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. window steamed .

we have been to montgomery

again. it is a pretty place, bunting

across the square, so by the open

window, with fresh scones, we talked,

listened to the quiet. narrow walls,

bricked faces. there is a church

of course for leaving useless requests

and confirming friends. it may

be that i have no photograph.

yet will add a photograph.



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Discrimination against Print-on-Demand Books Is Out of Touch and Bad for the Environment Too

When I think about the publishing community at large, my mind doesn’t immediately gravitate toward images of excess, waste, and environmental unconsciousness. And yet, unfortunately, because of the nature of book manufacturing and the routine destruction of books for tax write-offs, this image…


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Characters Welcome

That's the slogan of the USA Network on American TV. However, it also became something of my own personal catch-phrase, as both a writer and artist — and yes, even as a fan.

Every once in awhile I notice someone online knocking fan-made works, and more than once I've read others claiming people who draw fanart do it for the built-in audience and automatic views. I do find that a…


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Are You Letting it In?

Are you shutting the door…on fear? Do you push worry out of the window?

Or do you invite them in; into the “living room” of your mind? Do you offer them a beverage, maybe a cup of coffee and a sandwich to go with that? Do you offer them a seat and then let them convince you that…


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Mountain Biking in the Tao by Mark Tracey

Mountain Biking in tao

Title: Mountain Biking in the Tao

Author: Mark Tracey

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 90

Genre: Sports/Recreation

Format: Ebook

Purchase at …


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Monday Muse: James Baldwin Events

Posted Monday Muse, a look at events in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the birth of write James Baldwin:

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Post-Traumatic Stress Derailment by Afrah Caraballo


Post Traumatic

Title: Post-Traumatic Stress Derailment

Author: Afrah Caraballo

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 45

Genre: Health/Medicine

Format: Ebook

Purchase at …


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New Class Starts 9/10!



LAW OF ATTRACTION AND YOU” will teach you to use the Law of Attraction to help bring more of what you want into your life. This class includes unlimited personal email counseling and daily…


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How to locate the best ip lawyer Sydney on the Internet!

Are you looking out to hire the services of the ip lawyers Sydney? If yes then the perfect option to do is look for them online. You may be of the thought that searching for them on the web is not a good option as you will not be able to get all the details about the lawyer. But then it is a fact that you will get all the required information and you can also look through the tips that are mentioned. Mentioned…


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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! it's a beautiful day, the sun is now high in the sky and the green grass is lit up with its rays.

We should be like the…

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The Dutch royals spend a lot on a fence

We all know that the royals are extremely rich but they still get criticized every time they spend a lump sum of money for unnecessary luxuries. The reason behind that is that in most cases they just spend the taxpayer’s money rather than their own. This is the case with the brand new fence for the holiday home of Queen Maxima…


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Ugh, I'm an idiot!

While Ella was editing Lucas Story, I began prewriting the third book in my Trihune Series. I was in the midst of detailing Sarid’s character with my handy, dandy character sheets (see post here) when inspiration hit.

For months, in the back of my mind, questions had prowled regarding a new character’s power. I had no idea what his power would be, just that it had to be strong and undetectable.

Suddenly it hit. I figured it…


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. the critic .

i have the urban dictionary,

on line, and the standard

in the book case, thesaurus

in the cellar, where spiders

and cowebs abound.

my typing goes wild if

i get hiccups, whilst

the flow depends on

radio plays.

i was born in england, south coast,

now live in wales. we speak a different


the difference should make no


i am older now.



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On Labor Day: Does Your Work as a Writer Make You Happy? Stephen King Thinks It Should

Seven years ago, a student of mine recommended Stephen King's book, "…


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Give It a Try

Give it a try…a new situation. Let me give you an example.

Many years ago, right after my divorce. I wanted to meet someone new, but I just wasn’t looking in the right places. And so, one day I picked up this little magazine called the “”Selling Post” Okay, it sold mostly farm equipment, but on the back page…


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Thought for the Day

The Thought for the Day comes from a Sam Willetts's poem, 'Garden'.

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Profiling Brits of African Descent - Help Writer Participate in London Workshop

Always Tell Your Own Stories

Olaudah Equiano ( 1745-1797)

Kidnapped from Nigeria, taken to the Caribbean and then England, Olaudah Equiano wrote his autobiography, in 1789, detailing his life as a boy in his homeland, the Middle Passage and his life as a slave and free man. Equiano would…


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Pool Rescue on Writing Now


I promised that here on Writing Now I would talk about my writing life and today I have a story to share. I was at one of those ugly places. You know, where you know where you want to go with your writing but are clueless as to how to get there? In frustration, I turned…


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is it wrong?

I am extrememly upset right now.  I mean, come on.  I don't even know how I am friends with some of you.  (not you, my 3D friends) You don't read.  That is a deal breaker in my book.  Hell, I forced my husband to read.  

Literally made him read till he found a genre that he liked.  But it paid off in the long run cause we can talk to each other about our likes and dislikes.  I can't carry on a conversation with you when all you want to speak about is Kimye. Who the hell is kimye?  Oh…


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