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it belongs to three people i think,

or is that imagination.


anyway she says sometimes they have

birds of prey at the cathedral which

escape and kill the pigeons on their

roof. that is why although it is all

now exposed due to damp, it will be



blood drips.






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Delight Your Dear Sibling in the U.S.A with the Best of Rakhi Offerings

Sometimes it happens that distances catch us at our most vulnerable and enveloped by nothing but circumstances, we can do nothing to overcome them. When we take the purest form of love in consideration, the bonding that exists between a brother and a sister cannot go amiss. Hence, to celebrate and cherish such a bonding, the festival of Rakhi is being celebrated since time immemorial. During the processions of the festival of Rakhi, a sister tied the holy thread of…


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Marching Toward Dystopia

It’s hard to believe, given Donald Trump’s constant and egregious lies, his frequent name-calling and hate speech, his puerile tongue lashings, his visible ineptitude, and his recent debate performance, that he can be viewed as a serious threat to Hillary Clinton’s election in November. Issues and behavior that would have brought down any other candidate, ranging from imitating a disabled reporter to insulting a Gold Star family to being involved in three serious lawsuits, to…


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Good Evening!

What are you saying exactly- when you talk to yourself?

Take a little time to notice that today. Take a little time to notice how you feel when you talk to yourself. If you feel good, if you feel like the thoughts you think spur you on to reach your goals then good for you.

But if that is not the…


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2 Easy Productivity Hacks for Writers

I wrote an article for the WOW! Women on Writing newsletter, featuring productivity hacks for writers...


When your to-do list overflows with ideas and projects in-progress, it’s sometimes hard to get started, and…


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Whispers of God

I love the whispers of God. Especially when He repeats Himself so clearly that I know without a doubt He is intimately involved in my life.

Last week I worked on some videos for my upcoming training on Intentional Living, and so before hand, I'm 'pumping myself up' to show…


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#Politics, the presidential #debate, …


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'Poet Warrior' Gerald Stern

A profile of Gerald Stern, a much-heralded poet:

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#IndieBookFest2016 OCTOBER 7,8,9 in ORLANDO, FLORIDA

Great Giveaways…

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. overheard too.

oh no, do not worry.


they do not cremate



they are dead.





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Tension in the Telling

Tension is key to how we bring readers to care about our characters and what happens in our stories. That tension begins with character and gets expressed and magnified in plot, but the way we tell our stories is every bit as important. To complete my 6-part series on tension, I’d like to highlight some of the…


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Tradioneer Scam or Legit? Review THE TRUTH

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Thousands of…


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Monday Muse: Poetry at Hill Center

Monday Muse explores poetry at Hill Center, Washington, D.C., where a new series of in-depth conversations kicks off September 29.

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24 AlgoTrader System Review THE TRUTH

24 AlgoTrader

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No experience needed,…


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#Mondaymotivatians ready for the first presidential debate?#…


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looking for numerals?        while there before

you stands solomon, cracked regarding his son.


absolom, oh absolom.            looking for god?


while all the while they are wanting your money.


looking for  wool gloves? all a plenty  at the cathedral.


this is where they display their wares, while the

architecture outside looks vaguely roman.






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Mini-memoir: The Kick

I have recently joined Voices (the speaking bureau for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). My application reviewing process was not even complete when I received a call to do a talk about my personal story and the effects of domestic violence. I am so excited to finally share my story. I want to break the silence! I want to help others who are suffering in silence. 

Image result for national coalition against domestic violence

As I prepare for the talk, I am reviewing statistics and getting a power point…


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Gemini2 Software Review THE TRUTH

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