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Spank Me Twice Wins Award

HEARTFELT THANKS to all who voted for Spank Me Twice during the LRC Best 2009 Awards! We’re so proud to announce we won BEST EROTIC BOOK of 2009! Without our readers and fans this wouldn’t have been




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Healing Baths

Driving back to the Yosemite Bug Hostel to our “barn” house in the driving sleet. I’m not driving but alert—aware of the windows alternately fogging up, my husband’s hands steady on the wheel, aware of the water rushing across the road, the Merced River flowing to the right under the grand rocks. But we have low visibility—found out later that one of our front lights was out, made this driving home so much harder.

I think of a warm bath, my solace, my obsession during the period when… Continue

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Sometimes something happens that just breaks your heart, and that something happened this past week.

Mr. Stinky Attitude had been particularly growling and grumpy making me increasingly impatient and grumpy. I didn't want to listen to anything he had to say and had to resist the urge to ask if I could help the family pack when he told me that mom was packing up the house because they were moving to a nearby city. I was thinking, really could I get so lucky?? Maybe if I cross all my… Continue

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February's Weekend Write

Well, today ends the second Weekend Write of 2010. Right now, I am not focusing on storytelling. Over the last month, I realized that first and foremost in my agenda is school, so most of my major writing will be delegated to that. I was driving myself crazy, thinking I "lost my touch" because I wasn't writing thousands of words a day. I am still being creative; I'm just using my talents to write… Continue

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Pasolini's Medea is a priestess

Pasolini's Medea is a priestess, according to Janet L. Borgerson who also claims that “something is awry with the historical memory around Medea,” and that his film “requires that we question the almost universal assumption that Medea did something wrong.” It was released in 1969, considered a failure--- yet Piers Paolo Pasolini was clearly trying to subvert “universal assumptions.” Through his lens, she is a priestess, a woman moved by sexual desire,… Continue

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Cupid and Psyche---

Cupid and Psyche on a rooftop, at the corner of 12th Street and Avenue A. The year is 2006. Psyche is not punished for her curiosity, on the contrary, she is being rewarded. Read more: Tales from the Velvet Chamber.

Image: Marc Travanti, 2006, New York… Continue

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Rejecting 'Evil' people from our lives!

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am a ‘people person’ and happiest when I am around other people. Before I moved to Iowa, I felt I made friends easily, where ever I lived or worked. Willing to be friends with almost anyone I met. In fact I truly believed that I could get along with everyone if I tried. I was extremely naïve and way too trusting when I moved from my hometown to someone else’s.

I would say that 99.9% of the people I have met in the last five years are really good… Continue

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Virtual Story Project: Medusa heads to CBGB's looking hot in black leather, and meets her destiny.

She was one of the hottest girls on the planet in the 1980's; year of the Ramones, and life in New York City. She had the blackest hair, the biggest eyes, and the tightest ass, Delilah. But her mother was hotter. Originally a Jersey girl, Medusa's hair was blacker and and five times bigger than her daughter's. M. liked to date men who rode motorcycles, wore black leather, and occasionally slapped her--- but only when she asked. M. needed a little… Continue

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One of the curses of being a writer is when people say “I've had a fascinating life. You should write about me.”

I've had a fascinating life myself. I caused a small riot in a train station in Hanover, Germany, and another riot in a marketplace in Haiti. International misunderstandings can happen when you're 23 and clueless. Seventeen years working in law enforcement gave me plenty of plots.

According to a New York Times survey, 81% of Americans feel they have a book in… Continue

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Interview with Lauren Kate, author of FALLEN

My special guest today is Lauren Kate, author of Fallen. Kate grew up in Dallas, sent to school in Atlanta, and started writing in New York. She's also the author of The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove. She's currently working on the sequel to Fallen, Torment. Kate was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions.

Thanks so much for the interview, Lauren! Tell us, what was your inspiration for Fallen?

I got the idea for Fallen from a line in… Continue

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Is Sex Work "Real" Work

"You’re a dreamer and can’t handle a real job.”

Some guy once responded to my escort ad with that email. I never replied but his strange condemnation has always stuck in my head.

He was one of many, many men who look at escorts, desire us and can’t afford us. They get jealous, imagining the easy life we lead where horny men fall all at our feet just to hand us lots of cash. They don’t see my work as a “real”… Continue

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Finding that 'ONE' right man.

After my divorce several years ago, I started meeting new friends and going out. I quickly rememembered why I didn’t date much in high school. Because dating can be uncomfortible and even scary at times.

In the last 5 years I have dated quite a bit. Most have only been 1st dates, where I knew right away they were not the ‘ONE’ I was looking for. So I didn’t accept another date. Others I thought could be, so I went on a few more dates. I then either realized I didn’t feel what I… Continue

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The "Glorious" Book Blogger Contest

A decade ago I burst onto the literary scene with my award-winning debut Sugar, which touched the hearts of thousands.

Six critically acclaimed, award winning novels later, I'm back with GLORIOUS -… Continue

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All in my Mind

Ever had someone tell you "It's all In Your Mind!" & you know somethings wrong. You just aren't sure yet exactly what it is. Well, I know my body & I know the signals it sends me when something is wrong. Which is a lot here lately. I can't seem to shake this Bronchitus. I have been on antibiotics for almost 2 months. Been on Steroids last month. I'm so bulked up I could be a lineback for a Football team.

But, yet, people tell me , that it is All in my Mind. No it isn't asshole! Its… Continue

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Steal My Book?

Should I let you steal my work? More and more, that’s a question most writers will face.

Take a writer who said “Yes” with astounding results ...

In 1999, the agent for Brazilian author Paulo Coelho returned from Russia with bad news. Coehlho's novel “The Alchemist” had sold fewer than 3,000 copies and the publisher had decided to discontinue publication.

A second Russian language publisher was found but the republication was held up by supply… Continue

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Saturday Sharing

Today's post is a new edition of my weekly feature Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours). Included are briefs about poetry podcasting via phone, 24 Usable Hours, and Cajal's gorgeous book "Butterflies of the Soul".

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Life on a Pedestal

When my dad was alive, he was the only man in my life whom I could ever respect wholly. Even being married to my first husband did not make me feel differently as I continued to look up to the one man I knew would always be there. My dad and I did not have many words between us; I would drive him to a function and the only words spoken were, "see you later". He would close the car door and I would drive away, wishing I had told him about my day, beating myself up for not asking him how his day… Continue

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Using the Document Map in Fiction Writing

One of the best tricks I’ve learned to help keep my writing organized is the document map in Word.

If you aren’t familiar with the document map, it’s worth learning how to use it. This is a great tool to help you move easily through a manuscript and head right for the chapter or section you want, without scrolling through hundreds of pages. Open it now by clicking ‘View’ and ‘Document Map’ in Word.

Each chapter or section comprises its own heading style, which appears on… Continue

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Required reading for all writers


Hope you enjoy!
Gina Barreca

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Womanhood, Fertility, and Identity

In college, my best friend once described her hips as “child-bearing hips.” She knew back then that she wanted children and, indeed, now has six beautiful and healthy daughters.

Me? I didn’t even know what hips were. Literally. If somebody had provided me pictures of two headless bodies-one male, one female-I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish the outline of hips on the female body.

A boyfriend once pointed out a transvestite, then said, knowingly, “You can always tell… Continue

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