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:: wind farms ::

:: wind farms ::

all at sea, a clear day.

all clear.

a55 to rhyl.

no ships grounded,

all out to sea


and open.

we talked of clear minds,

as a child,

the child who ran way

and ended

all at sea.

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We at Great Minds wish to thank you David for allowing us this interview. Our first question has to do with one of your previous occupations. It says in your bio on the Simon & Schuster site that you were a musician/singer. What kind of music did you perform and what were some of your favorite highlights during this time?

I have performed folk…

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Getting to the Core

Last night my son and I cut up a fresh pineapple – the old fashioned way – with a sharp knife. As we slice the top off, we debated which method to use for removing the core. He wanted to use the knife to work around it, and then slice the pineapple into rings. I suggested just…


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You've been summoned: reporting for jury duty

It’s only happened to me one – until a few weeks ago. I can’t say I was thrilled, but I can say that jury duty certainly is an interesting experience. Read more in "You’ve been summoned" on Random Brain Dumping: http://wp.me/p1QAlM-2L

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If These Shoes Could Talk

Yesterday, I spent the weekend in Los Angeles to give readings from Silver Sparrow at Eso Won Bookstore and the Los Angeles Times Festival of the Book.  For both events, I wore the shoes you see pictured here.  I know they aren’t much to look at.  They’re not red-bottoms, or Jimmy Choo’s.  But when I bought them, about twelve years ago, they were a real investment.  When I was in…


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Public Manners - or - "Oh, I can clean out a room!"

They look normal to me . . .


There is a scene in the movie, “Over the Hedge”, in which the skunk, using only those talents with which she was blessed at birth,…


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Are miracles still taking place in this crazy, topsy-turvy world we live in? Yes, I believe they are.


What about the ability to get up in the mornings? Isn’t it a miracle the way blood pumps through our bodies, and our lungs retract and expand, pulling life-giving air into our being? Man can do lots of things, but he cannot create a living, breathing, spirit filled man, woman or child. If you still don’t believe in miracles think about this.


How did you feel…


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recipe for: what did i do?

recipe for: wtf did I do (sunday)?

if i follow this list maybe i’ll remember…i came home smelling like w----, there were cups all over,  i’d ripped five new band dates playing from the newspaper , with black magic marker circled…

3 parts of cold water

wasabi, 1 ounce

2 ounces of visene

.25 of dishwasher detergent

.25 of laundry detergent

1 black sharpie marker

strong glasses (for BOA withdraw)

2 cups of caffeinated…


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Two Book Giveaways: Mystery/Adventure Novel and Non Fiction Book

Mystery/Adventure Series: Book Giveaway May 1 - 7: To win one of THREE MYSTERIES - Anasazi Intrigue, Mayan Intrigue, or Montezuma Intrigue, read the directions below.

The Adventures of John and Julia Evans: ADVENTURE...SUSPENSE...ROMANCE...HUMOR...INTRIGUE!

Behind the Scenes: This series was inspired by one of my favorite TV shows called Hart to Hart, which featured a married couple investigating and solving crimes staring Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers. The couple was madly…


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Skills to Develop to Complement Your Writing

All the best writers I know are lifelong learners, thirsty for knowledge and constantly updating their writing skills. They’re also constantly expanding and consolidating their skill sets: adding new skills that are related to, and complementary to, their writing. Here are a few skills that writers need in their daily tasks, and can often use to expand their business and find new freelance opportunities.

Today I'm blogging about the skill set we need to develop to succeed as writers,…


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Monday Muse: 'Quarantine' as Artist's Book

Monday Muse takes a look at the creation by Pacific Editions of Quarantine, an artist's book inspired by the Eavan Boland poem of the same title. I've included a stop-motion video showing how the book was created.


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Letter to an Emerging Writer: How to Stay Motivated

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I led a writing workshop at a writers conference, and today was contacted by a participant with questions that still burned: How do we keep going?  How do we make ourselves keep writing, without any real deadline or urgency?  How on earth do we stick to it?

Here, in part, was my answer to this serious, thoughtful, curious writer:

"I do understand entirely how it is easier to work when you have deadlines imposed from outside you.  But in general,…


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just a little me

Why do I continue to think it's important to have money yet apparently think my efforts for wanting it go unscathed by traditional means. I network and I don't stress. I find that if I do something nice for someone, they'll return the favor in kind. However, I've been placed in institutions and jail and held hostage for negotiation purposes and It's no fun let me tell you. Apparently, these big money magnets would rather lick you up and send in a third party or even south to coerce your… Continue

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Yesterday - a best-seller. Today - a nobody.

Fiona writes: Over the past few two days more than twenty thousand people have downloaded my new novel The Most Beautiful Thing. They were going like hotcakes. Every few seconds I could click on…


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What Prose Writers Can Learn from Poetry, Part II

It's tempting, I think, when writing narrative-driven prose (fiction or non-fiction) to imagine that the end of the plot is the end of the story. 'What happened at the end' too often drives a story toward a final event--a concluding moment rendered in action--instead of an ending grounded in an ethical or emotional change in the lives of your characters.

Poetry, with its imagistic and/or musical endings, can offer different models for the final note of a piece of…


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International Stillborn Alliance

Have you every had or known someone who had a stillborn.  Well, I have, I lost my son 26 yrs ago on January 29th and I thought I was all alone.  I had no support from anyone.  I have since grown both emotionally and spirutually after all these years.  But I needed help from some very special people.  I have since became incontact with ISA "The International Stillborn Alliance".  A wonderful organization that helps the women and their families, helps brings awareness to stillborns, helps to…


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Kings River Life Is Back with great articles!

Kings River Life Magazine went down Wednesday due to server issues which we are still battling. In the meantime we have set up a temporary home so we can continue to provide great articles & a new issue just went up today! You will find animal rescue, a review of Linda O. Johnston's latest pet rescue mystery, a chance to win a copy of the book & a video interview with Linda along with an article about the new season of Sherlock beginning May 6 so come check us out…


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It had been a tough day.

And we had three boys.

Those are my excuses . . .

The day had started out slowly.

Mark had sleep-walked and nearly mistook the closet for the bathroom.

Caught just in time.

Because I am superwoman.

Shortly thereafter (oooh, good word), Mark and Erik had staged an argument/battle over the TV remote.

I should explain, here, that the word 'remote' was largely optimistic at this point.

There was a…


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"Can We All Get Along?"

It was overcast that Wednesday. I was in a mood. I'd been in a mood throughout that semester; I was in a college creative writing class and survived my first real critque. Our teacher had to go teach a seminar on something so we had a subsititute that wasn't as, what's the word, nice? It wasn't like he tore me apart or anything, but step by step he dismantled this story I'd been working on all semester long. It was about a girl in Catholic School who during a rainy day at school after a fun…


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