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Q & A Part One

Okay--been having gender opposite writing problems...

Any resources/tips/sites to help a girl out?

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Hello There!

Whew! I was getting worried... I didn't think i'd ever find this tab! Lol :D

First, thank u to my three new friends! I am honored and humbled and look forward to gaining many more of you!

Hello She Writes World! My name is Kent Toney (yes I'm a girl) and I'm sooo happy 2 b here (and yes im lazy abt my typing sometimes---blame twitter)!

I am a blogger, writer, foodie, sci-fi geek, classic movie fiend, ect... I am here to both inspire and be inspired. My two… Continue

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Young, Sexy Singer Even More Beautiful After Double Mastectomy!

Sexy! Carmelina Vargas is definitely that and more as she sings and sways in her music video Love: “Turn off the lights. Take off our clothes. The rest is for no one to know…

The 20 something-year-old Latina is an enchantress. It doesn’t seem as though she’d have any reason to be uncomfortable in her beautiful body.

“Latinas have a more natural, curvy, slightly bigger build than what is touted as the ideal in America. We struggle… Continue

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Please Vote for Peace in the Storm Publishing! It'll Only Take a Second!

Hi She Writes,

Please show your support!

If you have a moment, I'd appreciate it if you would do me a favor and vote for Peace in the Storm Publishing for Independent Publisher of the Year for the African-American Literary Awards Show Ballot.

Peace in the Storm is the perfect place for your vote because they run on strong ethics, kindness and excellence. Please show your support for this outstanding publisher and vote!

Go to the link below, scroll… Continue

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Are consistent voice and style everything for literary success?

Any writer I can think with a substantial reputation, going as far back as you want to go, has had a style and voice, and often themes and topics as well, that remained consistent over their entire body of work. Pick up any book without seeing the author’s name and you won’t have any trouble recognizing Louise Erdrich, Jack Kerouac, Dorothy Parker, Ernest Hemingway, Doris Lessing, Raymond Carver, Jayne Anne Phillips, Franz Kafka, Jane Eyre, Anton Chekov – the list goes on and on. Their… Continue

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This is My Life

Scene: Driving down the highway

Me, to Big Girl, “You know how you feel when your hormones are all crazy…”

“…and you just want to shut yourself in your room and stay away from everyone because everyone makes you want to scream?” says Big Girl.


Keep Reading

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Novel Envy

I love writers. I want to help them all, sit and talk with them all, read everyone's books. There's usually two major reading experiences for me. The first is when I love a book so much, I'm lost in it. But there's another side to this, which makes me sigh. Sometimes--and I wish I didn't do this--every once in a while I read a book and it makes me wish that I had written it. It becomes like a shock to my system. Here is this brilliant book and not only didn't I write it, but would I ever be… Continue

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Interview with Sisters In Crime Authors

An interview with Sacramento Sisters In Crime Pat Canterbury and Louise Crawford is in the latest issue of Kings River Life Magazinehttp://kingsriverlife.com/07/31/interview-with-two-sacramento-mystery-authors/
You can also find the latest chapter of my mystery novel DEADLY DISCRIMINATION http://kingsriverlife.com/07/31/deadly-discrimination-10/
Hope you enjoy

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Inception Proves Nighttime Dreams are More than just Pillow Talk

On a muggy afternoon in Central Illinois, accompanied by my husband and his mother (who we were there to visit), I (along with half of America), went to see the film I've been anticipating all summer: "Inception", Chris Nolan's cinematic masterpiece that so far boasts 142.8 million dollars in box office sales (200 million is predicted by summer's end).

My mother-in-law, bless her heart, hated the movie (with a passion). She snarled in disapproval and through gritted teeth… Continue

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SB1070 ...Did They Get It Right

The Arizona state immigration ruling slated to go into effect this week was recently blocked by the federal government. The whole issue of immigration is one that sizzles like a hot day in the deep south. If you have followed at all, the ruling clamps down on illegals or undocumented persons, permitting police to question suspected illegals and demand proof of citizenship. A Phoenix federal judge issued an injunction prohibiting this from happening but permitting other parts of the law such… Continue

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Does your revised novel feel lifeless?

New post - How to revise your novel without losing its soul

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A novel goes into production

At long last! I received word last week that my novel Tattoo, the sequel to Ice Song, is going into production. What exactly does that mean? For those of you who aren’t familiar with the process, I’ll outline it here.

Once a manuscript has completed initial editorial processes (revisions made… Continue

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Biorhythms and the Working Mom

I love the summer light. My body wakes when the sun rises, and in the summer, that's around 5:30 am. These are halcyon days for me – I feel happy and productive when I rise at dawn and start my day in the quiet of the morning. I also love the early evening full light, with the cicadas drowning out the sounds of the kids in the streets. Long hours of beloved daylight stretching into night. My mind and my body feel sated.

Basking in this light recently reminded me that this coming… Continue

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Step Into The World Of Ideas

Have you ever noticed how everything in life is paid for with time, money, or consequences? And for any of us, there's only a limited supply of time and money. In the pictures above, Keith Richards was once a young man, and now he's an old one. Time sure flies, and it doesn't take long to live a life. Keith just might outlive us all.

Now just for a moment, let's accept an old premise: "The best things in life are free." Can you think of one? Reading, watching movies and listening to… Continue

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Countdown to Publication: + 10 days - Dare I say it's FUN?-- THE LANGUAGE OF TREES by Ilie Ruby

Well, 10 days post publication date. It's better than I could have imagined. I had no idea. Really. I had no idea that I would fall in love with book readings, that I would fall in love with readers, that at every signing I would find at least 5 people who I wanted to take home with me and talk to and hear their stories. As a kid who suffered stage fright, this is a real turnaround. I mean, a huge coup. And tonight, I am in my hometown, and will be reading to a crowd of about 100. I've never… Continue

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Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's new edition includes links to a collection of cycling illustrations, the new Poetry Pairings at The New York Times, and images from a new brain mapping technique. Also included: a video of a "guerrilla gardener" in Los Angeles and a video of an Elvis painting made with cheese puffs.…


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Suggestions or Tips on Author's Questionnaire for Publisher


The publisher of my self help book, coming out next year, sent me an author's questionnaire to fill out for book promotion purposes. Does anyone have experience with this? Especially I wonder about the one paragraph bio. What do I include in that?

Thank you!

Joanna Poppink

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To Jessica Keenan Smith

Thanks so much for sharing your experience of living with epilepsy. I'm so glad that what Emily Dickinson may have experienced as a woman writer has been meaningful for you in this special way.

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Thanks, Kamy, for your warm words.

Thanks, Kamy, for your warm words. Continue

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My First Writing Project-Deadly Ally

Almost 20 years ago, I started on my first fiction novel "Deadly Ally". I decided to write a novel that would become a series of 6 parts. The concept of "Deadly Ally" came about one night while choosing names for my characters. I've read and enjoyed reading other authors such as John Gresham, Jackie Collins, Zane, to name a few. Fiction writing became my forte, because I have a creative imagination, and I can tell an interesting story. In the early stages of "Deadly Ally", I wanted to implement… Continue

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