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Showing Up...

Thinking about her date tonight, she turns off the shower faucet. Her skin is tender as she pats herself dry with a thick, white towel. Then she wraps her hair into a heavy, terrycloth turban. She needs more lotion than usual tonight because she had been lying in the sun all day. This is made apparent by her rosy, toasted skin and rouge, sun-dusted shoulders. Her skin burns in a nice way, making her feel alive and sexually potent. She massages cool dollops of moisturizing cream into her skin...… Continue

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Decadent Deceptions - Recommended Read and Five Stars!




Loved, loved, loved this book! Did I say I loved this book?
I’m in awe of Keta Diablo’s gifted writing ability. She paints such… Continue

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Why Do Something If It Can Be Done: Quoting Gertrude Stein # 47

"Why is Gertrude Stein So Important?" was the title of one panel at the American Literature Association last weekend, with an entire day of panels on Stein. I was invited to talk about her murder mystery "Blood on the Dining-Room Floor" which I had translated into German ("keine keiner. Ein Kriminalroman). You might be surprised -- and Stein herself would have been surprised -- that this was her maiden voyage into the ivory tour of the ALA. Yes, for… Continue

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New online magazine!

This weekend I launched my new online magazine, Kings River Life. While it mostly features items of interest to those in the San Joaquin Valley of California, we also have interviews with California authors and we are serializing one of my mystery novels, DEADLY DISCRIMINATION.
Come check us out at We are also looking for submissions from Valley area writers.
Follow us on twitter @kingsriverlife
Lorie Ham

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Opportunity cost weighs heavily...

It's the last day of a four-day weekend and I have so many things I wanted to do this weekend, reading, writing, weeding, riding my bike...

At least I finished the two books I had going ... one is a mother-daughter memoir, another a father-son. Read more about Ruth Reichl's sad book here.…


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Five Questions For...Sofia Quintero

This week, Rachel Kramer Bussel--senior editor at Penthouse Variations, columnist, and editor of over 30 erotic anthologies, most recently, Please, Sir and Please, Ma'am--asks Sofia Quintero--author of many novels for "women who love hip hop even when hip hop fails them" under the pen name Black Artemis, and most… Continue

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Blue Star Museums Initiative

My post today is a feature about the Blue Star Museums project. Many hundreds of museums are participating in the project, which officially begins today and lasts until September 6 (Labor Day), offering free admission to service members and their families as a way to say thank for their contributions to our nation's safety and security.…


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Dear Editor - The Fine Line Editorial Writers' Problem Page

Fine Line Editorial is proud to announce the arrival of its resident writers' agony aunt at

Whether it's the fine art of semicolon use, the dreaded writer's block, a family who don't seem to realise you'd rather be writing than washing up, you're in need of a prompt, or anything in between, send problems to

Also, please feel free to offer any advice to help your fellow writers… Continue

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Gentle Hold - a tribute to my Dad

All those years of scouring the shops wondering what to buy, would it be another jumper, perhaps a CD or a book. Whatever it was, a box of Bassets Liquorice Allsorts always accompanied it. You were hugely grateful for those, something you would put on your table by your chair, next to the remote control and packet of Dunhill International. I guess I since realised that the sweets were all you needed, a bonus next to the hug you appreciated so much more. I can still feel your warm, pillow soft… Continue

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Unedited Begining of Chapter from Brand New Eyes (Emma)- Feedback?

I wake up most days completely oblivious to my surroundings. I hear the alarm clock, the television or my Matthew stumbling around in the kitchen getting breakfast because he wakes up earlier than I do, but my mind is oblivious. Too many situations consuming the thoughts I should be having and pulling them under and replacing them with screams and cries wailing in the cerebral cortex, busting my ear drums and purging through the soul of me. It slowly diminishes the confidence that I once… Continue

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The only way to learn

At one point or another in our lives, we've been told that it's okay to make mistakes, okay to fail, to screw up. The catch is that we are meant to learn from the mistakes, pick ourselves up after failures, and find a new path -- now that we know what to do differently.

And along the way, we've been supported by the people in our lives that care about us the most when we take those missteps, hit rock bottom, or feel like nothing is going right. It's our parents, our significant… Continue

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Women of a certain age need help. Luckily, there is help available. With the huge Boomer Generation now approaching their dotage, the free market has seen the opportunity for huge profits, and thus the underwear and cosmetic giants have introduced many miracle products.

I have five different pairs of Spanx. These wonder undergarments slim you, make you look firm, and remain somehow comfortable for long periods. I remember the old days of long line girdles, and I DO NOT want to go… Continue

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10 Ways to Stay Inspired and Passionate about Writing

Staying creatively inspired and passionate about your writing can be challenging, especially if you write every day. Some days, I have no clue what I want to write about, and I end up writing dribble or half-completed poems.

While bad, uninteresting, and uninspired writing is a significant part of the creative process, it can feel defeating to go several days or even weeks without writing something that truly sparks my passion. As a result, I’ve learned to turn to tricks… Continue

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Thought for the Day

My regular feature "Thought for the Day" is a John Muir quote about the need for beauty.

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The fingers touch me like cocaine

And it runs through my veins

The emerald eyes are piercing through

Encircling the blind side that can't be defined

The sheer chivalry calms this once raging storm

As blood begins to boil and blurs out in warn

Being this comfortable seems so easy

But I know that this cannot be destiny

Everything is intertwined with loose stiching

Slowly coming undone and repenting

What we have done is only ceremony

But the… Continue

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On passports and cultural pursuits

When I wrote last week’s blog there were four days left to the dislocation that led me to where I am now: the city of Porto, Portugal. Yet I feel that I am only partly here. Though I am far from being “a global village on two legs,” as Pico Iyer describes himself, I am never completely in, or of, any one place, for I carry many places within me like treasures.

I do not find that taking planes is “as natural as picking up the phone or going to school” but I like to hear Iyer… Continue

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Ready, Set...Launch! Using the Internet to promote your work

Books don’t launch themselves–they need a big push. Most writers don’t have the luxury of having a big publishing house behind them to handle promotion. Except for really big names, most writers need to do most of their publicity. As soon as you’ve signed a contract with a publisher, it’s time to turn your attention toward promotion. Don’t wait until your book is published before creating your promotion–you’ll want to hit the ground running once you… Continue

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Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's edition of my weekly feature "Saturday Sharing" offers items about The Literary Platform, which showcases creative projects that combine literature and technology; the beautiful new Taschen book "The First Six Books of the Elements of Euclid" (I provide a link to view it virtually); links to see the gorgeous Hubble Space Telescope images; the marvelous painting "Kids", by Michael Craig-Martin; a video providing a virtual tour of the Secret Annex where Anne Frank and her family hid from… Continue

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Diamonds Are Forever

Something didn't feel right, the atmosphere differed from that of a child's carefree bedroom. I pottered about the room, looking at the books sitting quietly upon their shelves, photographs in novelty frames transfixed in my direction as our eyes met across a crowded room. My dad, as always, stood holding the dog's lead, mum smiling behind Amy in her pram; their expressions a little impatient as I fumbled with the camera, desperate to get the perfect shot. That was in 2001, just two weeks… Continue

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