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"Londoners" (GMTA Review)

Book Title: "Londoners”

Author: Craig Taylor

Published By: Ecco Book an imprint of Harper Collins

Age Recommended: 17+

Reviewed By: Kitty Bullard

Raven Rating: 4.5

Review: I have always wanted to go to London, to walk the streets of England and see exactly how they live there. I still…


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"Bright Not Broken" (GMTA Review)

Book Title: "Bright Not Broken”

Author: Diane M. Kennedy & Rebecca S. Banks

Published By: Jossey Bass an imprint of Wiley

Age Recommended: 17+

Reviewed By: Kitty Bullard

Raven Rating: 5

Review: This is a wonderful book that takes you on a journey in which the reader is taught that…


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Zucchini Tea Cake and A Walk to the Library

It’s about a fifteen minute walk to the local library, and I make that trip at least once a week. The short distance is a blessing since we are a one-car family now, and that car is only around for me on the weekends, when the library is closed. Not being able to get to the library easily would be reason enough to move--its location was one of the first things I researched when we first came to Cambridge. You are never far from civilization if a library is near. That, and a…

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Book Giveaway for Mystery/Adventure/Sweet Romance Novel

Freedom Book Giveaway June 29 – July 5: To win Desert Intrigue, visit http://lindaweaverclarke.blogspot.com.


Desert Intrigue

The Adventures of John and Julia Evans



“Romance, mystery, and regional history collaborate to create a satisfying, intriguing story! It was difficult to put this one down.” –Steve Miller, Author


“I love the sparks of…


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Mystery, supernatural, reviews, interviews, e-books & more in new KRL issue

New issue of Kings River Life is up and we have a review of Jan Burke's supernatural thriller The Messenger, a chance to win a copy of the book & a video interview with her from Left Coast Crime http://kingsriverlife.com/06/30/the-messenger-by-jan-burke/


Also in KRL are reviews of Elaine Viets Final Sail and Josie Belle's 50% Off Murder & a chance to win copies of both…


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Utilize your Space.

I keep sitting around and asking myself the same question--"what am I going to do with this?". I feel like all the resources are here, but I'm wasting precious time and doing everything else. I feel like I'm betraying the one thing I feel like I was born to do. How does it work for other people, anyway? Writing cannot be rushed but I finally came close to finishing a book. Just like every other project, I began to hate it and started writing crap. It was crap. I want to…


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Life Happened~

I sit here looking at the date of my last post. I wonder what is it that has kept me from posting for such a long time? I had every intention of posting, getting my blog started but somewhere along the way just like many other times "Life happened"! At the time of my last posting my greatest emotional challenge in life was dealing with the death of one of the greatest men in my life, my dad. Just two weeks after that last post my mamma passed away. Compounding my sorrow and spiraling me into…


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Asteroid Hunters and Parenting!


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Circle of Trust


What happens when someone breaks your trust?

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You've got my vote!

Hello She Writes, staff and members,

I just wanted you to know you've got my vote on the upcoming opening of your press.   If you need me, I'm there for you, editing, recruiting, how ever else you need me.   Go get 'em.  The time is right.

Patricia  Florio

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Manipulation of Amazon--Why are they Allowing it?

I am a writer of real books that took me years to write, that carry messages of caring about the human race, that program readers into self-empowerment, that I hope will help to change a suffering world. Recently I attended a seminar on book promotion that made me sick almost literally. One author recently put a book together--not wrote a book--with snips from other people, then had those people and others prepay to buy a copy in return for ad space on a page attached to the book, then…


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The Home Stretch - Revising that novel

Writing is such a solitary activity that It's always such a relief and delight to find other writers to connect with.  I'm looking forward to conversing with members of the She Writes community and sharing stories about the drafting, edition, revising…


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there are two things id rather have in front of me when sitting next to brian and one is the new york times and the other is a list of the latest bands that are playing bluegrass around the monkton a…

there are two things id rather have in front of me when sitting next to brian and one is the new york times and the other is a list of the latest bands that are playing bluegrass around the monkton area. i went up to monkton once, by car in the night and the other time is when brad and i biked the NCR trail and made a u-turn when we saw the monkton tavern. i went home and read the paper till i knew what year justice roberts became the chief of the supreme court and until i learned that he…


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When Sisters Gather ~

Family reunions come in all sizes and shapes.  Here's my latest blog post on sisters and one very tiny family reunion.  http://www.justabackpackandarollie.wordpress.com

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Bravery for the 'Faint' of Heart

Which are you?

I just read that, when faced with something dire, a person will fight.

Or a person will fly.

Sometimes, we don't know which one we are until the climactic moment.

Allow me to illustrate.

My bedroom was across and down the hall from the bathroom.

And I wasn't an 'early-to-bedder'.

These two facts will become relevant . . .

I had been reading.

Something I did every night.

For a very long time.

I finally…


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Chutzpah or mishegas? You decide.

Miss Holocaust Survivor? Oy.

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my website:marivisoliven.blogspot.com/  

my website:marivisoliven.blogspot.com/



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Excerpt from Wrecking Ball, Part Three

Another excerpt from Wrecking Ball.

The Internet revolutionized my life, as it did for millions of other Americans. In particular, it gave me access to other lonely kids looking for the same things I was. Live chats became phone calls, then became impossible, but potent crushes. I was usually too shy to reach out and flustered by girls who expressed their appreciation. It’s remarkably easy to develop feelings for someone whose face you may…


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Why She Writes Press, and Why Now

When She Writes first emerged in 2009, I knew it was something special. I’d already been acquiring books at Seal Press for five years at that point, and I’d witnessed firsthand how women writers (both in print and online) thrive in communities and environments that support and honor women’s unique perspectives, stories, and truths, so I was thrilled by the spirit and energy propelling…


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Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

Plan your Work and Work Your Plan

     I have made a plan.  By Labor Day I will have the flow of my linked stories completed, and all the stories will fit together.  How to get it done is the big question.


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