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Searching for FREE, splendid photos for your blog or website? My friend Seth shared his secret!

Seth Simonds, one of my favorite bloggers, always has the best photos for his posts.

He finally revealed his secret. I can't wait to try this!

I'm posting to share this with others, but also to remind myself of this great resource.

Here's his post : (via @DesignPepper) :)

(Check out the carrot costume!)

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Just a few events to highlight this week from SheWrites members. Remember, from book signings to workshops, please feel free to list any event you may be participating in under the events area of the site.

San Francisco

If you are in the Bay Area on August 31, tune in to Robert Emmett’s radio show on KFJC from 6-7pm to hear an interview with SW member Deborah… Continue

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In The Flesh Reading Series poscards are almost here - get yours free!

Firstly, I love love love that Molly Crabapple drew this official In The Flesh logo. Last month Reverend Jen said to me, "You look just like the drawing!" It was the cutest thing. My little reading series turns 4 in October, though our official par-tay isn't until November.

Want a postcard? They are arriving any day now, hopefully,…


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My essay "Drunk Sex, How I Miss You (Sometimes, Anyway)" up now

Drinking Diaries just published my essay "Drunk Sex, How I Miss You (Sometimes, Anyway)"

I stopped drinking, pretty much for good, over two years ago. I don’t tend to stare longingly at people drinking in bars, or feel too wistful, but the times when I’m overwhelmed with temptation for alcohol are usually times when I’m consumed by the desire for…desire–for getting fucked, along with… Continue

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Blurred Rose Tattoo

A gold mullet tied back
with a shoestring. Sweeping
our fireplace by getting
inside, soot on her exposed
bra strap. At the kitchen
table with a Sprite, handed
wads of fives for New Year's
because we forgot about Christmas.
Old red Cadillac; parked two
blocks away, or takes the bus.
Her own set of brushes
in a cracked plastic bucket.
The smell of bleach
and earth from her skin.
Hands that grow each week.

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Underneath the formals and the party pics and RUSH, I finally see what I miss about sororities.

Writing Under Pressure

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Today on DRINKING DIARIES, Rachel Kramer Bussel on what she misses most about drinking (it isn't the alcohol)

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First Blog | Autobiographical

Feeling out this blog post thing. Here's some excerpts from the autobiographical mess I am forever and always working on.


Jacob calls John. I get super interested in my hands, yanking at chunks in the carpet while Jacob casts terrified sidelong glances at me, as if he's making a phone call with a gun to his head, worse, a jar of nitro glycerin. Anybody who saw us, they'd think I was the BOOM in this house, my iron word like prison bars, my fingers shearing… Continue

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Nappy Hair Politics

Happy Landing

Image by mbgrigby via Flickr

I am just asking. Please understand. And let me be clear. This is a honest, serious question. If Mrs. Obama's hair was in an attractive natural style, would she be more acceptable… Continue

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respect anyone?

Recently a person approached me to help him with his manuscript. He needed editorial work and wanted to get it in shape for a publisher. I explained what I do and how I work and how thorough I am, and the success I have had with clients. But when I told him my fees (which are way below the market rate, by the way), he had a fit. "Who the hell do you think you are?" he said. "Both my wife and I are appalled! Your fee is what I make per hour!!"

OK, so I was stunned. The message, of… Continue

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Grad & MBA Orientation

My Goddess, you can't even begin to imagine all the wonderful young people on this campus! Two that I met and chatted with for a time stand out: Stephanie, a tall, slender African-American who has been working since she was 13. She's the first in her family to go to college and figured out the ropes on her own. She earned her B.A. at U.C. Berkeley, working the whole time to put herself through. Berkeley, she said, gave her more than an… Continue

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Traditional Book Publishing: Doomsday Scenario?

Writers, if you hate book publishers for ignoring your efforts, your revenge may be in the offing. founder and industry visionary Jeff Bezos likens the current publishing industry to the Cambrian period some 550 million years ago, when more species evolved and more became extinct than at other time. The most dangerous course in a time like that, Bezos recently told Fast Company magazine, is "not to evolve."

Bezos is now betting that e-books and the Kindle… Continue

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Research and the New Light

In a recent post I mentioned I was stuck and had no clue what I was going to do with Anella.

I have outlined the book so many times I decided to give up. I am writing and letting the story do the work. This method is working much better for me.

Research gives me inspiration, new ideas and new characters to build on. The more I learn, the stronger they become. Women just rock - we always have!

I really wanted to stay away from Politics, I know our country… Continue

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Have You Ever Seen a Neputa?

(Originally posted at )

Neputa war-gods descending upon the city

We crossed over the bridge into Goshogawara at dusk. In the distance, I could see an assemblage of fierce, heathen Neputa war-gods descending upon the city. Entering the human world through… Continue

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My 10th Wedding Anniversary -- And I'm Not Even Thirty!

(Originally posted at )

It's hard to believe that ten years ago today, on August 27, 1999, Tom and I were married. Was it really that long ago?

Little did I know at the time how Tom would change my life when I met him 12 years ago at a bowling alley.

Reception Kiss - August 27, 1999

My friend Becca… Continue

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Men's thoughts about Women's Fiction

I was thinking a little about the difference between what males and females like in their stories. This came after a male acquaintance read the first chapter of my novel. His reaction, much like my husband’s, was to empathize with the male in the story. He also, as my husband did, saw right through the personality defects of my female protagonist. I wondered if that’s because boys have a very non-emotional way of looking at things, generally. My friend’s assessment was: “She [the protagonist]… Continue

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Sailing to Provincetown

Last night I waited for our friend A. to arrive at our place for drinks before dinner. He was sailing from Wellfleet to Provincetown. I scanned the harbor from our terrace and saw a boat heading to shore. It had three sails and a white hull. I knew A. had recently bought a large boat, and I thought this one might be it. I called him and left a message on his cell phone. If he had answered I would have waved the red bandana I held ready to signal, but I thought, That's a large boat for him to… Continue

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MEMBER NEWS ROUNDUP: Week of August 22

Another great week for SheWrites members, lots of great news to share, so let’s get right to it.

Madeline Wheeler has two great pieces of news to share this week: her play Revealing Frankie will be playing on September 12 at the Exit 7 Players Theater in Ludlow, Massachusetts, and she’s also had an article published on the Huffington Post entitled “… Continue

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Buy & Read "The Invisible Mountain" by Carolina De Robertis

I co-founded an organization called Exhale ( with 5 women in 2000. One of my co-founders, Carolina De Robertis, had also just started working on her first novel. Nine years later, that novel, The Invisible Mountain, is now available. It's getting great reviews from Elle, Publisher's Weekly and more. It's a story about 3 generations of Uruguayan women and I was lucky to be one of the first readers on the first draft many years ago.

Learn more here:… Continue

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The following post is penned by SheWrites member Linda Lowen.

If Margaret Atwood hadn't published The Handmaid's Tale in 1985 and sucked all the air out of the room for other women writers exploring contemporary gender issues under the guise of a feminist dystopian novel, Sherri S. Tepper's The Gate to Women's Country (1988) might have been more widely… Continue

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