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I Wonder How Much the Average Writer Makes in Royalties in One Month

Maybe enough to eat at the local diner. That would be nice. Or enough to eat at the local upscale gourmet (yet still fairly inexpensive) health food restaurant. Or maybe enough (J.K. Rowling) to buy the local diner or upscale gourmet tofu place. Well, all I know is girls just want to have fun. Things have been rough, rough, rough and this girl plans on having some fun. This girl has lived half her life in a rat cage and now she's bustin' out, folks!


I think I'd better go to…


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Two Book Giveaways for Children’s Book and Sweet Romance

1. Book Giveaway for Children’s Book by Author Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen

Book Give-Away Sept 1 - 7: To win a children’s book, The Prisoner of the Shadows, leave a comment at

The Prisoner of the Shadows, from the Heroes of the Highest Order series, is about two children, Dan and Page, who move between a…


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Griefland Comes to Life - A Moment of Self-Return


How do I describe the moment this morning when my publisher called to say she was holding a copy of my published book  in her hand? I begged her to grab the spine,  inhale its magic, caress the front and back as if it were living, breathing. When my co-author, Nancy, and I first met in January 2009, it was a few short weeks after her daughter, Rachel, had died. My son, Alex, had died 4 years earlier, on July 17, 2004. We asked ourselves if writing a book together would…


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Pancakes With Mom


One of the three best meals of the day.

And especially when one stumbled from bed into the kitchen and realized that Mom had the griddle out.

Mmmm. Pancakes.

The best of the best.

Mom's pancakes were famous.

Well in our world.

Light and fluffy and oh, so eat-able.

And when one started eating, one simply couldn't stop.

My record?


Dripping with butter and…


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Sitting Kills, Moving Heals: How Simple…

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Should You Flirt on Facebook?

As my circle of Facebook friends has expanded (a direct result of my book marketing efforts), I sometimes face the lure of online flirting. And as a hormonally-unstable 50-year-old fighting a losing battle with menopause, I can personally attest that its pull can be irresistible. But should I do it?

Don’t tell me Facebook flirting is “harmless.” Obviously, it means something to somebody, or there…


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All Art Friday

Today's new edition of All Art Friday puts the spotlight on hand-marbled papers of Jemma Lewis, architect Arthur Pugliese's construction-worksites-turned-art, a panel discussion on the influence of technology on art, artists, and museums; the updated trade edition of "Studio Olafur Eliasson"; and a video feature on Antony Gormley at The Phillips Collection.

The round-up highlights exhibitions at New York City's Rubin Museum (modernist Indian art) and New Museum (holographic work), and…


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What Does Woman Want?


It's time to show your face IRL, take a shower, grab some clothes and get your butt in gear. Get out, meet another writer in person, face to face, in a coffeehouse, a hotel lounge, a restaurant, at a play, the movies, or for a walk or a bike ride.

SheWrites is a great platform,…


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What's in a photo?

My new blog post about using photos to help with writing/editing, the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and creating a board for a novel in Pinterest.

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Organic Gardening and Fake Eyelashes

When I think of the 60s, this is what I think about. See, I was only a kid, so all I remember is the knees of adults' dirty, faded jeans anyway, people sitting in circles playing guitar in the grass, guys with strangely long fingernails, things like that. People yakking about yin and yang, tofu, and "his Mars is exactly on my Moon, and in my eighth house--oh my God!" And wishing for junk food ALL THE TIME. --Oh hippies, just be sure to eat the long-grain brown rice in the…


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Happiness Is A Choice

When I became aware that I was "The Captain of My Ship" It was very empowering for me. I gained control about how I felt about my life by realizing- with my thoughts I was attracting people, circumstances and events to myself.

I was aware that LOVE is the only truth and made a conscious effort to become aware of my thoughts.I began to play a word game with myself by realizing when I was thinking negatively and changing my thought to a positive one. I did this even when I didn't…


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The Cost of Creativity: Unblocking the dam before it breaks me

*Warning: This post is messy and doesn’t sugar-coat the ugly truth and is a personal confessional of sorts*

Writing is hard work. Writing is especially difficult when you are expected to plumb through the dreck, muck & mire in real life dramas to find a spark of creativity. Non-writers who think that writing a story is easy have obviously never tried themselves. Life is no easier…


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20 Things Everybody (Else) Has Done (Too)

Just in case you believed you were the only one who ever had a particular idea or performed a certain behavior, be assured that (almost) everybody  you meet has had a version of the following experience:


1. Googling one's self. For those of us over a certain age, this is a version of looking up your family name in the phone book. Done as a child, and still occasionally practiced as an adult, this ritual serves to validate a sense of self. It is also the first experience…


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Gazebo Geezer

Delores at The Feathered Nest supplied, for Photo Prompt Monday, this wonderfully peaceful picture of someone asleep in a gazebo.
Hmmm . . . gazebos

My Husby loves the movie, “The Sound of Music”.

In fact, if favourites were…


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Parents' Guide to College Planning: How to Help

My parents didn't go to college and they were very keen for me to get the best education I could. Those who went to college also swear that they will do anything possible to offer this opportunity to their children. Whatever your background, you want your children to go to the best college possible. 

At the same time, you may have witnessed firsthand people locked into jobs they don't particularly enjoy or they are not very good at.

Here are…


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Blog tour for The Tale of Lucia Grandi by Susan Speranza - Women's Fiction/needs reviewers!

Newest blog tour from Lightning Book Promotions and the author is not certain of the exact release date for her book, but it will be in November. So if you interested I do know that it will be some time at the first of November and you can sign up using the google form below. This book has been tagged as: Family relations, Problem families, Mother-Daughter relationship, Child abuse, Coming of age-fiction.

 Looking for bloggers to host reviews, guest post, interviews, character…


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Writer or Recluse?

Since I started taking my writing seriously I noticed that I have started to become a bit of hermit. I tend to want to be at home hovering over my keyboard getting it done.  I realized the other day I hadn’t left the house in 3 days.  Weird for me.  Before this I was out all the time running around and I was still getting writing done. Not as much mind you but still. I was writing.

Is this what being a serious writer is? Giving up most of your social life to lock yourself in your…


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The Robotics of Beach Art

Before you throw in the towel and hang your swimsuit up for the season, take note of the latest research on the art of building sandcastles. . . .

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:: brenda ::

brenda asked me if i was alright,

and i said, i am.

although the yoghurt advert turned me off, so maybe i am not quite right


she has had a difficult year.

she is my friend, feeds me ice cream.

thank you my friends, that stayed with me, while i am ill.

knowing who you are.

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