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:: i did not know ::

i did not know there was theme each month,

i must have missed it, and no one said,

too polite and kind i guess.

i shall carry on regardless

now the red rose had flowered

now it is june.

if i had a theme, it may be buttercups,

long stemmed. they will cut the verges


the yellow flags could have a title,

or blue bell woods would.

i did not get the piano...

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Melting into the Earth

There are moments that arrive without warning, when walls close in, when the air thins, knees buckle, and I feel myself dissolving into the earth. TIme stops, and the raw reality of now reminds me that Alex is (still) dead. Writing these words is never easy, but tonight, for some reason, it leaves me breathless. In this freeze-frame moment, he dies all over again. The scab rips off, the bleeding refuses to stop, and I retreat to a fetal position, holding on for dear life. No book deal, no…


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Day 11 of my 90 day. What a workout.

Conflict. Some mature language in content.

Shelby Walker?” His voice echoed around the close. “I’ll ask you to leave those things Miss.” What she had retrieved she held in her hand. ‘Identification. Innocent, and that old saying. Don’t be afraid. You have done nothing wrong.’  She stood directly in…


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God's Acre

It's been difficult to write lately.  My mind is stuck... sometimes I feel it might explode without writing.  Anyhow, I had a bit of an inspiration and it came out like this... it feels unfinished... but once again I am stuck.

God’s Acre


Melancholia sets in like a flash


breathes death alive

a warm grave it weaves

folding mudstones and shale

making way for God’s acre

Instead of writing, I've been…


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Commencement 2012 by Judy Bolton-Fasman


No one remembers graduation speeches—sometimes not even the speaker. And post-graduation advice is rarely welcomed. But I’m weighing in anyway and hope that something resonates with my graduate and yours.


  1. You will always be the correct weight.


  1. Don’t fill out questionnaires anonymously.


  1. Someone once told me that boys are like buses. You miss one and another one eventually comes along. Don’t…

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A Sweet Pinch of Salt


To be honest, I COMPLETELY forgot that I had set up a promo day on Amazon. So, when I got the notice that the promo had begun, I was surprised and excited and terrified.


What if no one reads my work, even when it’s FREE?!?! But I rushed to check my stats on KDP and, sure enough, about 80 people had downloaded ‘…


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Wisconsin this Summer

What is someone in Hawaii doing writing about politics in Wisconsin this summer?  Few things seem as important as the battle between truth and lies in the Walker recall election.

I wrote this as a small contribution towards helping Tom Barrett get elected so he can start reversing the damage Gov…


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Joe and Helen: Alzheimer's for One, Love for the Other

I was in New Jersey visiting one of the communities that I supported as a Divisional Director of Memory Care (former job). This particular space had a calm, soothing and welcoming vibe filled with residents from very diverse backgrounds.
There were several veterans, former school teachers and a former New Jersey Highway Patrolman. The Patrolman had survived an entire career keeping the roads of New Jersey safe. Yet, here he was, still regal and stoic and now living…

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Putting on the mind of. . .

-a baker

I try to think of writing in terms of how I work in the kitchen. With my baker's hat on, I try for crisp and short, not stale and soggy.

-a carpenter

I pick at my keyboard and with every word I try for a sharp, clean edge. I throw away any rusty old saws.

And I polish,sharpen, re-tool --and stay open to new precision equipment.

-a driver who sees her car as just a means to get somewhere.

I tell myself I need quick pick-up,…


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Write for yourself or for your audience?

When I first started writing I wrote purely to get out my own interpretation of the world and any feelings I wanted to put down on paper. As I grew and my English teachers started telling me that I needed to be 'objective', I learned how to write in a balanced way and see things from many perspectives. Writing from all angles was good until I decided that I needed to assert myself and get a deeper understanding of who I was. During my late teens it felt like I was losing myself to the world…


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Do You Get Nervous Even When Something Good Happens In Your Life? How to Learn to Enjoy the Moment

Even when something good happens, it’s easy to feel depressed. For many, this is an absolutely ridiculous way to feel after something good happens, and therefore we are left alone to feel even worse than we already do. You think to yourself:

But I should be happy. This is…


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Today I found some older work.

                                                                               EARTH DAUGHTER.

                                                                   A NOVEL. BY VAL H. (AKA. HEATHER ROWAN)

  I found an old draft of a novel I began to write in 1984.

  I wrote…


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The Birth of Titus the Blue Tit

Someone asked me the other day, where I got the idea to write my children's stories about this little bird called Titus. I guess the original idea came from watching the garden birds. One day I was just staring out the window, [as you do when bored] and saw some Wrens creating a nest and getting harassed by a Blue Tit as they flitted about.

Ping!! the what if bell rang and turned into a flash story called 'New Neighbours' that's in my collection 'Five Minute Fiction'. …


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My summertime inspiration

For inspired creative writing about summertime, I turn to a beautiful coffee table book called Summer (1990, Addison Wesley).

Filled with short stories, poems, color plates of summer-themed paintings and photographs, this oversized book covers everything from baseball to boating, from dressing in white to decorating with botanical prints. There's really fine writing, too--among the more famous authors, there's John Updyke, Charles Simic, Francine Du Plessix Gray, Wallace…


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Yours forever, Summer

Summer sings, "I'm three months, three glorious months, all for you."   Okay, even if you must manage  children schedules and  husband agendas nothing but nothing can claim your summer schedule if you mellow yourself into it. If it sounds too Pollyanna it's only because you've never claimed such simple glory.  Stake your  claim in the gift of summer and change your life.  Something about summer sets us free. If the rest of the world can claim a summer schedule why can't a writer?…


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What American Idol Can Teach Writers

by Kimberly Llewellyn, Contemporary Author

On a warm summer New England evening, I was visiting with relatives at their home when a sudden horrific voice blared from the…


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5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Writing

As a college writing professor, I compiled my five best writing tips into a handy little reference guide called How to Write with Flair.

I've summarized them for you below.  Ready?

1. Choose a verb with flair. Eliminate…


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Oops I Found It!

I lost my car keys. I have searched everywhere. You know what? It doesn't matter. I won't need them unless I find my car!

My husband laughed until he choked when I told him I was writing this article. I manage to lose something every day; some days, I lose several things. Glasses, purse, keys, cell phone. I panic when they're gone. Did I leave them in a restaurant? At the beauty shop? At the doctor's office? He patiently assures me they're right here, at home, and he's always…


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My Publication Journey. 6 Word Memoir.

Marketing Contract signed. Time for nap.

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Weeding The Words Of Summer's Garden

Everyone loves a summer garden. The sweet aroma of lavender drifts through the air. Sunny faces of Gerber daisy turn heads of all who walk by. Black-eyed Susans and coneflowers feed the birds and bees. Butterflies and hummingbirds flock to lantana, salvia, and beebalm. The garden is a place of…


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