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Ten Things We Love About She Writes

Our San Diego group celebrated She Writes' 2nd Anniversary at Barrio Star where we shared fabulous food and great conversation.  We plan to meet monthly to support each other as we pursue our writing goals.


We LOVE She Writes and this is how we count the ways...

1. "I love feeling connected to other She Writers and sharing experiences through chats and blogs. When I have a question, there's always someone in She Writes with and answer." - Kate

2. "I love meeting…


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The Consummate Thief


The slick intruder tiptoed into my mother’s apartment three weeks ago and stole her away- just like that - as we stood nearby, too dumbfounded to fight, no handy weapon with which to do battle. My mother fell before going to bed, her feet just a tad too wobbly, that’s all it…


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Playing through the Painful Days

Sometimes when the day is getting away from you, you just have to play. 


This particular day started out with me waking up extremely sleep-deprived from extended nursing sessions the night before, and rushing out of the house to drop my husband at work (we have one car so coordinating schedules is tricky), only to arrive at his work, pausing in his office to feed our daughter her breakfast, and realizing, we forgot the diaper bag.  Anticipating her morning BM, we grabbed the…


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How I Got My Writing Groove Back

I have always had a love affair with words. My mother once told me that I came out of her womb talking. I still talk a lot despite several attempts to re-invent myself into this alluring mysterious woman. I have never made it past the second day. Oh well.

You can imagine my joy, when I found out I could take all those words in my head and write them down on paper. That was the day a writer was born. I wrote when I was happy,…


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Sometimes, wires get crossed. Dads think they have to be tough with their little 'men', because they figure ....that's how it's done! Little 'men' who would really prefer to be little 'boys' can be sensitve, fearful and affectionate in the company and in the caring of their own dog. It is directly comparable to the unqualified…


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Pump Up Your Book June Chat/Book Giveaway Tonight!

Pump Up Your Book will be hosting the June 2011 Authors on Tour at a chat/book giveaway party on Thursday June 30, 2011 starting at 8 p.m. eastern (7 p.m. Central, 6 p.m. Mountain and 5 p.m. Pacific) and ending at 11 p.m. (eastern time) at their new chat room at Pump Up Your Book!


Tell your book friends that not only will this give them an opportunity to chat with their favorite authors there will be a huge giveaway at the end of the…


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Going like Sixty...

       How it's possible, I have no idea, but my sixtieth birthday is upon me in the next few days.  In the ramp-up to this event, I've experienced a bizarrely wide range of events, from major travel (absolutely perfect, thrilling, soul-expanding), to a major medical situation with my Loved One (not so thrilling, but also soul-expanding in its way).  Now I'm in the midst of re-organizing and re-decorating my office/writing…


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Had any rejections lately? You're in good company.

If you've had rejections lately, take heart from the fact that all the bestselling authors get them.


Read about some of them here, and get some tips about dealing with your own rejections.


Read the full post.

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The Whole Effect (Poem)

I've posted a new poem, "The Whole Effect", inspired by an unexpected 31st prompt from the #Trust30 project. I couldn't ignore it.



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MAKE IT FUN! Secrets from the Rosedale Walking Group

Karin Half Marathon We all know walking is just about the most perfect exercise.

Out the door, one foot in front of the other, 30 to 50 minutes – three or more times per week and you’re on your way to feeling fit.

I joined the Rosedale Walking Group, to be healthier, but more importantly, I wanted to connect with other women. And, I was lucky. I met a small group of…


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Prologue to new memoir project




I hold the old the envelope with both hands, pull it to my chest. I imagine it had once been laying on a cluttered countertop near my mother. Perhaps she was on the phone, busily chatting, so he reached for this small envelope, addressed to Lolly Morgan in Corning, New York. He wrote his four words quickly but decidedly as if they had been burgeoning all night until they had nowhere else to go but over the white back of a stray envelope. All I have now is the…


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gottadig gottadig gottadig...

...and plant and weed and dig and mow and stack hay and feed babies and and and....the upshot is, have had to neglect writing words on page.

June, so short, is the only perfect month in this climate, and I always feel panic-y to get things done. The vegetable garden doesn't plant or weed itself, the first cut hay comes in just when the new chicks arrive, the horse fence must be shifted since our Daisy has chowed all her pasture already...…


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Things Thursday

It's time for another round of Things Thursday!  If you can't remember the rules, or if this is your first time playing with me (um...), visit here.


And this week's Things statements* are...

  1. Things you shouldn't do at work.
  2. Things you shouldn't lick.
  3. Things you shouldn't swallow.
  4. Things that go…

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Getting Real in Whole Foods Parking Lot

LA-based Fog&Smog has created a video about finding a parking space at Whole Foods. I'm featuring it today just for the fun of it. Many of us have probably been in a lot like the one in the video. I know the one here in Arlington is tiny and ever under the watchful eyes of parking guards, who will call a tow truck in a heart beat. Enjoy!…


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"I'm no fool, I'm just upside down."

So are there many or any of you who struggles with mental health? What about the treatment of it? Do your know anyone who may be relevant? 


I've been successfully treated for over five stable years now, but have noticed various worrying side effects which have made me question how much I wish to continue on this path. 


Take a look at my blog post for more information. And please do let me know your thoughts.



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Where the sacred has met the profane in my fiction-writing life: The story behind my novel, Because the Angels

Where the sacred has met the profane in my fiction-writing life: The story behind my novel, Because the Angels

by Kathleen Kern


In 2008, I found myself becoming increasingly interested in some higher-end Japanese anime series, to the point that I began spinning stories in my head with the series’ characters. I had done similar story-making as a child, taking the characters…


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15 Lessons from Pride

If you aren't lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgendered, questioning or a straight ally; if you don't live in New York or another major city; if you don't have a gay cousin or a butch aunt or follow politics or watch the news or read the papers or surf the internets, then you might not know that June is Pride Month, and that this past weekend was full of gay pride celebrations. You also probably don't read this blog so let's just go ahead and pretend this paragraph never happened.…


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Healing the Inside by Healing the Outside

My father's mother was raised in an extremely religious family. Her father, a minister in a Pentecostal church that I would best describe as Holy Roller, believed in demonic possession. Sadly, my Grandmother was stricken with a variety of physical maladies that left her constantly ill and often bedridden. Following the teachings of her upbringing, his… Continue

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Casey Anthony may or may not take the stand in her murder trial

In my book publishing endeavors, I've been giving alot of thought lately about this tragic case of Casey Anthony, and yesterday, after I came home from work, I heard the court had been discussing the chronologies of the multiple attorneys (including Jose Baez - Casey Anthony's main defense attorney) - and it seems that Judge Belvin Perry has announced that Anthony's defense may rest its case today - but what no one still is sure about…


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