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Five Reasons Not to Get an MFA - Reason #4

4. Reason #4 not to get an MFA: Timeframe

Some people write everyday. I don’t. I can’t. If I had to write everyday I think it would actually hinder my writing. Ideas come to me at very inopportune times. I’ve written on many an airplane air sickness bag, on subscription cards in magazines and on electricity bills. I don’t think I’ve ever opened a blank word doc in the hope that something would just pop into my head. I transcribe almost everything. 

I technically…


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:: caladrius ::

 day of finishing.


it has gone on a while,

staring me in the face,

not moving, no point.


to it really.

while i got on with other work.


something happened

to spur me,

saw beyond the stagnant dream,

 covered it,

glazed it,

read about the bird,

 finished it.


expect there will be fiddling,

in gold and edges,

before it flies…


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Trade These Chills For My Usual Writing Affliction, Please

Something has a choke-hold on my insides. I feel off kilter, queasy, as if I am being kidnapped by alien germs, dragged into the sewers. My eyes ache. The only thing keeping me vertical today is a string of words that have my fingers dancing, a welcome distraction to this bone-chilling fever and nausea. My skin hurts. I'm buried under blankets, wearing ski socks and Uggs that bulge from my comforter. I alternate sips of hot tea and flat Diet Coke  - both held hostage against the mountain of…


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I'll be reading at Musehouse in Philadelphia next week. Join us for a reading and book signing by Poets of Finishing Line Press   at Musehouse; A Center for the Literary Arts DATE: Saturday, March 10…

I'll be reading at Musehouse in Philadelphia next week.

Join us for a reading and book signing by Poets of Finishing Line Press  

at Musehouse; A Center…


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Giveaway for Signed Copy of John Green's The Fault in our Stars

Up for grabs: a signed copy of the book everyone's been talking about. Giveaway ends on March 7, 2012. 

U.S. residents only, please. The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hours to respond. 

Who can enter? Anyone who follows LitStack…


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What do you want to be when you grow up? And what goes wrong afterwards.

What do you want to be when you grow up? We have all been asked this question and we ask the same one to all little kids we meet. The answers can be wildly different; from doctor to actor, from lawyer to painter.


It is a classic question. It is also a very smart one. It makes you think big-picture. It allows you to have a passion and purpose in life.…


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Oh, You Write THOSE Books – On Writing Romance by Roni Loren

Today I’m excited to welcome Roni Loren as part of the Literary Genres Blog Series. She’s giving a glimpse into what its like to write in a genre with one of the biggest stigmas and what the genre is actually all about. …


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The Blog is Up and Running

Just put the finishing touches on my blog - http://valloryv.wordpress.com/

Stop by and take a look.  I wanted something simple that was easy to manage.  I don't think that I have the fortitude for a website.

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Eric's Arabic Hour Lesson 2

Check out my Husband's posting!  Eric's Arabic Hour Lesson 2

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Happy Birthday Bone

On twitter today they announced that Bastard Out of Carolina is celebrating its 20th anniversary today. Twenty years! It’s a book that still stands out today. This is an essay I wrote about Bastard for Banned Books Week 2000.




There have been many books that have made me a writer. Harriet the Spy taught me to write down everything I saw, to not settle for the norm, and always write for you and to entertain. Bird by Bird…


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Taking Writing Seriously.

I haven't been on SheWrites in some time, nearly a year.  But I have been making positive changes to my dreams and goals.  

For one, I started taking Paxil again in October of 2011.  Up until then, I'd been off of it for a year and a half...and wasn't doing very well.  "Depression" doesn't begin to describe it, but "Just plain nuts" is about right.  

For two, after I got back on that little pink pill, I started doing creative things again.  Since it was Halloween, I…


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There are more hotdogs than dogs in Hollywood.


My dog Susie says

The bling! The hair! The makeup! And that was just Uggie.

My Big Mommy Sandy, and I arrived…


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Leap with the French, 'Reframed'

Winter can be dreary but thanks to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., we have the French, newly "reframed", to cheer us up on Leap Day. Today's post describes the renovation and restoration of the NGA's galleries of prized Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artworks.


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Need a Sample Query/Submission Cover Letter?

If you need help on how to write a query or submission cover letter, stop by my blog Zetta's Desk and see the sample we used as part of our submission guidelines.…


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Book Title:"In All Probability" & "Jumble Tales"

Author:Steve Morris

Published By:Pneuma Springs Publishing

Age Recommended:18 +

Reviewed By:Kitty Bullard

Raven Rating:5


Review:These are two wonderfully delightful books by a man that has clearly had his own ups and downs in life. Steve Morris weaves tales of good fortune and…


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Social Media and Writers

Every writer I know who still has a breath left in her acknowledges how vital, rewarding and consuming social media can be. Most still strive for balance. I asked some friends how they navigate social media and find time to write. This is what they told me (and I appreciate their candor):

  • "The hardest thing about social media is staying…

Added by Ilie Ruby on February 29, 2012 at 12:00am — 9 Comments

Five Reasons Not to Get an MFA - Reason #3

3. Reason #3 not to get an MFA: Cost


Let’s say that getting an MFA costs around $50,000 (not including housing, books, health insurance, etc). That’s two years and a significant amount of money that you could spend in a myriad of other ways. If you took just a fifth of that money, you could spend it on lectures, workshops, books, week long writing retreats, a personal computer just for your creative writing, or any other number of writing related activities. I did that math…


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My grandmother's story

I finally completed the first draft of a story inspired by my grandmother's journey to America from Russia when she was 14 in the early 30s. 


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The art of hugging

I once read somewhere that for a well-balanced psyche, we should each get eight hugs a day. I’ll admit I generally operate in a deficit in that area, but when I get them, I want them done right. "Right," of course, is relative. Read more at…


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