shame
in being warm,
while dressed like a mug,
in these
decidedly wintery games.

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[REALITY CHECK] Self-Publishing: Adventures in Editing! by Patricia Robertson

I don't care if you are self-published, indie-published, or NYC-published. Speaking as an editor, author, and publisher, it doesn't matter how many times you go through something you've written, you will either find a mistake or some minor thing you wish you could correct.

Perhaps the hardest thing when…


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Crystallize It- New Class Starts 11/5!


“Crystallize It…Using the Power of Crystals to Help Make Your Goals a Reality”

Crystals have been a big help to me in helping me reach the goals I set for myself and they can help you too!

This four week class teaches you to use crystals and…


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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! It's the start of a new day and it belongs to all those who grab it. Will you be one of those? Will you step forward in confidence to fashion this day just the way you'd like it to be? Let go of yesterday; and march right into today:)

Make it a great…


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How to Write Comparative Essays?

How many times did it occur to you that comparing one thing to another in academic writing is not a piece of cake? In fact, the incapability of doing a profound research to put two phenomena against each other might throw the quality of the whole dissertation in the question.  Therefore, conducting a fluent comparative…


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Ski Accident and Time Period for Filing a Lawsuit

Each and every personal injury lawyer - good, bad or any other - must perform according to time limits forced by laws in the specific state wherein they work.


Commonly concerned to as a law of Limitations, such time period determines the capacity of an injured one to start legal proceeding against a supposed negligent party in the first run: the case must be considered in the time period defined or the claim is unable to be recovered.


Law of…


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Hello? Is anyone there?

I asked myself this morning what I am doing with my life?  So far, I haven't gotten an answer back yet. 

I asked myself if I was happy.  For me that's a pretty easy one, "yes". 

But being happy, isn't the same as knowing what you are doing.  Is it? 

Going over the checklist of a so called successful life, I'm looking pretty good. 

Nice house, check.  Good, kind, faithful, nice looking husband, check.  Successful, not in trouble kids, check. No health…


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BWI Limo Service Providers Fulfill The Needs Of The Passengers

Every tourist or traveler likes to get pleasure from the luxuries of life, particularly when it comes to road transport. BWI (Baltimore–Washington International Airport) airport is one of the busiest airports in the US, and a large number of flights, both domestic and international arrive and depart from the airport every day. This involves thousands of passengers to land in Baltimore-Washington area and leaves from here. Some of the passengers take…


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. cold tea .

some things are inevitable, old teasips badly, after all the work is done.stains the cup if left standing,remember the hotel, 1964,we used to scour them especiallyround the handle, then the base.we peeled the tomatoes, and waitedfor our boyfriends…See More
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Before Order: A Poet’s Tale

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” —A. A. Milne …See More
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