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. laurel .

resting on one a while.

very early here, news came, so

now we lay a while, to hope

it will alleviate the gloom from

those who have no manners, no

style and niceties. i will draw on

the experience, while others

bomb empty houses.

it is a gold award for drawing.

moon boats.

‘ i did not wish to die, my son’



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I'm Going to be Just Fine

I've been through all kinds of hell in my life, and below you will find a link describing a certain flavor of some of it.

Narcissistic Relationship Hell in a Nutshell

My new mantra though, is "I would rather have no boyfriend than a bad boyfriend." I love myself. I don't like hurting people. I'm talented. I'm…


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Writing Tip: When You Get Stuck, Use ALL CAPS and Move On

I'm currently working on my seventh novel, and one of the most valuable lessons I've learned about the writing process is when to hit pause on a particular scene/sentence/description and move on. If you're a perfectionist or Type-A personality, that can be hard to do, but it's extremely important. Trust me!



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This skwishy little bugger has got to go!

Okay let me see if I can do this...... Uhm  I am a word lover.  Seriously, I love the written word. Not all that emotocon crap that the teens do. (not that it is not important I suppose, in its own way)  

I am also a book lover.  My love affair with books runs incredibly deep.  

So deep my husband gets jealous and has to put his hand on my kindle just so I will respond with more than a one word answer most days.  But he supports my dream of writing a book.(even if I…


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Coming Soon - An Italian edition of 'Black Hawk Day Rewind'

Black Hawk Day Rewind: fotogrammi di un omicidio

Coming Soon   …


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Concentrate On Today

Concentrate on today…yesterday is gone and done. Today is where you are now; right at this moment; right here.

Concentrate on making this the best today that you can. But sometimes we don’t do that because we’re too busy thinking about what happened yesterday or worrying about what will happen…


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Book Giveaway and Interview with Regency Romance Author Joy Dawn King

Book Giveaway July 28 – Aug 7: You have a chance to win a Regency Romance, A Father's Sins: A Pride and Prejudice Variation. E-book or Audio: International.


A Father’s Sins is an alternate path for the central characters, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.  The premise is based on terrible decisions that the fathers make earlier in their children’s lives. It is these children that suffer the consequences. They meet by chance in London a year before…


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Dark South by William Stewart

Dark South Title: Dark South

Author: William Stewart

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 458

Genre: Biography

Format: Ebook

 Purchase at …


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Vlad Dracula: The Dragon Prince by Michael Augustyn

Vlad Dracula: The Dragon Prince by Michael Augustyn Book Blitz - Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Vlad Dracula the Dragon Prince

Title: Vlad Dracula

Author: Michael Augustyn

Publisher: iUniverse


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New Romance Novel Release: LOVING A COUNTRY MAN (Multicultural Romance)

New Romance Book Release:  LOVING A COUNTRY MAN (Multicultural Romance)


Amazon (Kindle Version) --


BN (NOOK Version) -- …


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The Treasure of Kefer Shimon by Clifford Stevens

The Treasure of Kefer Shimon

Title: The Treasure of Kefer Shimon

Author: Clifford Stevens

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 344

Genre: Men’s Adventure

Format: Ebook

Purchase at …


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Learn from the Greats: 5 Writing Habits

Can famous writers teach us anything these days? After all, most of them are dead; ergo their lessons may be a little dated. Here are five great writers that you may be able to learn from. It is not advice that they have given, which may be dated, more it is their writing habits. You may learn from their writing habits and possibly apply their habits to your own.

1 - Take your time in order to make the best work

Napoleon Hill took over 20 years to collect the…


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Pinterest Market for Your Online Branding

Pinterest is now among top three social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. This social media platform has more than 10 million users, and the number is growing rapidly because Pinterest is unique from other social networking sites. People who want to increase their business leads as well as sales, and then no other site is better than this site since it converts more users into buyers in comparing to Facebook and Twitter. If we compare Pinterest and Facebook on online shopping,…


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Monday Muse: Mahmoud Darwish Film

Posted Monday Muse, a look at a new documentary about Palestinian national poet Mahmoud Darwish: 'Write Down, I Am an Arab':

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5 Things to Check before You Hire a Photo Booth Melbourne

Arranging the best dose of entertainment for your guests invited in your party is no doubt essential, and in order to ensure the best enjoyments of all the people attending your occasion a photobooth can be simply awesome. Photobooths give the opportunity to capture moments of the occasion in a fun-filled way, and can make an innovative mode of entertainment for guests of every age. However, before your hire a photo booth…


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Photo Booths to Spice up Your Event

Photo booth rentals are widely popular these days. These have become almost inevitable at major events owing to the fact that they ought to add more meaning to any life event of yours. Photo booths are now available on rent and are really very affordable. Read ahead to know more!…


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Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! It's a new day and a new week and it's outcome is in your hands...what will you do with it.

It is dark now as I write these words; Dad has four doctor appts. today that I must take him to, but I wanted to greet you all and wish you a wonderful day before I go. Remember that you…


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Personal Injury Settlement for Asbestos Related Diseases: Expert Tips


Asbestos is a unique mineral that is fire-resistant. This type of naturally occurring substance had been extensively used by experts to protect buildings for many years. It just looks like an original insulator. The fact of the matter is that tiny fibers have a tendency to get airborne suddenly. What will be the consequence of these microscopic fibers in our health? Well, they can prove to be extremely infectious for our health because they can cause breathlessness in…


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A Revelation for Me

Last night I woke up with something on my mind. It's my memoir work thus far. As I read through some of my work I realized a running theme, I always come out as the victim. Granted, life hasn't been easy, but how much of it has been my own work? In realizing this I examined an incident that often plays in my mind regarding my long deceased mother. 

My mother loved me as best as she knew how, and raised me using all of the tools at her disposal. Yet, something was a miss. My memories…


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Guide to Owning a Basic Beauty Kit for Under $25

Women love fashion and writing about beauty and fashion is always a cup of tea for female writers. So let’s discuss something about beauty kits. Many of us who own a beauty kit know that when it comes to fashion and style, nothing comes cheap. Try buying branded eyeliner and you will be asked to fork up a cool $10, at the least. The same is the case with other beauty products, and by the time you have your kit in place you would have spent somewhere upwards of $100. Now that is not a small…


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resting on one a while.very early here, news came, so now we lay a while, to hope it will alleviate the gloom fromthose who have no manners, nostyle and niceties. i will draw onthe experience, while othersbomb empty is a gold award for…See More
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