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we have to keep a piece to ourself

that no one else can see

the wounds are deep, the silence holds

we're drowing out at sea 

we shut the gates, we close the doors

the walls built high and wide

things weigh heavy like anchors

the feelings we try to hide


the darkness consumes us

eventually taking hold

the numbing, lonely feeling

the emptiness unfolds


one tries to fight the…


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Good Evening!

Are you engaging in it…gossip? Do you encourage it and want to keep it going? Do you find it entertaining?

Gossip is damaging. Not only is it most often not true, but why do we need to call attention of the shortcomings of others when we have our own as well?

Let’s put our focus on what is good in…


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Thursday's Three on Art

Today's post spotlights a trio of noteworthy art titles:

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Coordination Method Utilizing Menswear

Longer and wider men's clothes than women’s clothes. When a woman wears it, her husband’s clothes can be seen as awkward and chunky. What kind of men's and women's wear are appropriate for the perfect style. Men's tops and women's bottoms, suggest a coordination that goes well.

Item 1 BASIC SHIRTS - Stylish shirt with exhaust pants.

Shirt is a dress with both intellectual and sexuality. Shirts blend in with everything from short pants to skinny jeans and…


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Good Morning!

Good morning on this lovely Thursday. You know, I was thinking that all too often we worry about the opinions of other people. It's not a bad thing in itself, to listen to what others have to say because many…

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Time management tips for busy parents

For parents who combine professional and home responsibilities, life is not that easy. They face an everyday lack of time and feel like having two full-time jobs. So it's very important for parents to plan their time in order to organize the routine. A proper time management is a way to make the…


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Creative Essay – A complete Guide.

Every time when students think of essays, they imagine the five to six paragraph style of essay that has been practiced during their grade school or written by any custom essay writing service. On the other hand, not all essays have to be so strict and structured. When it comes to creative essays, the writer gets to choose how to layout his unique point of view or ideas to the readers.

Creative Essays are written to express author’s views, thought and feelings rather than to simply…


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time is upon us, as he writes, fine  dust from the fire,                                       the old way.


we used to sit the rise and think of this. drive the evening hunting the blue           flax fields . found and waded the poppies outside the dyke,             worked the red thread. again.                     danced .


it is a long time since the sun shone in long and low like that, he said.   does this mean it is spring now? it is such a pretty room.…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] American Family by Catherine Marshall-Smith

            I didn’t write American Family; it burst from my chest like the alien in the movie by the same name starring Sigourney Weaver. It was also produced by the clash of politics, law and faith that swirled around LGBTQ rights at the beginning of the millennium.

            American Family began writing itself years before I even knew I was going to write it. When I try to figure out when my novel began, a…


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Good Evening!

Take it to the next level- take your dream to the next step. Make that phone call, or that visit. Send that email or get that research started and take notes. Then make it a point to continue on the next day. Before long, taking these steps will become second nature to you and they will flow…


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            “You must have so much discipline!” non-writers exclaim when they discover my profession. “Do you write every day?” They gaze in wonder.

            “A writing day is a good day,” I say. “The hardest part is not writing. When there’s too much else I have to do, so my mind won’t settle down. I’m not happy then.”

            “Oh, I could never get myself to write regularly.” But each woman who says this to me could fill herself with satisfaction if she found the…


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Social Machinery Film Festival Awards the Best of Alternative Cinema, Carlos Antonio Leon Walks Away A Winner!

Known as the “Road Map Film Festival” The Social Machinery Film Festival is one of the newest film events that’s gathering a lot of buzz. It prides itself for being an alternative festival for those filmmakers who dare to explore subjects and techniques that are unusual or non-conventional risking…


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5 Creative Ways to Find More Time to Write

The most challenging part about writing – especially for aspiring writers – is simply finding the time to do so. For those with an exhausting daily grind, the key to carving out those precious creative hours is scoping out the out of the ordinary times to do it. Here are five brilliantly creative ways to find more time to write – and trust us, you’ll want to add these to your schedule.


Make it a Date

Usually us writers view writing time as a luxury, not as a…


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Wednesday Artist: Jiang Zhi

Wednesday Artist profiles Jiang Zhi:

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Good Morning!

Good morning on this rainy Wednesday. You know, I was thinking today as I walked the dog that it is not really the good times that shape us- it is the rough times which give us the character to meet challenges and…

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.. sorry ...

there are no set ideas in this house upon the repetition of words.        we are sorry that you cried.

it has been a good morning so far.   with fried eggs on toast and the air. sorry that i was hopeless, even with clues.

there is a mist, a cloth, hanging, while i have seen so much. i forgot to ask about your trip.   i had driven the mountain to see you, parked nicely,              kissed your cheek, talked about the issues.

it all showed pride and i know

you have…


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Good Evening!

Just slow down…a little. Yes, it’s great to be high energy and want to get things done, but trying to do a thousand things at one time is just a recipe for disaster. Let’s face it, most of us can’t give our full attention to a million things at once. We need to slow it down a bit and give each task more attention.…


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The 7 People It Takes to Write a Book

Let all us writers acknowledge one universal fact forever: Writing a book is not a one-man show; it takes a village.

While you may be the creative power behind every word of prose in your literary masterpiece, you likely weren’t alone in collecting inspiration. The support network – whether online or physical – is also an incredibly critical aspect of the writing process. No author is alone in perfecting their books or propelling them to publishing success. Here are the five people in…


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First Line Catches the Reader

Ever hear the phrase The Early Bird Catches the Worm? The writer’s twist would be:

The First Line Catches the Reader

They--the seasoned writers and professionals--say that the first line of any story is the one that gets the reader’s attention and keeps them reading. Of course. Makes sense, right? But I’ve been finding that many indie authors are overlooking this very important lesson. I can’t tell you how many indie books I’ve been asked to read where the…


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Our family is currently at a crossroads.  My husband accepted an interim job recently in another state.  But this job could become permanent and mean another move for our family.  We moved to CT 5 years ago and have put down roots in our community and in our church home.  We never expected that my husband would be laid off and have our lives thrown into a tailspin.  Someone once said, "Life is what happens when you made other plans."  That's so true.  We expected one thing and got another.…


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