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Interview with John Guzlowski (Part 3)

Posted Part 3 of my in-depth interview with poet and writer John Guzlowski, whose parents suffered in slave labor camps in Germany during World War II. Today: "Keeping the Stories Alive", in which John addresses my questions about his parents in America, his trips to Poland, how his poetry writing has changed since his parents' deaths, and what the word "hope" means to him.…


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Step Up and Let Go- Healing the Hurts From Your Past

“Step Up And Let Go” is my new book, available on my website  if you’d like a signed copy and also available on

It chronicles my own personal struggle with still hurting from past comments and…


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Good Morning!

Good morning all! It's a beautiful day as I look outside and see all of nature stirring and ready to greet the day. Let's greet the day as well and move through our day in kindness, in caring for others, in being patient and lending a sympathetic ear to those who need their voices to…


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Inspirational and Motivational Quote

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. coal tar .

90p, smells of road repairs,

winter fires at home.

decoration only,

adds colour to the bathroom.

gentle room, probably

needs a splash of orange.

traditional soap suitable

for all ages.

contains mainly things,

naturally antiseptic.



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What Most People Do Not Understand About Blog SEO

You are told that it is easy to start a blog and run it. There are so many guides out there that tell you to take specific steps and guarantee you will be successful. That is definitely not the case if you do not know what you have to do. The truth is that search engine optimization for blogs is not as easy as it first seems and this is mainly due to the fact that the competition is so much higher than it used to be. Anyone can open a blog and start to compete with you.

We can help…


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Are You Holding the Reins?

Are you holding the reins? The reins of your life, I mean. Are you holding the reins and steering yourself in the direction you want to go; creating and achieving the goals you set for yourself and feeling good about it, or are you just kind of half hanging on and bouncing all over the place?

If you keep…


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Crystallize It! New Class Starts 10/7!


“Crystallize It…Using the Power of Crystals to Help Make Your Goals a Reality”

Crystals have been a big help to me in helping me reach the goals I set for myself and they can help you too!

This four week class teaches you to use crystals and affirmations;…


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A Resting Place

Luke 8:1

And it came to pass afterward, that he went throughout every city and village, preaching and shewing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God: and the twelve were with him.

Let it be known to the world that I do not like to bed hop. One of the reasons I love camping so much is because I get to sleep in my own bed at night, covered with my own sheet and blanket, snuggled up to my own flat as a fritter pillow. The seventeen days that we were on the road back and forth from…


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Interview with John Guzlowski (Part 2)

Posted Part 2 of my in-depth interview with poet and writer John Guzlowski. In "Telling the Stories in Poetry", John Guzlowski answers my questions on his poems about his parents' experiences during the Holocaust.

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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! It's a beautiful day, and the sun is bursting over the horizon now calling to us to join her and put our best foot forward in confidence, knowing we are equal to any task that comes our way! We can!

Make it a wonderful…


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[The Art of Submission] Our Bitter Hearts, Our Savage Selves

There’s something very vulnerable about writing about jealousy. It’s an admission that, underneath our Facebook shares and supportive retweets, there is something craggy at the center of our selves. Something unsure and small: a split pit, a sliver of schist.


Maybe it’s because, on the surface, we’re…


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How to Beat the Stiff Nursing School Admission Competitions

Nursing career has become more enticing today, than ever before. The demand for nurses is rising rapidly for patients care in health care industries and at the home of patients. The crucial points for a surge in the nursing requirements include baby boomers age, rise in the elderly population, ample employment opportunities, work flexibility, sustainable pay and benefits, and government reforms that have allowed people access health care.

In order to become a nurse for a nursing…


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Does Cheap Mean Awful Smell In The Perfume World

Every woman should smell fabulous. You don't have to spend big bucks to smell expensive. People that are low on the budget look for less-costly perfume shops, and end up with cheap perfumes that are not worth the penny. With so many perfumes available on the market, it's hard to find the one that will satisfy both your smell and budget.

But, if you search wisely, you will find amazing designer perfumes for affordable price. No need to buy fake perfumes, instead find a good perfume…


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The Beautiful World of Women's Shoes

Women are fond of fashion accessories. They want to keep their wardrobe updated with latest shoes and clothing. An average woman buys 3 pairs of shoes every year.

This infographic, created by Cocorose London, highlights some of the astonishing facts about women's shoes and their buying habbits. …


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Book a Wedding Car to Make Your Wedding Day Even More Special

Wedding is a joyous occasion for everyone. It is a day when two people promise to love, cherish and respect each other and stay together till the end. Weddings are a special occasion all across the globe irrespective of the location, caste, community, religion or any other factor. It is the day one wants to remember for life and just for good reasons rather than for any bad/unpleasant events. Planning for a wedding is a very stressful time for the bride as well as the groom and sometimes…


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Are We Ever Alone?

Have you ever

considered that maybe


aren't meant to be




simply exist

for the knowledge that


are never truly alone in your oddities.

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Learn How to Write a Dashing Essay in A Few minutes

An essay helps the students to enhance their overall academic performance.  It also gives the student an opportunity to enhance their knowledge as well as writing skills. Essay writing projects are different from the other types of academic projects because it requires some skills by the hand of the writer. These essays are assigned with a booklet which contains the requirements of the instructor. When an instructor assigns an essay, then s/he wants to receive a piece of paper build as per…


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.. flying things ..

surround this area,

live inside. loving

lamps ,damp october air.

shadow,               films

with out words, stuttering.

moths, yes i usually write

of moths, now long legs

come into play. outside

planes fly over, estuary

birds call. autumn.



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Where Are You?

I tell you

I saw my soul-mate


Soñé contigo,

as you sat by my bedside


with gentle knowledge of

our twin existence.

But now

I sense you,

I think,

for there's no facial recognition.

Just the signs,

you see,

although you…


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