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Deceived - Cover Release

Here it is, Deceived is reborn.  Cover Release today, pre-order as of 2nd Nov. Thank you to Limitless.decieved-1.jpg

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Are You a Guiding Light?

Are you a guiding light for others? By that, I mean, do you encourage and help motivate those around you? Or do you pull them down?

An encourager says things like “good job!” when a task is done right. And when it isn’t, they say something like, “you made a great start, so now, next time if you just do…


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Who's Afraid of Writing?

In honor of Halloween I’m addressing the ghostly presence that haunts all writers: the blank screen/page. I haven’t thought about this specter for a while because I’ve spent the past few months submerged in a novel revision. However, last week I hit the SEND button, delivered the book to my agent, and unwittingly invited the spirit back to my…


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On Death and Driving Lessons

I was two weeks shy of my 27th birthday when I moved back to my parents’ Toronto home after living away for nearly a decade.

Returning home was as hard a choice as it was an easy one. Hard because the idea of coming full circle felt like a failure to me; easy because I needed somewhere familiar to crash (and a warm bed and good food didn’t hurt, either).

What exacerbated matters, though, was my lack of a driver’s license. While I traveled via subway and cabs in New York City…


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Illusive Principle(s)

Last night, in a dream, a woman (a stranger to me) asked, “Tell me, why do you care about the illusive and principles?”[1] I told her it was because the illusive is the web that holds this existence together. It is the invisible; the nothing that scientists are now saying is something – especially at subatomic levels. It is a beauty of sorts; one that we do not know and cannot see, thus, consequently do not necessarily care about. But in that illusive is the essence of being,…


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All Art Friday

Posted new edition of All Art Friday.

Today's spotlights include Nina Morrow's driftwood art; the documentary 'Art and Craft', about art forger Mark Landis (video included); sculptor Karen Gubitz's woven forms; sculptor Alina Szapoczikow; a digital edition of 'The Great War: Art on the Front Line" from Ohio's Toledo Museum of Art; and The Visual Literacy Toolbox: Learning to Read Images.

The roundup highlights exhibitions at American University's Katzen arts…


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The Mindsets that Keep You From Starting (and Finishing) Your Book: Part III

You've written your book. You made it through the first few chapters and all the way to the end. You read and revised it, and now you're ready for someone to read it. This is a big moment—your book is no longer an idea in your head; it's a story that someone can read and experience. Talk about a…


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Four Issues To Ponder Over For People Looking For Quality Limousine Hire In Sydney

A limo ride may have all the grandeur, style and elegance associated with it. However, one must realize that a limo being a grand car does cost more. However, people who cannot have one parked at the garage need not lose hope.  There is always the option of hire. There are names ready to rent out the limo. With most such limo hire agencies having their own websites, someone keen on a limousine hire in Sydney should run into plenty of options in an online search.

Now the focus…


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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! What a beautiful sky; a mixture of the inky darkness of night with some darker blues signaling the arrival of the sun. The feeling of peace and of power are one as you look at the sky and so there's a lesson for us in that sky for…


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Four Reasons one should Hirea Limo Service in Perth

Most will associate riding Hummer limousines in Perth with grandeur and luxury. However, the hummer limo is a costly car, and few can afford a direct buyout. Therefore, people who still have the desire for a grand ride will do well to go for a hire. The idea will be to contact people willing to offer Hummer limo on hire in Perth. Similar to any other car hire, one can discuss the quotes and get into the limo. It will turn out to be a wonderful joy ride.  However, one will be surprised to…


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. the little front bedroom .

cracked  window looks at clouds, the mountain.

ledge, dead moths stretched out in

all their softness, stunned by light.


sewn curtains stir memories, indicate

a private place to weave and mend

a dream.


here are the items, the installations,

here are the photographs i take

each day. here are the worries

placed in the cupboard, with notes,

for you to read.





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~ On the trail of Abundance ~ > Life is like a kaleisdoscope

Life is like a kaleisdoscope.  We have to let go of the old to make room for the new
"I have bad news. My computer was stolen at the airport," Nicole Van Straatum said to me over the phone upon her return…

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Are You Underestimating Yourself?

Are you underestimating yourself? Are you underestimating your talents while overvaluing what others can do?

For example, maybe you’re a great interior decorator, and people, over the years have come to you for advice and everything you’ve told them has been exactly what they…


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Planning a book launch: Launch Day!

It happened! That day that loomed up ahead for almost a full year, that long-awaited, exhilarating day took place. In the days leading up to it, people asked me if I was nervous, and I looked at them funny, wondering why they were asking such a thing. Little by little, their…


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[NETWORKING FOR INTROVERTS] What are you afraid of?

Photo courtesy of Stuart Anthony via Creative Commons

I've been thinking about fear lately. When I attended the BlogHer '13 conference in Chicago, Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook and author of Lean In) urged us to "Write down what you are afraid of, then go do it." I thought about what I wanted to do but was too afraid to do. At the moment it was to blog about race. My fear was that, as a white person, I would be…


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Some Thing Asteroidal by Tony Taylor, author of The Darkest Side of Saturn

Title: The Darkest Side of Saturn

Author: Tony Taylor…


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My Book my Students by Randy Coates

Title: More Precious Than Rubies

Author: Randy Coates



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Gorgeous Persian Calligraphy

Today's post offers a look at an exhibition at Arthur M. Sackler Gallery of nasta'liq, a Persian calligraphy that is among the most beautiful I've seen.

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Crystallize It- New Class Starts 11/5!


“Crystallize It…Using the Power of Crystals to Help Make Your Goals a Reality”

Crystals have been a big help to me in helping me reach the goals I set for myself and they can help you too!

This four week class teaches you to use crystals and…


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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! It's a new day and the sun is absolutely gorgeous as it lights up the sky with pinks and oranges signalling a day full of opportunity and promise.

Make the most of it. Make every minute count. Make a difference today for yourself or someone else and…


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