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Editing Too Much Can Hold You Back

Do you spend hours tinkering with a single paragraph to get it just right? I used to do that too. When you're not sure what to write next, do you go back and polish what you've already written? Same here. When I was writing my first novel, Perfect on Paper, I spent a lot of time tweaking every little…


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The Advantages of Self-Publishing

   I have self-published 2 books now and I wanted to share some advantages of self-publishing with you guys now that I feel that I have enough experience. Sometime down the line, I will write disadvantages to self-publishing as well so you can decide the best route for yourself.

 You basically have total say in the book cover. This does come out of your own time and pocket. I would not recommend making your own unless you have experience and can make the cover look…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] CUT: A Medical Murder Mystery

Almost three years ago my friends asked, “What are you going to do when your retire? You’re only sixty.”

         My response was, “I’m just getting started and I need time to follow my other passions, writing, yoga and swimming.”  Having worked in the busy and chaotic transplant world for thirty-five years, I was never bored for a minute. No amount of money could give me the satisfaction I felt when I participated on a team that provided the…


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Interview with Liza Treviño, Author of ‘All That Glitters: A Tale of Sex, Drugs and Hollywood Dreams’

Liza Treviño hails from Texas, spending many of her formative years on the I-35 corridor of San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. In pursuit of adventure and a Ph.D., Liza moved to Los Angeles where she compiled a collection of short-term, low-level Hollywood jobs like script girl, producer assistant and…


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BookBub Basics -International E-Book Sale-An Assessment by a She Writes Press Author

     Before focusing on bringing my next book to publication, I applied last fall for a BookBub featured deal for my historical novel, Even in Darkness, which came out in April 2015. Following a previous successful campaign in December 2015, I wanted a second shot at BookBub, hoping for a pre-holiday spot. Attempting to target a different readership, I switched from the historical fiction category of my 2015 deal to literary fiction.…


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[Body, Mind & Spirit] The Only Reason To Do Anything Is for Love

Most Mondays I wake up raring to go. Some days I hit the ground running, but other days, the sheer number of things I want (and tell myself I “have” to do) paralyzes me. My best defense is to dump everything that’s swirling around inside my head onto the page. This morning my to-do list looked like…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] How to Come Up With a Book Title

I wasn’t too surprised when my publisher announced, after the copy edit had been complete, that she didn’t like my title, and she’d like to ask the copy editor to brainstorm a few ideas. I hadn’t been married to my working title “An Impossible Love, Revisited,” which a friend and I had…


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Marketing Tip: Link Your Blog Posts to Goodreads and Amazon

When it comes to author blogging, there are two questions I hear more than any others:

1.    What should I blog about?

2.    How can I get people to read my blog?

Regarding the content of your blog, that's up to you. For the most part, I like to blog about grammar, book marketing, and the writing process itself, but other authors take a more personal approach and share details about their daily lives. Those who write nonfiction often blog about the topics…


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Distribution 101

Proceed with caution: we’re about to wonk out on publishing.


Distribution is probably one of the least understood areas of book publishing. For starters, distribution, like a lot of words in book publishing, is used to describe a process. But as we all know, not all…


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5 Questions for . . . Dan Blank (on the release of his new book, Be the Gateway)

Last week, Dan Blank, founder of WeGrowMedia and friend of SheWrites.com, released his new book,…


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How Screenwriters Helped my Memoir

You’re a writer; you know the feeling. Your palms are sweaty and you’re tapping a pencil on your desk. You’ve got an article…


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Watch Those Dangling Participles

If there is one grammar term that I never understood until recently, it was "dangling participle." Now that I finally know what it means, I thought I'd explain it here.

participle is a form of a verb. For example, writing and written are participles of the verb to write. 

  • I am writing this blog post (present participle)
  •  I have written this blog post (past participle)




Added by Maria Murnane on March 13, 2017 at 8:54am — 1 Comment

Simplify Your Book-Writing Process with a Book Style Guide

Want to save time in your book-writing process?

  • Tired of trying to remember the breed of your protagonist’s neighbor’s dog?
  • Sick of flipping back and forth to figure out how you formatted that previous infographic caption or citation?
  • Do you keep…

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Censor Yourself Later (If At All)

Tayari Jones
says that censorship isn’t always evil, but it will seriously undermine your writing process

Self-censorship is not always a bad thing. I think we all have things that we would like to write about, but don't think it would be worth the fall out. The question of what's worth it is entirely up to you. That said; never censor yourself while…


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[SWP: Behind the Book] The Challenges of Reconstructing the Past

The Challenges of Reconstructing the Past


Nancy R. Hinchliff


 Before I wrote my first memoir, I had been writing mostly journal articles and personal essays in-between running a bed and breakfast. The idea to write a memoir came from…


Added by Nancy Hinchliff on March 6, 2017 at 10:40am — 4 Comments

Marketing Tip: Ask Your Fans to Promote You

If you're like most authors, promoting your work doesn't come naturally to you. The same goes for the vast majority of your readers. They may love your book(s), but it would never occur to them to actively spread the word. And even if they want to help get the word out, they probably don't know how. That's why marketing is so hard!

One way to get your fans to help you is to create a list of easy ways they can promote your work. Then, when readers tell you they enjoyed your…


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