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Judging a Book by Its Cover

Can you judge a book by its cover? If so, I don’t know how I feel about being on the jacket of my book.  My first reaction when my publisher sent me the cover concept for Gap Year Girl asking for my feedback on “the direction,” was wow (!), I’m on the cover. You put me on the cover? Really? Not sure that’s something I’m comfortable with. At all.

To get the creative process rolling, I’d sent She Writes Press several book covers…


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Why I'm Choosing To Self-Publish

Before I became a writer (or a wife or a mother), I was a ballet dancer. I danced in Europe for most of my career—in Iceland, Italy, Germany, and Austria. For nearly six years I stitched together gigs here and there, which required a mix of talent, timing, and connections. I thought I’d finally cracked the code when I landed…


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            “You must have so much discipline!” non-writers exclaim when they discover my profession. “Do you write every day?” They gaze in wonder.

            “A writing day is a good day,” I say. “The hardest part is not writing. When there’s too much else I have to do, so my mind won’t settle down. I’m not happy then.”

            “Oh, I could never get myself to write regularly.” But each woman who says this to me could fill herself with satisfaction if she found the…


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Understanding the Traditional Publishing Model – 5 Facts

When publishing a book, writers always come across a pivotal publishing decision that will change the course of their writing careers forever: self-publish or go the traditional publishing route. In order to make that decision, She Writes wants to demystify the traditional publishing model and dish a dose of reality so you can make a more secure decision for your book’s future. Here are five facts that will help you understand the traditional publishing…


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7 Ways To Improve Your Amazon Author Page

Your author page on Amazon is a prime opportunity to sell yourself to a new potential reader, induce them to indulge in your book or enlighten a potential new publisher to exactly who you are – so you best make it as enticing as possible. In a literary sea of life stories and a superfluous universe of author platforms, being the stand out author isn’t always an easy feat, but She Writes is on your side. Here are five quick ways to improve your Amazon author page so every reader has…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] American Family by Catherine Marshall-Smith

            I didn’t write American Family; it burst from my chest like the alien in the movie by the same name starring Sigourney Weaver. It was also produced by the clash of politics, law and faith that swirled around LGBTQ rights at the beginning of the millennium.

            American Family began writing itself years before I even knew I was going to write it. When I try to figure out when my novel began, a…


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5 Creative Ways to Find More Time to Write

The most challenging part about writing – especially for aspiring writers – is simply finding the time to do so. For those with an exhausting daily grind, the key to carving out those precious creative hours is scoping out the out of the ordinary times to do it. Here are five brilliantly creative ways to find more time to write – and trust us, you’ll want to add these to your schedule.


Make it a Date

Usually us writers view writing time as a luxury, not as a…


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The 7 People It Takes to Write a Book

Let all us writers acknowledge one universal fact forever: Writing a book is not a one-man show; it takes a village.

While you may be the creative power behind every word of prose in your literary masterpiece, you likely weren’t alone in collecting inspiration. The support network – whether online or physical – is also an incredibly critical aspect of the writing process. No author is alone in perfecting their books or propelling them to publishing success. Here are the five people in…


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First Line Catches the Reader

Ever hear the phrase The Early Bird Catches the Worm? The writer’s twist would be:

The First Line Catches the Reader

They--the seasoned writers and professionals--say that the first line of any story is the one that gets the reader’s attention and keeps them reading. Of course. Makes sense, right? But I’ve been finding that many indie authors are overlooking this very important lesson. I can’t tell you how many indie books I’ve been asked to read where the…


Added by Dee Ann Waite on February 21, 2017 at 1:52pm — 37 Comments

Three Writing Tips for Aspiring Authors

Every author has a different way of getting to the finish line, but is there a best way? Expert Anne Janzer, who wrote a book called The Writer's Process, says the path to publication includes…


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Creative Courage

I love to ski, but seem to come to it with more injuries every year. Right knee, upper back, right wrist, left foot. I got a cortisone shot in my heel this time, determined not to miss out. My sister puts it somewhere between crazy and brave. Poised above an icy run at the top of Jackson Hole, for the first time I…


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Meet our She Writes University instructors

She Writes University is a seven-week series of online writing workshops and courses, led by bestselling authors and publishing experts. The team here at She Writes has put a lot of focus on curating a semester lineup that meets the needs of both beginning and established writers, even in a single class, and offers up curriculum designed to work with any genre. In fact, She Writes University has been over a year in the…


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5 Authors who are doing Twitter, Facebook and Instagram right

The gift of a writer is certainly the extraordinary ability to create magic with their fingertips on the keyboard or with pen on paper – unfortunately, none of that matters in the publishing world unless your social media game is strong (AKA: an integral part of a writer’s platform).

Some of us bards are gifted with social media savviness while admittedly, some of us are caught in the winds of digital awkwardness. Our inconsistent attempts of inviting our readers into the cocktail of…


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[Body, Mind & Spirit] Light Meditation for Dark Times

One of my life intentions is to relish the joy of self-expression. But lately I’ve been reluctant to say what I think, especially on social media and in my blog posts. This is partly because posting anything other than politics these days has felt trivial, and political…


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Editing Too Much Can Hold You Back

Do you spend hours tinkering with a single paragraph to get it just right? I used to do that too. When you're not sure what to write next, do you go back and polish what you've already written? Same here. When I was writing my first novel, Perfect on Paper, I spent a lot of time tweaking every little…


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Why She Writes University?

Last year, here at SheWrites.com, the team decided we wanted to launch She Writes University. We looked around at our amazing members and realized what a huge talent pool we had to draw from. We also know how many She Writers want information about how to get published, and we have access to the kinds of agents and…


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11 Plagiarism Scandals Every Writer Should Know About

Probably you have asked yourself: Why I should know about some plagiarism cases, if I am writer? How this could concern me?

Everyone knows that plagiarism is bad, but why plagiarism cases continue to appear again and again? 

Content writers throughout the world create thousands of articles every day. Not all of these writing pieces are original, because not all writers have high moral standards - some of them think that re-cycle works of…


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Take A Class With She Writes: Change Your Writing Life.

“Friends don’t let friends write alone.” -- Deborah Siegel, cofounder of SheWrites.com.

Writing is a lonely business. It’s one of the most well worn clichés of the writing life, but with good reason. It’s hard to do something that nobody else cares whether you do or not. Debbie Siegel and I started She Writes together because we knew that having a community can be one of the most game-changing things in a writers’ life. But community is only one piece of the puzzle.  The…


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What's your BHAG this year?

It's a new year and if January is any indication, there's no slowing down! With all the changes we're experiencing right now, it's easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of our goals - especially the loftier ones that are sometimes tied to our writing. I loved this post by our She Writes Press publisher Brooke Warner - 5 Ways for Writers to "Dig In" in 2017.…


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One Scene, Three Places

The place in which a scene in a novel is set has a tremendous effect on how the story’s characters will feel and react. The place can also affect how your reader will understand and respond to the scene.


In order to understand how place affects a scene, let’s look at a simple dialogue between…


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