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Tell Me A Story

I’ve been thinking about stories.

There’s a lot of memoir talk flying around right now. Is writing memoir “cheating”? Are memoirs lazy and narcissistic and opportunistic? Are they inherently dishonest due to their reliance on the flawed mechanism of memory? Why do memoirs now seem intentionally deceitful in greater numbers than ever before?

I found Daniel Mendelsohn’s “But Enough About Me” in The New Yorker to be… Continue

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Happy. Content. Peaceful.

In response to a blog award (Happiness 101) and a writing prompt about happiness, I asked myself: What makes me happy?

Then, I wrote.

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Come to a good end

There came a day when I ended the new novel – the story arc had done its job, started out and then ramped up the tension and then came to a climax and then began to wind down and then came to an end. All the elements were there. The bones, the skeleton, of a book.

A week after that day, I actually FINISHED the book.

There IS a difference.

When you bake a cake. you start out with the ingredients – the flour, the eggs, the butter, the sugar, chocolate, maybe a bit… Continue

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Stressed in Scottsdale and Hashknife Riders

Jean Rubin

A multi-tasker, with too much to do who is…

Stressed in Scottsdale and Hashknife Riders

Tech Stress

Ever think your day is going to go the way you planned and then nothing happens the way it’s supposed to? I am organized and efficient. Most of the time. I accomplish what’s on my lists. Most of the time. I try not to stress over small stuff. I have a nudgy mother, remember? First, my computer calendar came up blank. No appointments. No reminders.… Continue

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SuperMom.com reviews my book

Hi all,

It's always great receiving new reviews, especially if they're good!

I was thrilled to get a Google Alert letting me know that SuperMom.com had reviewed my children's picture book, Humberto the Bookworm Hamster.

"The themes of not only the pleasure that reading can be, but compassion, friendship and kindness make this book a lovely little read to share with your children. The illustrations are bright and peppy, and… Continue

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If Valentine’s Day will come without the cherishing behaviors and special attention that you want from your guy consider what you can do about it. To keep from getting another bunch of supermarket flowers or an impersonal card you will need to help him. You may erroneously believe that he is wired for relationships like you are and that if he loves you he will respond sensitively to your needs. “Not so,” says Sally Watkins, psychotherapist and author of the new book, Change Your Mindset Not… Continue

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Money Matters

I recently wrote an article for Writer's Weekly on the challenges every writer faces in determining what to charge and how to estimate what a job will cost.

"For What It's Worth" is 500 words that I wish someone had told me when I started making words my business.

Too many writers I meet feel guilty or even ashamed to charge for their… Continue

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Through the Alley

Yesterday I took a different route to the beach. I went down the alley west of Meridian Avenue. It was quiet and shady. The trash men hadn't come. There were two couches and a mattress. There was a washing machine chained to the ground, roofless. For a dollar and a quarter tenants can do their wash outside. There were two doors painted violet.

I appreciated the charm of a life with violet doors until I came to the cart, which served as someone's home. The person had stepped away, so… Continue

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Om-Time Radio for the Humanity Healing Network

I'll be on Om-Time Radio with host Brenda Braden on Wednesday, February 10th at 8:00 p.m. at www.talkshoe.com/tc/65675 . You can listen live or listen later (Brenda has an archive of her shows). Brenda Braden has leadership role among Lightworkers, and through her talk radio show, she helps us to "expore how the human relationship meets the higher consciousness that resides in all of us." I hope you'll listen--I know I can't wait to have a… Continue

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Slow Day 2 of Weekend Write

Yes, it's a little after three in the morning. I'm still up. But not for long.

Had a very slow start to my Saturday and was really not in the mood to do much of anything. In fact, I didn't start making any significant moves until well after 6 p.m., and I didn't start to do anything WW related until nearly 11 p.m.…


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Free Caption Competition Deadline Drawing Near

Ladies, you have until the morning of Monday February 1st to enter the free Fine Line Editorial caption competition for a chance to win a moleskine notebook. An essential part of any writer's wardrobe, even if you've yet to write a word you can, at least, look the part. Go to http://editorial-consultancy.co.uk/caption-writing-competition/ and declare your genius. Good luck!

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New Feature Introduced

Today, I introduced a new feature to my blog, Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours). I highlight six sites on the Web that readers will enjoy exploring.

My post is here: http://writingwithoutpaper.blogspot.com/2010/01/saturday-sharing-my-finds-are-yours.html

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Show and Tell

I love Show and Tell. I feel there is an inherent need to shyly bring forth some prized object, thought or feeling and present it to a group to be share and admired, maybe even applauded. Without it one begins to shrivel and diminish. I had occasion, as part of a community service requirement, to spend the day with a group of kindergartners and first-graders. I was there for Show and Tell held in the traditional circle format. Two children shared that day. One was a boy who presented his… Continue

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All the stuff I've been up to.

Wow, I don't update this very often. I have so many social network sites - LiveJournal, Facebook, Cafemom, Myspace, Fetlife, Red Room, and SheWrites (am I missing any?) - that sometimes it is overwhelming to get updates everywhere.

I am also making a concerted effort in 2010 to do more writing at this computer than social networking. Once I open Explorer for any reason, it is easy to procrastinate. I find myself googling old friends, reading random blogs, and god forbid "stumbling… Continue

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Kick Off to Weekend Write

Leading up to my first Weekend Write, I have to admit I was nervous. All this month, I've been supposedly working on an outline for a novel I was to write and to gear myself up to work on it during the months of February and March.

There is no shame to my game, so I'll tell the truth: I did nothing. Been dealing with school,…


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Mom Wonders About Me...ahem

"That's Some Imagination You Got!"

Only the look I received was strange. Almost as if the silent query was are you all right?

I just smiled as my mom kept needing help with the computer mouse to continue to scroll down.

I had her over for coffee and she was reading about the antagonist in my novel The Third Power. She said "he gave her the woolies", ahem, I wondered if maybe I did.

Is the natural ability to embellish a… Continue

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It's My Book Launch Party, and if I Cry, My Mascara will Run

For weeks before my book launch, I obsessed about the party I was giving. Maybe it was because it was a hard bricks and mortar thing—I was facing people in person—or maybe because it was easier to worry about facing an empty restaurant than worrying about reviews. Whatever the reasons, I had many (and conflicting) fears about my launch party:

Nobody will come.

Too many people will come.

I’ll choke when I try to read.

However, that night, like Goldilocks, I was… Continue

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Rockin' My World

I truly appreciate all kinds of music. Admittedly, some more than others. I.e. I am not a huge fan of country and rap, but I do love Zydeco. I can feel to all kinds of music.

Some members of my family are going through a rough time and on my walk today with Izzy, I heard some songs I wanted to recommend to them. Then I thought: Everyone has his or her good and bad days so these songs could be great for anyone.

Feel like crying, loudly, check out Annie Lenox’s “The Saddest… Continue

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