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Writing for Survival

Tsuris (noun): trouble, aggravation, or misery

      I’ve just completed a memoir in essays I’m calling, How I Lost My Bellybutton and Other Naked Survival Stories, in which I try to make sense of the ridiculous amount of tsuris I’ve had in my fifty-seven years. As I begin sending it out into a publishing world that’s become quite weird, I’m feeling surprisingly Buddhist. Of course I want to entertain, illuminate, and move others with published work, but…


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A Woman's Love for Her Man


As I lay next to you, I look at your face while you sleep.

I paint every inch of it in my mind, like an

artist paints his picture on a canvas. I feel your warm

breath as I gently stroke your face. It feels like a soft

summer breeze as it blows by, gently blowing the

leaves on the trees. We have such a…


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The Lovely Soul

Did you know that  April is National Poetry Month? -- Of course you do...


Often times we look for external validation, especially writers. We constantly think: Is this good? Does this make sense? Would my words help anyone? Am I relevant?.....Read on at:

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Where to find me...

Because I have MS and my energy is quite limited, I write my posts in one place. I humbly invite you to read my latest entry at my main blog  Shine the Divine: Creativity IS a Spiritual Practice.


Here's a sample post from a few weeks ago title: String of Pearls (and knots)



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Check out what reviewers/writers have to say about my book.

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Poetry Events in California

I moved to California less than three years ago, and I've not always found it easy to find out what's going on in the area (and there's the battle to get there that is LA-area traffic). More and more, I'm realizing that a lot is going on here on the writing scene. I've found a lot of people excited about poetry, with a craving to read poetry, hear poetry, and write poetry. I'm still trying to figure out how to take advantage of all this energy, not just for my own work but because creative…


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Lady Boomer Survey Results

I’m a numbers junkie.  My husband and I have a market research firm and conduct surveys and focus groups for a variety of issues throughout the country.  So, I conducted an online survey of Lady Boomers between the ages of 46-65.  Thanks to sites like Boomer Café and Vibrant Nation, almost 600 women were surveyed about issues ranging from their spiritual and creative lives, children, careers, and even the characteristics and traits defining them as people.  


A particularly…


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Confessions of an Exercise Addict

I’m not athletic.  Ask anyone who knows me from my youth and they’ll tell you, yeah, she was more the book and theatre type.  True. 

But I’m also extremely vain. I went to acting school in Los Angeles, after all.  I won’t even start in about the permanent damage done to my psyche from attending college with the beautiful people when you’re one of the average people.

I’m also short.  My mother says if I were a car, I’d be the fuel-efficient model, meaning it takes few calories…


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Fear Management for Storytellers

Therese Walsh, author of The Last Will of Moira Leahy and co-founded of uber-blog for writers Writer Unboxed, is guest posting for me on what it's like to get that book deal, get published by a major publisher (Random House), and have a second book already contracted for.

Is it all fun and games?

Not necessarily.

Does she know what to do about that?

Yes, she does. And she teaches us the way all good…


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Update to Erotic Romance anthology call; other calls with looming deadlines

For some reason unknown to me, gmail disabled the account I'd set up for my Erotic Romance anthology (see below), so I'm extending the deadline to April 20th and asking, just for this anthology, authors to send submissions to rachelkramerbussel at with "Erotic Romance submission" in the subject line. Looking forward to reading! The other calls below remain intact.

For an idea of what I'm looking for, please read…


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My Life As a Tiger Cub Mom

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I was raised by a “tiger mom” — the kind made famous by Amy Chou’s Wall Street Journal article, “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” — I am a child of Asian (Korean) immigrant parents who raised me to achieve great academic heights, or…


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Should Child Rapist Have a Trial-part 2

 THE VOICE: After our conversation earlier in the day with Durham, many of the characters have called in with requests to voice their opinion on the…


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Should Child Rapist Have a Trial?

THE VOICE: Good, Morning. Here we are with another interview with Durham from The Fishing Trip.  "Should a child rapist stand trial" that is the question I put towards Durham when I was able to get him back In the Chair- the interview didn't go very nice. After his chair tossing profanity rant, which he is…


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Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

One of the things that motivated me to start writing was the idea of self-publishing, which is essentially publishing something on your own without having to go through a company publisher.  Amazon's self-publishing service CreateSpace was what really grabbed my attention more than anything else.  I…


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Facts, New or Not

A new edition of Facts - and they're fun - has been posted. This one features facts about whoopie pies, the 200th birthday of New York City's grid, "Leather Man" in Ossining, New York, and more.

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How To Make A Horse's Neck.

It will probably be a torrid day, but the good gardener is out before breakfast while the dew is wet.

With the kitchen scissors she cuts back the faded roses. They look like wilted debutantes who have been dancing too long at the ball.

From the heap of compost concealed behind the rockery covered in orange lotus, she gives each bush a spongy topper. This will have to do in lieu of parasols.…

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Childhood in a Bag, A Not So Trivial Pursuit

© 2011 Leighann Lord

A close friend recently hosted a “Game Night” and all of us who attended were charged with bringing our favorites. Rising to the challenge, I brought a goodie bag full of old school: dominoes, cloth and wire jump ropes for Double Dutch, and a sack full of classic metal jacks. You heard me. Jacks!…


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While thoroughly enjoying

Cleaning my oven door yesterday morning.

I came to…


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A feature on Tami Jackson - Author.

Hello Ladies


Today's post is the weekly feature I do on one of my blog hoppers.


This week it is on Tami Jackson: Author of Ravena & the Resurrected (humorous vampire thriller and cartoon series) -


She's an interesting character and a sweet lady. 


If you have five minutes, stop by and take a look.


What will the light reveal?..…


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