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I just sent out my first query letters.....excited and nervous.

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How do you write when you're broken?

How do you write when you’re broken? That’s the question I have been pondering lately. It seems that every time I start to climb up something knocks me back down. I’ve been down so much lately that I’m starting to get a crick in my neck from trying to look up.

I don’t share a lot of personal information because … well, I just don’t. Without getting into specific detail I will say that more plans have fallen through. Plans that I really needed to work, not just to further my… Continue

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Never ending thoughts..

I tried to imagine myself with a hammer and a bat just pounding away at them. An eye for an eye it is in the bible, right? The truth is I could not do it. The thought of hurting anyone like that made me sick to my stomach. I thought about the atrocities in foreign countries. It was just not right. However, was the death penalty right? I concluded, in my mind it was. I also concluded it is not right the way it is in now, in America. It is a joke. It takes too long. Then there is the issue of… Continue

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Pain Sauce in Novels

“Wondering how many powerful and heartbreaking novels would not have been written if there were no dysfunctional families." Kris

The above was the Facebook ‘status’ of a dear friend (in real life and Facebook.) An artist of many genres, she's one of the very best and constant readers I know. I do believe Kris could have a library operating just for her.

So, I’ve been thinking about what she wrote. Do writers of dreadful happenings all… Continue

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Who, What and Why

Questions are the building blocks of writing. The answers to the questions that you ask are what builds your story.

When it comes to non-fiction writing – journalism in particular – there are the famous 5 Ws which need to be answered in any given news story: Who, What, Where, When, Why. And then, sometimes, it is instructive to add an H – How.

In fiction it is not THAT different: they are the fundamental questions for building a story. And the most basic questions are the… Continue

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I thought I had a good vocabulary

But when I went online to find out what a "trope" is, I ended up wandering, hopelessly enmeshed in a sea of pop culture references. Read more about it!

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The Poor Poet by Carl Spitzweg. Not terribly romantic.

It's hard not to be overwhelmed by bad news these days. Financial problems, health care 'debate' incivility, bombings in subway stations, natural disasters.... it's grim, and seemingly ubiquitous. Writers and booksellers are no stranger to dire predictions and this week two articles were brought to my attention. One was… Continue

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The Salonniere: Why SHE Writes? Tackling The Man Question.

The first man to join She Writes was my founding partner Deborah Siegel's dad. (Sorry, Dr. Siegel, for outing you here!) The best part is, I was the one to approve him, and I had absolutely no clue who he was. This was in the first week of She Writes' explosive entry into the world of cyberspace, and we were approving hundreds of members a day. But when I saw the name "Allen Siegel" it stopped me in my tracks. Why on…


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I went to see my therapist today and punched in my passcode(673). I’ve changed the #’s in case you know where I go to therapy and will break into the building and steal my records: panic attacks, hypervigilance, regular old neuroses and sometimes eating problems). Then I went to Starbucks to get a Chai Latte(my latest addiction) and to grade papers. I had to go to the restroom. Guess what? I needed to put in a passcode: 2,4,6,8, who do you appreciate. I remembered it from last week. I was so… Continue

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Language and Culture

When I first posted about writing when English isn’t your first language, I received a comment asking about British English. This got me thinking about the vast cultural differences between England, America, Australia, Canada and other English-speaking countries and regions. I realized after reading some screenplays written by people living in or from these countries that even if English is your first language, there are… Continue

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FATE By, Vickie Gray

Chapter One

The nineteen year-old had been wondering these last eighteen hours why she'd agreed to natural childbirth.

“Push Nadine, you’re almost there.”

She’d thought it would be cool to talk about later with her friends. Maxwell wanted children and she was so in love that she had agreed.

With her last bit of strength, she gave one final push.

“Well, hello, Joseph,” said Dr. Ramsay, the baby in his hands. “Welcome to the world. Nurse… Continue

Added by Vickie L. Gray on March 31, 2010 at 8:30am — 1 Comment

Girl on Film

I don't know what I must have looked like but due to the horrendous conditions up here, the farm has turned into a mud bath and I went arse over tit whilst trying to make my way back to the house. Wellies unable to grip, sunk and slid until I eventually lost my footing and having nothing to hold onto, allowed my hands to take the fall. I was a cross cookie, muttering, "for fuck's sake" under my breath at the mud. When I got back to the house I smiled, realising no one had seen me and the local… Continue

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The Techie: How Not to Be Boorish, Boring, or Bored on Twitter

Mia Eaton taps into her Twitter knowledge, with Margaret Atwood as spokeswoman. And this is only Part I.

Twitter is too vast a subject to cover in one post, but let's begin like this. Try to think of Twitter as a salon—a thoughtfully curated gathering of voices, news, and opinions from people with whom you choose to share your time. It is a place to contribute your thoughts, your humor or sensitivity, your unique… Continue

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Tana Pesso's First Invite Love In

My post is a review of Tana Pesso's new book, "First Invite Love In", which offers tool for creating a more compassionate life.

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Oh So Far--I'm still a crazy fool but I..

I think you lied to me. All you movers and shakers that walked into ways you didn't fully understand and couldn't begin to express. Then you all left me.

What I want is for he who is in love with me to hold me like a precious suspended snowflake in his hand. Crush it and it's insides warmly liquefy.

It's not that I don't want anyone to "be real" with me. It's that I know it is possible to be treated sweetly most days. I know that because I know God and because He… Continue

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Traditional v. Self-Publishing

Right now I am a little anxious about finishing up my work titled, "Who Cares What You Think...So What You Think? A Journey Through the Mind." The book does not specifically fit into any specific genre, in that it fuses prose with a little bit of poetry to accurately depict my emotional state, so I think creative non-fiction is the best way to describe it.

I am elated that I have come this far with it but am a little weary about writing my query letters. I have constantly struggled… Continue

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Trash talk

There are things in one's life that outlive their usefulness.

Whether it's a staying in a stale relationship, going to McDonald's, enjoying Kenny G or keeping crap you just don't need any more, some things simply don't keep a relevant place in a conscious life.

And there are opportunities to elegantly walk away, not participate, not listen, not do, not try, not accept less, not hold on just for the sake of holding.

It's no more tangibly expressed, this letting… Continue

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The Cougar-Cub Connection: The New Dating Rage

My husband’s new car came with Sirius radio. When we take the car on our treks, we tend to fight over which station we get to listen to. I prefer Frank Sinatra and rock classics, and my husband immediately picks the NFL channel. So, in the quest to keep a peaceful household, we take turns. The funny thing about satellite radio is that they seem to have the same ads running over and over. On the NFL channel, one of the ads that I am most fond of is for a website called Cougarlife dot… Continue

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It's almost April again..

For the past 11 years I have hated April. Towards the end of March my body begins to feel heavy; I feel depressed and angry. I am very sensitive to everything, noise, light, happy people..everything upsets me. Then I realize it is almost April and with the dreaded month of April comes the reminder, the anniversary (how I hate that word) of David's death. It isn't just me; my husband's body, who's son also died in April, has the same physical symptoms. For all those people that said time will… Continue

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