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Me and my Kindle

I bought a Kindle about a month ago. I like it. I read Wolf Hall on it and it was a lot easier than holding that brick over my face in bed.

I think the Kindle is good for authors because there is no secondary market. Everyone who buys your Kindle edition pays the same money and you get your cut.

It doesn’t hurt that a lot of classic novels are available for little or no money. Check out the complete works of Robert Louis Stevenson! That includes the poetry! I once priced a… Continue

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A Fountain of Memories (revised #2)

The leaves skittered over the ground, dancing as the wind carried them under a mosaic-tiled heaven. This place held so many memories. He carried me as if I was weightless when we danced that night. So much passion in the air, you could cut it with a knife. It was an odd place to hold a wedding reception I told her, but she didn’t care. It was stunning. Gorgeous. Mystical. It was as if time could stand still in this place; she could preserve her happiness, the memory of her wedding day, in a… Continue

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Anorexia and a Southern goodbye

(Note: this and the previous blog posts are parts of a longer piece I am planning for publication this summer, and eventually plan to use in my memoir of my life and (eventual) recovery from anorexia from the perspective of a woman who became ill with anorexia at the age of 41 — with no prior history or eating disorders.)

Nothing is simple when you have anorexia nervosa. Not even saying good-bye to a loved one.

Today we buried my grandpa. He lived a long, well-loved… Continue

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In the alley of darkness and shadows I walk,

Into a bottomless abyss is where I fall,

I scrape my soul as I slowly crawl,

Out of the depth of this blackhole.

The shelf-life of my being was cut to half,

Into the bright light I did not walk,

The way I was living, I did not want,

The kind that was filled with thunderstorm,

Choked with emotions, I couldn't breathe,

Ran out of air, I couldn't speak,

Thumps of my heart were agonizing… Continue

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Starry starry night....

The sound that echoed in the field,

The lead pellets that are buried in his chest still,

Were his savior, for he, they did not kill.

Though the shot was deadly,

Still the blood had flown very slowly,

His body took 2 days to stop its bloody cry,

In the end it understood his need,

His desperation to rise and to fly.

He crossed over, leaped into the unseen,

It was alot more than what he had imagined,

Was nowhere close to where he had… Continue

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Feeling pretty smart about the Edgars...

Several weeks ago, I read and ranked the Edgar nominees. Now that the MWA announcement of the winners is out, I'm pleased to see that the judges agreed with me! Read more.

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Portrait of a Ninja

Recently I discovered that I am a Daughter of Persephone, as Demetra George defines such children in her excellent book, Mysteries of the Dark Moon.

Personally, I was marked by Persephone at the age where I was moving from a girl to a Maiden. I experienced the nastiness of "sexual harassment" before it was called such, and my worldview of innocence was shattered. Thus changed, I crawled into my headspace, away from the world and from my body. I took refuge in my storytelling,… Continue

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Countdown to Publication Day 60: The Midwest Goes West for AWP (or What is Midwestern Literature Anyway?)

The annual conference of the AWP, (Advanced Writing Programs), has become a yearly hobnobbing event of inspiration and exhaustion—in the seminar room, at the bookfair table, or under the hotel bar—a conference that dangerously throws the talented and divinely publicized in among the not-so-famous and often desperate folk who are:

a) bright-eyed graduate students of the talented and publicized;

b) short-story lovers scanning the beautifully-made and never-heard-of or… Continue

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Heroine Worship

I was reminded the other night of the many lectures I heard during high school and college about the "hero's journey." As any good English teacher will tell you it is the stuff of all the great literature. Let's face it, The Odyssey wouldn't be much if there wasn't...well...a journey. The great stories of the ages and the lessons of history are filled with men who have struggled to overcome great obstacles to triumph.

I grew up on these stories and as much as I could I was… Continue

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UK General Election latest – The Guardian endorse the Liberal Democrats

The Guardian has finally decided to throw its weight behind the Liberal Democrats with their full endorsement. About time! But while it is very welcome in my opinion – is it too late and too close to polling day to really make a difference?

read more at miscellani.org/blog/

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She Writes on Fridays: Who Is She When She's Not Writing a Book?

Deborah Siegel owns her writerly angst.

A few weeks ago, I proclaimed my new status of not-writing-that-next-book. I declared my peace with the decision, heart-wrenching though it was, and announced my intention to move on. The books amassed for the ex-topic are still gathering dust on my shelf—haven’t had the courage to pack them away—but my heart is healed and already I’m… Continue

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She Writes for Free

SheWrites, is a kind of on-line support group for and about women who write. And while I'm pretty hostile to the idea of dividing genders -- especially in things professional -- there is, I have to admit, some logic in reaching out to women who share, sadly, a set of challenges that reflect the pathology of our culture, and make it just that much more difficult to produce, to be taken seriously, or more to the point—to support ourselves by our wit, creativity and craft.

Today there… Continue

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Re-discovering Writing

I am so happy to have discovered "She Writes" just at this time. I am finally beginning to take myself seriously as a writer-which means I am actually writing instead of just thinking about writing. A community of fellow writers is just what I need to keep me going!

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Virtual book tour for Please, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission

Every day in May (a few dates at the end will be filled in ASAP - email pleaseantho at gmail.com with your URL and mailing address - US only for the free book - if you want to be part of the tour) a new blogger will post about Please, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission. Join us! Links will be updated below as they're posted. (Note: some of these blogs are NSFW.)

Please, Sir book tour dates for… Continue

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The Writer-Entrepreneur: Amy Tiemann’s Mojo for Independent Publishing

In which Miriam Peskowitz interviews Amy Tiemann about her new book Courageous Parents, Confident Kids: Letting Go So You Both Can Grow, and about e-book publishing as a book launch tool.

Amy Tiemann, author of… Continue

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Reflections on a 'writing holiday'

I've never been wholly convinced by the idea of writing classes. On my way to being a professional freelance writer, the most useful lessons I've learnt haven't been in classrooms or on webinars, but those taught by the experience of having my stories chucked back at me (metaphorically speaking, usually, in this world of emails and distance working), covered in red ink.

Of the few times I've been in an environment when I have, in theory, been 'taught' writing skills, I've come away either… Continue

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Poetry Book Give-Away Challenge

National Poetry Month comes to a close today. At its start, I joined other poets and poet-bloggers in offering a poetry book give-away. I'm offering two books. To have a chance to win the first, be sure to leave a note in the comment box of my April 1 post.

To have a chance to win the seccond, take my Poetry Challenge, which is posted here today:…


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In honor of Poetry Month, here's my contribution to SheWrites

Hi all

I live far away from the city, and won't likely be able to leave poetry in anyone's pocket except that of my friends who read this.

One evening, I sat at a stop light, waiting for the light to turn green. Casually looking up to the sky, I was stunned by what I saw. Here is what that moment inspired.

Night Sky

Tinamarie Bernard

Lightly suspended by celestial filament

The flaxen sliver of the new moon

Cast its pale light onto a lone wisp… Continue

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April 29

I took you at your word and went out for a while this afternoon. The day itself was poetry. The sky, the clouds, and the grasses were gorgeous. Thanks for the suggestion.

Author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers

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