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Member News Week Ending July 30, 2010

Kobbie Alamo's YA short story Flying for Food is in the current issue of Hunger Mountain.

Beth Mann received an "Editor's Pick" on Open Salon for her piece, The Case Against Placebo Boyfriends.

Tonya Plank's self… Continue

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Recipe for a Cookbook in 7 Writerly Steps

Dianne Jacob, author of Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Restaurant Reviews, Articles, Memoir, Fiction and More , shares her recipe for good cookbook writing. The secret ingredient? Good writing.

In the… Continue

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Considering Co-Authorship? Tips, Insights and Wisdom from Women Who Have Done It Well.

When to collaborate, and how? by Kamy Wicoff

"Just because you’re friends doesn’t mean you can write together. We know people who had to abandon co-authoring in order to maintain their friendship. Writing is very personal. Can you stand it if someone else is messing around with your words? Do you expect to be writing every day? Will you come together after each of you has… Continue

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Editor's Picks -- Week of July 26

This week's highlights from The Community Blog.

Maddie Dawson continues her own Countdown to Publication by swearing off five things (like obsessively checking one's Amazon numbers) she WON'T do pre- or post-publication.

Tayari Jones has a brilliant… Continue

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Countdown to Publication: Moving On

After last week’s column and the 50 plus comments I received, I was very, very tempted to write a follow-up post on the topic of race and racism, reader habits and the publishing industry. But instead, I’ve decided to move on. Not because I don’t have more to say, but because I think there is probably a better forum to have this discussion, considering this column is really supposed to be about the publicity and marketing campaign for my debut novel, Substitute Me. If people do want to read… Continue

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PASSION PROJECT: The Deadline Looms!

Through the She Writes Passion Project Writing Contest, we donate knowledge, expertise, and time to one first-time woman author who brings us a nonfiction book project we passionately believe deserves every chance in the world at becoming a success.

The She Writes Passion Project—Making One Writer’s Dream Come True


Passionate She Writers, if you haven’t yet submitted to the Passion Project… Continue

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Five Questions For Lyndall Gordon

Lyndall Gordon, prize-winning author of six biograpies including T.S. Eliot: An Imperfect Life; Virginia… Continue

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5 Writerly Fundamentals for a REAL Summer Vacation

Summer essentials for the compulsive in you. By Deborah Siegel

Today I embark on a week of “vacation.” If you’re like me, and your work is really your passion, it is “work” to truly be on vacation. I have to work at not checking email every five minutes and work at not thinking about work. When work—and for me that means my own writing and the building of She Writes—is something you… Continue

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Member News Week Ending July 23, 2010

Helen Epstein just e-published her first book, Children of the Holocaust. You can take a look at it here.

Marcy Demansky's short story, Paris is now up at… Continue

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Create a Website to Showcase Your Words

Do you really need a website? Warren Talbot, friend of She Writes and co-owner with wife Betsy of MWL Development, on how the WordPress platform can change your life…or at least help people find the REAL you through Google.

You’ve… Continue

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In Honor of 10,000: Shout Out a Woman Who's Got Your Back!

Today I welcomed member number 10,000 to join the ranks of She Writes. (Feel free to welcome her, too: Heather Gordon-Young!) And those ranks have swelled in a way that Debbie and I never dreamed possible. In a little over a year we have gone from zero to 10K, and when Debbie and I were discussing how to commemorate the rapidly approaching milestone, Debbie said something very simple, and… Continue

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Editors' Picks--Week of July 19

This week's highlights from the Community Blog.

The first line of stories I thought about in 1997 by Madge Woods.

1. Dark Ominous clouds raced across the setting sun sky.

2. Raging rapids surrounded the rocks forcing the raft to wrap on the middle…

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What She's Reading Now: Roxane Gay

I’m reading a lot of great work online these days. With so many great books available, it’s easy to forget that there’s a vibrant independent publishing community that makes the most of the power and reach of the Internet.

Paula Bomer is the best writer you’ve never heard of. Motherhood is often the subject of her stories, and she fiercely lays bare the joys, frustrations, and small sorrows of motherhood and marriage.… Continue

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The Great Competition for the Saddest Story Ever Told

Dear Erin Hosier,

My name is REDACTED and my memoir is titled Life's Not Fair. I grew up with a father who idolized Hitler and turned out to be a pedophile. As a child I blocked out memories that he molested me. When I was a teenager the police raided our home because he had child porn on his computer. My mother has paranoid schizophrenia and our father refused to let us see each other for about a decade. At school I was tormented by bullies and at…

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The Art and Artifice of The End

How do you end an essay when really, you’ve just begun? By Deborah Siegel

A few weeks back I posted an excerpt from the beginning of an essay I’ve been working on during the interstices of life with a start-up (She Writes of course!) and new twins. And now, I’m approaching the essay's end. Only this essay may be… Continue

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How Do You Become a Bestseller like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

Sarah Glazer disses the Swedish sensation but wonders how women can do the same.

Can someone explain to me how a novel as tedious as The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo became a bestseller?

Reading this so-called thriller reminded me of the experience of traveling by sailboat, aptly described as “hours of boredom punctuated by moments of terror.”

I happily entered into my book club’s… Continue

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Member News: Week Ending July 16, 2010

The submissions deadline for the Oil and Water anthology has been extended to July 31. The editors, Zetta Brown and Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson Brown, are seeking essay-length pieces in particular. (BTW She Writes allowed for this pair of author/editors, who also happen to have publishing companies… Continue

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Inspired By Seth Godin: Extracting the REALLY BIG IMPORTANT LESSONS from One Week of She Writes Radio

In which Kamy Wicoff finds inspiration in the blog-musings of Seth Godin, also known as the Deepak Chopra of marketing, the Seinfeld of the Internet (as in, "some people support innovators, some people try to shoot them down, what's the… Continue

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Countdown to Publication: Negative Press

Hi SheWriters,

I just received a Google alert mentioning my last book, Kinky Gazpacho:Life, Love & Spain. I clicked on the link and found an absolutely glowing review of my memoir by a random blogger. She loved my story, loved my writing and even mentioned that she couldn’t wait to read my next book. It was the kind of unexpected review that makes us writers feel like we must be doing something right. But before I could even take the time to bask in the warm, fuzzy… Continue

Added by Lori L. Tharps on July 14, 2010 at 8:14am — 16 Comments

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