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Tribute to a Small Furry Friend

In the beginning...

A small furry mammal came to live with us on March 31, 2014.  He was a 6-month-old Chinese dwarf hamster.  My daughter named him Chocolate Chip. He was black with white paws and chest.  The dark…


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Thursday's Three on Literature and Poetry

Posted a trio of inspired interactive offerings using graphic novel concepts:

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I tried to find 
in the presence 
while searching. 

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Snow Day

Miracle. My office is closed due to inclement weather. Yesterday 5 p.m. arrived and I realized

a. All I'd had to eat all day was a tangerine.

b. It was time to throw myself into a vat of fattening goodies.

c. It was time to have a Red # 5 seizure followed by medicinal wheeze bag tea.


a. Rid the house of stink bugs and paint the hall an appropriate neutral?

b. Waffles and Black Sabbath "Crazy Train" to kick things off.

c. Rest.

d.… Continue

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Good Morning!


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All About Payroll Service Providers

Keeping track of payrolls — the sum of the salaries and deductions for all of a company’s employees — is one of the biggest elements of accounting. The net income of any company can be affected by payroll taxes, whether of the pay as you earn (PAYE) or the Employees’ National Insurance type (the two categories of payroll tax in Great Britain). In addition, employees can become quite disgruntled if an error is made on their account, causing them to be paid less than they have actually earned…


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Rubber Band It!

Many years ago, I read about a technique that helps you keep your thoughts on a more positive track. And it was so simple I thought I’d give it a try.

It seems you just slip a rubber band around your wrist (a fairly thick one, not one of those really flimsy thinner ones) and anytime you have a “negative”…


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Know Your Value as a Writer

You know that job? The one that’s offering $100 – $200 for one blog post? The one you stare at with envy, then mock your own ego for even reading the posting before proceeding to the freelance writer clearance aisle?

Stop it. No seriously, stop it. Apply for that job.

What’s there to lose? What are you afraid of?…


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How to Create an Author Newsletter

It probably seems like all anyone tells you is what you need to do more of: Facebook, tweet, link people in, create a website, don't neglect that Facebook page! At the risk of adding one more thing to your never-ending list, however . . . it's a really good idea to create an author newsletter.

An author newsletter isn't just one more thing on your list of daily networking to-dos. It's an invaluable tool that lets you selectively market to your audience and provide them with…


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Free Amazon Novel for You ... "Samantha's Cravings"

Free Novel for You ...

I hope you're having a great Wednesday. Just a quick post to announce a free novel promo for you:  Free Promo -- "Samantha's Cravings" ... I penned this one back in 2013. See for your FREE read!

Right now, working…


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Only 7 more days...

Christmas is a happy time but will it be for the people who work for Andrew Desmond? This guy's meaner than old Ebenezer Scrooge and in 7 days all the world will know just how mean that can be! 'filters' 3/10!!!…


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Choosing a Research Paper Topic

It is always a hard task to write your research paper. But, sometimes it is even harder to decide what you are going to write about. Of course, you professor can provide you with the topic, but often, it is your task to chose the right theme to write about.

Here are some interesting and important tips to follow while choosing your topic to work with.

Getting ideas for your topic

You can go back to your materials…


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Wednesday Wonder: LEGO Loom Machine

Posted Wednesday Wonder: a LEGO mechanical loom machine:

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Good Morning!


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Practical Tips on Change Orders and Back Charges

General contractors are always reluctant to withhold payments that are owed under subcontracts. This is because the obligations for every party in the project are clearly spelled out. However, this clarity tends to be lacking whenever additional work is done. This occurs when the additional work had not been requested before in writing or the appropriate signatures were not obtained. These are the problems that are associated with change orders.…


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My Blog on Wordpress

Haven't been to the site for a while. Too busy at work. You can check out my blog at

I'm doing a 4 part post, treating one variable of the Il Molo equation in each post:

Il Molo = One woman + two soul mates + the Italian Seacoast + crime

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Key Benefits To Enjoy Through BWI Airport Taxi Services

Whether you are flying to Baltimore for pleasure or for business work, the airport is always a traumatic experience with crowds, lines, delays and lots of walking. But, using a BWI car / taxi service for your airport transportation can reduce some of the stress of air travel. There are lots of …


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Speak Up!

Speak up! Speak up if you need something or want something. Ask for it. Don’t sit in a corner expecting people to read your mind and to automatically know what you want and how you’re feeling because, many times, they don’t. If you don’t say something then chances are they’ll never know.

Okay, now, I’m…


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On Being a Published Author (of a book named Best Book of 2014)

The birthing process for my 1st book took 3 1/2 years. My book, The Female Assumption: A Mother's Story, Freeing Women from the View that Motherhood is a Mandate pubbed on Oct 1, 2014. I used Amazon's Createspace. I'm great with formatting plus I employed my own professional editor, so Createspace didn't make any money off of me in the pubbing process. 

I've had friends say to me, How great! You achieved your dream!  But as we all know (or suspect if you haven't pubbed…


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My Adventures in Outlander World

I resisted. I did! I told myself I’m not a fan of that genre – historical fiction/science fiction/adventure/romance – at least not all in the same story. Plus, my high school students were the ones who told me about Outlander, and they carried one of the series around with them like it was a membership in an exclusive club. Then the TV series was advertised and I realized it was based on the books I had heard so much about, so I watched the first episode. Instantly,…


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