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New Review for Where The Rain is Made - Keta Diablo

Where The Rain Is Made by Keta Diablo

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Genre: Historical, Erotic, Paranormal Romance

Get Blog Tour Information Here For Chance to Win 15 copies of Where The Rain Is Made. A book a day will be given away! KETA'S MEDIA PAGE


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Camp Twitch and Shout Family Weekend 2010

Camp Twitch and Shout Family Weekend 2010

In the cafeteria at Camp Twitch and Shout

We just got back from our second annual Camp Twitch and Shout Family Weekend at Camp Twin Lakes in Winder, GA. And just like last year’s weekend this one was equally inspiring.

Over the past 6 years, I have had the fortune of meeting so many families whose lives have been touched by Tourette Syndrome.

There were several… Continue

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Attention Getting Devices

women stride by you

in dramatic gestures

out on parade

dressed all in red

for emphasis

making sure to be seen

a game of tag

problem is,

some don't

really want to be it

the ball moves

from court to court

but no one takes a shot

you could call it possession

but it's not that, somehow

women sweep by

quite deliberately

as if on stage

while you speak your… Continue

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Jon Gibbs’ Fur-Face is a fun read for all ages

An evil scientist and a sinister plot, two teenagers, and a clever talking cat cross paths in Jon Gibbs' new middle-grade novel Fur-Face!

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Smart Phones Make You Dumb

What is your phone number? I don't know. I don't usually call myself!

With the latest technology I find that I have forgotten many important numbers, because they are all in my phone. But where is my phone?

Please someone call my phone so I can find it!

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Milestones of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

The year 2010 marks one century since the Mormon Tabernacle Choir made their first acoustic recording.

I have personally sat in the tabernacle in Salt Lake City, and listened to the Choir as they were rehearsing for a broadcast. The acoustics in the tabernacle are truly amazing, and I love to see and hear the large organ and the pipes that are mounted on the wall behind the choir. It is overwhelming when so many men and women join together in singing inspired hymns and classical… Continue

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Why Artists Change Their Names

Musicians, artists, movie stars, and other celebrities often change their names. Why? I have often wondered that, and maybe you have too.

I mean, who would name their child Lady Gaga for Pete's sake? Personally, I use a different name for my visual art, as well as my writing, than I do for everything else. Am I a schizophrenic? Perhaps.

Actually there are some great reasons why people change their names as artists.…


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I am in the SpotLight... I am in the Author Spotlight on Long and Short Reviews

Check me out...

There is a giveaway all week on LAS. You have a chance to win a $10 (USD) gift certificate from my wonderful publisher - Beautiful Trouble Publishing. Check it out, leave a comment....

LASR_WC WC Spotlight On: @nevealane Comment to win a $10 GC to Beautiful Trouble Publishing

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Essay on What Freedom Means to Me

Hi all,

My recent Honorable Mention essay, "Freedom by Inches."

Contest asked:

"What does freedom mean to you? Freedom meant a slew of different things to the women who wrote in. We didn't want Chicken for the Soul-esque stories—We wanted edgy, thought-provoking pieces and you delivered. That was the goal of our foremothers after all. But the word "freedom"… Continue

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PASSION PROJECT: In Their Own Words, Part 3

Dear SheWriters,

The third installment of excerpts from the next three fabulous finalists: Elena Schwolsky, Honeysmoke, and Jasmina Nogo! Check back here often-- we'll be posting excerpts from three finalists each weekday, from now until the winner is announced on September 7th.

All my… Continue

Added by Passion Project on August 31, 2010 at 10:30am — 10 Comments

Become an Instigator

Tayari Jones on adding conflict to wake up a sleepy story.

When I was in high school, a harsh reprimand was, “Stop instigating!” (Odd diction for kids, but it’s what we used to say.) In a more formal parlance, it meant, stop provoking conflict. While this is a good rule for life, it’s not such a good rule in fiction. In an… Continue

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Maya Stein's 'Tour de Word'

Sometime last year, while reading Patti Digh's 37days blog, I came across a poem by Maya Stein that I loved and clicked over to her blog to read more about her. I've been "following" her ever since. Stein is now planning an intensive eight-week, 30-state traveling poetry project she's calling "Tour de Word" -- a project financed entirely with donations through Kickstarter. Today, I'm featuring a video that describes the project and provides resources for accessing Stein's enjoyable… Continue

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Why I need Libraries to Write Fiction

It’s taken me some to time to write this in response to recent questioning of the need for libraries in what some call the age of the internet. After I read the story about the Chicago incident and picked up my jaw from the floor, I’ve been pondering exactly what role libraries and librarians play in my own job.

I write fiction, so some people assume I just make things up. Why would I need a library? Well, I do make things up, but I couldn’t have… Continue

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Happy Magpie Tales

I have been following the Magpie Tales blog for a while now and have really enjoyed reading poetry and insights which are prompted from a picture presented by Willow. I'm a bit late, as usual, but this particular picture reminded me so much of a little cottage I went to visit in Chertsey in the early 1990's. The cottage belonged to my ex-husband's great-grandmother, and his grandmother (his mum's mum) lived in it until she married just before world war two.…


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Looking for the Divine in All the Right Places

There it was among a exhibition of Faberge masterworks created for the House of Romanov, Nestled among the breathtaking gold and jewel-embellished eggs was a small red-enameled flower pot. Atop a small stalk of gold, a diamond-encrusted football sprouted. Slender stands of asbestos poked out from the infantestimal spaces between the small diamonds. A puffy white dandelion seed head captured in the precious materials of a jeweler’s art.

“To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven… Continue

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Diversity Classes Should Be Mandatory For These So Called "Educators!"

From The Many Shades of Love

By now I'm sure all of you have seen this. If not you will be just as shocked as I was when I first saw it on the news. You ARE reading the dates does say 2010-2011 not 1910-1911! Shocking is an understatement! Even as I write this and look at it, I think, this can't be possible, it just… Continue

Added by Amy Wise on August 30, 2010 at 6:00pm — 2 Comments

Learning to Communicate (Poem)

Carry on Tuesday offered a fun writing prompt this week: the opening lines of the famous Frank and Nancy Sinatra duet, "Something Stupid". Here's the poem I created using the lines "I know I stand in line . . . ":

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Can't believe it's here!

Release day for the first book in my new series with my new name is tomorrow! So excited! (When Blood Calls by J.K. Beck).

On sale day is!

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The Heart of Parenting

“So what’s your parenting secret?” a friend asked over coffee one morning.

“My parenting secret?”

“Yeah. You’re raising such great kids. What’s your secret?”

“Oh, it’s not a secret. It’s God,” I answered.

“OK,” she replied, “but there has to be some kind of formula. What do you do when your kids won’t listen or they fight or they’re just plain lazy or defiant? Or doesn’t that ever happen in your house? I suppose your kids always this… Continue

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