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The Benefits Of Online Education


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Submarine Parenting

If I’m not supposed to be a Helicopter Parent, and I’m not a Free Range Parent, then what am I supposed to be?

A Submarine Parent, says Marie Schwartz, CEO of Teen Life. Who is she and what is that, you ask? Well, I had this unusual experience. A few weeks ago, after I posted…


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War of 1812

Besides the Revolutionar War and the Civil War. I kind of lean towards researching the war of 1812. All I know about this war is that it was fought between the British and colonists and lasted for three years. That's a possible restriction not saying it is any less interesting though. 

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Vanessa Kachadurian setting the record straight on history and how great women are

Women have been the backbone of society since history has been written.  When a civilization is attacked by criminal looters performing genocide or there is famine- THE WOMEN have always been a strong force in the survival of their families and communities. 

My neighbors growing up were from the Ukraine, they have suffered much in the last 200 years, starvation destruction of their oil pipeline infrastructure, livelihoods, and schools.  THE WOMEN kept the families fed using brilliant…


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A Writing Work Ethic Vs. Procrastination

This delightful cartoon is not me. I have a kick-ass work ethic when it comes to writing. I will write on vacation, in a hospital bed, in the middle of the night, one-handed with my arm numb from jiggling the fussy baby, on a playground chasing after a hyperactive…


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Monitoring Device (Poem)

Posted new poem, "Monitoring Device":

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A conversation with Jon Brewer , ‪#‎music‬ & ‪#‎…


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Good Morning!

Good morning on this chilly Tues. Remember today that there is no shame in making mistakes. They help to guide us to the right path. They are a valuable learning tool. Learn for them and don't be embarrassed by them.

Make it a great day!

#optimisticallyyours #LOA #crystalhealing…


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#MODELPOWER - Hold that pose and be counted!

"You got the…


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Safe & Effective Colon Cancer Treatment & Surgery In India With Travcure


Colon cancer, also named as colorectal cancer orbowel cancer, is the 3rd most commonly diagnosed cancer around the world. The cancer may grow and spread into the muscle layers in the lower body organs. Colon is a part of the intestines that comprises of the small intestine and the large intestine. The large intestine is divided into the ascending colon, the…


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Car Accident Lawyers: What They Do

In a blink of an eye, accidents do happen. We don't know when it will happen and what extent of damage will it result. Car accidents have been prevalent nowadays. These may range from simple accidents that can never be avoided to hit and run cases. In car accidents, its aftermath could range from having minor injuries and damages to being fatal. In any case, if one party will pursue for litigation, the other party has to defend itself. And oftentimes this also includes tedious processing of…


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Good Evening!

Dwell on those- the positives in your life; the things that make you happy. Turn your attention to them. So often we pass those over and put our focus on things that make us upset (and so we get more upset) and things that don’t make us feel good and then say “See, my life is horrible- I have good reason to feel…


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Superbowl Party Success : Recap

With all the excitement continuously mounting over the Super Bowl, many of us enjoy throwing really awesome SuperBowl themed parties. What better way to party with friends while rooting for our favorite team? This was also a fun and easy party to organize. If you are planning to throw the best Super Bowl party like I did this year, try a few tips that I found helpful.

Shortlist your…


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[BREAKFAST WITH THE MUSE] The Care and Feeding of Your Posse

I try to avoid absolutes, but I’m going to say this without qualification: The best thing you can do for your writing life is to create a community.

Writing is often described as a lonely pursuit. The core of our work is solitary. Most of us write by ourselves, telling our stories and creating…


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Okay, I'll Admit It--It's Writing Avoidance Time

Okay, I'll finally got it. The Burn Notice obsession, the attempts to clean and organize the house, the decision to take up running--they're all about avoidance. …


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Why Pronouns Are Important

Imagine you're at a cocktail party and someone tells a brief story about his friend Buddy. Chances are the storyteller will name Buddy just once and use "he" from there on because everyone listening to the story knows he's talking about Buddy. If the storyteller were to say, "Buddy did this, and then Buddy did that, and then Buddy went there," it would sound weird, right?

The same goes for books. Read the following two paragraphs out loud. Which one sounds more natural to…


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Monday Muse: Delaware's Twin Poets Laureate

Posted Monday Muse profile of Delaware's new Poets Laureate: 'The Twin Poets' Nnamdi Chukwuocha and Albert Mills:

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Start your new week with a good ‪#‎book‬ and find famous ‪#‎authors‬ on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show in nearly 190 …


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Contemporary women

I was once called out for wearing to provocative clothes, clothes that didn't seem suitable for someone claiming to be a feminist. 

I refuse to change myself just to play a part or maybe more so dress a part.

I don't think you should judge a book by its' cover. 

A feminist can wear a short skirt or dress and makeup and high heels too. 

These days women don't dress to please men. Women dress for other women. 

Added by Liberty J. Freedom on February 8, 2016 at 12:00am — No Comments

Exciting Ways to Surprise Your Man

In a relationship of two opposite sex, mutual feeling is important. The absence of one feeling affects the health of a relationship. To maintain such harmony, each one needs to learn the unselfish way of loving. Most articles I've read are tips given to men on how to show their affection to women. I decided now to write recommendations for women on how to surprise their partner in a way that they will receive same proportion of surprise.…


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