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is becoming a haunt

of ours, with jetties,

stories of grounded ships.

to colwyn, through the trees,

of mochdre, to meet

photographic friends.

one man down, and where is

dignity here, where is humanity

in those that walk the other

side. he seems a nice boy,

your son, your brother, sir?

bodelwyddan, sweet beeping birds, part faces and water staining.

we did not find the trenches, we found pictures…


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What are You Reading? What SHOULD You be Reading?

In the July 20 issue of Funds for Writers: Small Markets, Hope C. Clark featured an article asking “What do You Read While You Write?” In it, she recommends reading heavily within the genre in which you write. This is sound advice, and it’s made intuitive sense to me since I was fifteen and realized I wanted to…


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My Freedom Is Light Years Away!


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Change It Up, Shake It Out, Call It The Same!

I discovered only last year that I love writing two stories at the same time.  Before I would always stick to one story and then move on to the next.  But this time it was two completely different stories moving along parallel to…


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Searching For Faith


      I gaze into a mirror only to see my former self, and not that of an aging woman. But of a child that once possessed so much innocence and faith. As an adult, I have become blinded to the metaphysical world that I once believed in during my youth All things are no longer considered as truths’, my faith has been shattered. My virtues have been altered by life’s…

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Character Names

Character Names

 I can’t claim originality on this topic. I replied to Joanne Guidoccios’ blog on this.

This caught my attention immediately. It is difficult to be completely original. One’s character name is really important. Part of the joy of writing fiction is that you can make things up …. that’s right, lies out of whole cloth…. and includes names of characters. At some time in the far past it was all right to use common names if your character was written to…


Added by Timothy Desmond on July 31, 2012 at 2:20pm — 1 Comment

How a chance encounter with a psychic launched my writing career

I've been meaning to share my story here for a while, but was caught up with revisions to my second novel. So here it goes:

I once worked 14-hour days, fuelled by excessive amounts of coffee and ambition. In the pursuit of a corner office at a law firm, I did terrible things to my body. Exercise and fresh air were foreign to me. I…


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Early Praise for my soon-to-be-published first book: GRIEFLAND


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Some remote magic has brought my mother back to me through her things.

Red leather journal from 1949, her name embossed in gold on the cover. Daybooks where she recorded the details of family life in tiny notes: the weather, what we ate, which child had a doctor appointment, what letters she wrote, what bills she paid, what my father was mad about that day. Letters she wrote to him on onionskin, thick sheets of personal stationary, delicate foldable airmail…


Added by Eileen Drennen on July 31, 2012 at 12:07pm — 3 Comments

Virtual Call For Those Wanting Critiques!!

Hello all!

My name is LeTeisha Newton (you can view me on http://leteishanewton.blogspot.com/ or http://leteisha.wordpress.com/) and I am the published author of 8 novels now. I write Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Erotica, Poetry, and Interracial material (also some LGBT material)

Now that I have gotten some of my credentials out of the way lol here is…


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Young Adult versus Adult

Blog Post article

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The Summer of the Rosenkavalier novel recently published

The Summer of the Rosenkavalier by Carole Kulikowski

Book Description

Publication Date: June 18, 2012

How does a young American girl, who knows nothing about classical music and whose musical role models are rock and roll idols, transform herself into the most famous female opera singer of the Baby Boom generation? In The Summer of the Rosenkavalier, follow the career of Anna Trent, from her choir singing, garage band days in 1960’s Kansas to the present…


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Avoid confusing dialogue

Several months ago I discussed how first-time novelists tend to create characters who sound the same, which can make it hard for the reader to know who's talking. Today, I want to address a few other dialogue mistakes:

  • Having more than one character speak in a single paragraph
  • Putting a beat…

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Book Spine Poems

I'm having fun writing poems using only the titles of books:


Added by Maureen E. Doallas on July 31, 2012 at 6:42am — No Comments

Bonk Eye

Recently, I've noticed something.

That, in itself is remarkable.

Moving on . . .

I work with a group of elderly people.

Some of them like nothing better than talking about their health.

Or lack thereof.

I've been treated to stories of gall bladders.




Mysterious lumps.

And a plethora of aches and pains.

I cluck sympathetically.

Knowing that each of these ailments will probably visit…


Added by Diane Stringam Tolley on July 31, 2012 at 6:30am — No Comments

Current Events Shorthand

Current Events Shorthand

          One of my writing teachers, June Gould, often told our class, not only to look to our inner thoughts and feelings when we are writing but also to look to the outside world. I have taken that…

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The First 10,000 Words

They are scattered about, those first ten thousand words. Cast like jacks among five chapters and thirteen scenes that make up Part One. Such as it is. As a rough outline of eight, perhaps nine, chapters and thirty or so scenes, Part One takes slow, disjointed shape.

Three weeks ago I had an idea. I had two characters. I had a word count of zero. Today I have thirteen souls in various…


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New Call for Submissions


The author of Fulltrui, Patrons in Asatru and Embracing Heathenry is seeking submissions for a future title called:

The Heathen Family.

I am looking for submissions from both traditional and alternative families who call themselves heathen or practice paths encompassing the faith of Northern Europe.

I would like submissions on: child education, child rearing, child…


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Of Fire and Ice : Excerpt update (Criticism Welcome)

Perhaps life is much more than the miniscule specks of sand that dot the horizon and disappear in a rush of decimating winds for mortals. For the gods, however, it is but a blink in their time span. That is quite possibly the reason why, at times, they chose to manipulate outcomes and turns of events for their own gains. Such is the mark of my life. Small and momentarily entertaining for them, my life was grueling and cruel for me as I grew closer and closer to my acceptance of mortality.…


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