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Let Us Praise Nurses

Judy Bolton-Fasman

A couple of weeks ago Adam went on a school camping trip with a sniffle and returned with what turned out to be a pneumonia that triggered his asthma. At first we debated whether we should wait to take Adam to the doctor in the morning. Then his breathing became shallow and rapid after he fell asleep. That's when we knew we had to take him to the emergency room.

There is not much in life that is more upsetting than seeing your child lying in a hospital… Continue

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This Ain't My Fault

When I looked up there were at least 15 two liter bottles of Diet Coke being added to my bill. "Those aren't mine", although 10 years ago this could have easily been my shopping cart. The woman behind me grunted and the cashier said, "what? there weren't no bar", which I will assume meant that she held herself not at all responsible for this minor error and would not be taking any extraordinary steps to remedy the problem. I was correct. The woman behind me, who had earlier tried to cut into… Continue

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Don't Touch That Dial

Every day at 7:00 A.M. the alarm clock in my mother's bedroom sounds off, a poorly tuned classical radio station blaring away into her morning. She does not get up, she hasn't in at least five years, when she stopped working. My assumption is that she rolls over and pulls a pillow over her head and continues to sleep, for three to four more hours. She has no idea how to reset the alarm. When she finally wanders downstairs she warms up a cup of coffee in the microwave, the one she has had for 10… Continue

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Sherri Cortland on VIRATO LIVE!

Sherri Cortland will be a guest on VIRATO LIVE! with Virato on Saturday, October 10th at 12:00 noon, to talk about her new book, "Windows of Opportunity."

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Flaking it

Okay, I promised this for a while, but work, and my child and a cold that jumped me out of nowhere keep interfering. So:

Jha pointed us to a outlining-/plotting technique in the NaNoWriMo-group that I liked on first reading, called "The Snowflake Method". And which I am currently trying out for my NaNo-project this year.

The website, where you find the whole instructions, is here:…


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Ask me Anything and win books at Eden Fantasys

From now through October 11th, I'm fielding questions in what's sure to be the funnest interviews I've ever done over at sex toy store Eden Fantasys.

I'll do my best to answer ALL the questions and I'd love to get over 60 questions up there.

Also, I'll be picking my 3 favorite questioners to win a copy of one of my erotica anthologies! So… Continue

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Are You "In Sync"?

We live in a world when all we have to do to sync up our technology is plug it in. I started thinking of all of the gadgets I own that are always in sync. There is my Computer, I-Pod, Blackberry, Bluetooth, Calendar and Contacts just to name a few. All I have to do to sync them up is plug them in. Some of them don't even need to be plugged in. It is automatic and requires little or no effort.

This is not true with our relationships. If you have pre-teen and teenage girls in your… Continue

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Wednesday's word and Climate Change

Today's word brings to mind recent posts and articles I read about NASA's plans to bomb the moon:

Wednesday's word: What does it look like to you?

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“A story a day, keeps writer’s block at bay”

What does it take to write a children’s story a day for a year?

I’m in the process of answering that very question.

In the current economic climate, getting your literary voice heard is increasingly difficult. Agents and editors are being culled at a brutal rate, fewer books are being acquired and publisher’s marketing budgets have been slashed. Whilst the children’s market is fairing considerably better than the adult market, given that purchases for children are the last… Continue

Added by Kirsty Lee on September 30, 2009 at 4:01am — 3 Comments

Why I Write YA: Looking Into The Teenager's Psyche

Recent events in Singapore and overseas have prompted me to come up with this entry. All these events involve teenagers, mostly in the age group of 16 to 18. What these teenagers have done point to issues within their psyches and reinforce the motivation behind my writing.

In Singapore, a tragic event has happened, involving the deaths of two teenage boys. One of them claimed that he would come back as a demon slayer to prevent World World III. He managed to convince a few friends to… Continue

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Author Ananda Leeke discusses how authors use social media on 10/3@Capital BookFest in Largo, MD

On Saturday, October 3, I will share my insights on how authors can use social media to market their books and build a reader audience during a panel discussion on “Everything You Wanted to Know about Getting Published” from 12:20 p.m. to 1:20 p.m. at the fifth annual Capital BookFest in Largo, Maryland. Authors Kevin Johnson, Donna Hill, and Charisse Carney Nunes will also participate in the panel discussion held inside of Borders Bookstore,… Continue

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Sherri Cortland on TruthBrigade Radio Show

Sherri Cortland, ND, will be on Christie Czajkowski's TruthBrigade Radio Show on Friday, October 9th at 8:00 p.m. EST.
She will be talking about her new book, "Windows of Opportunity." To listen, please tune in at

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Flash Plot Summary of "Aftermoon" by Tananarive Due, a short story from "Dark Matter: Reading the Bones" Edited by Sheree R. Thomas, Creator of the Dark Matter Series.

Deep Need Curbing

Kenya had to make a way for herself in a modernity that believed her authentic werewolf parts mythic and non-existent. She wanted to connect intimately with someone, and so when she met a doctor who specialized in removing hair from places such as between breasts, she decided the treatment was worth more than monetary expense. It was… Continue

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It's Her Pub Month!

cover 7.21

That’s right — I couldn’t even get this post together in time to say “Pub Week,” which speaks loudly to what it means to have a Pub Day. The fine ladies of She Writes suggested I jot down how I was feeling, on the eve of my very first book arriving in the world, and I felt embarrassed to reply that my overwhelming sentiment was: exhausted. Zonked. Pooped.… Continue

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Today on DRINKING DIARIES, Sara Eckel tells why parents can be better drinking buddies than friends...

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Fake Hymens for Sale

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A Season of Change

The Midwest is known for our four seasons, and the fall colors can almost rival any other part of the country. For me the Fall is the beginning of the best seasons of the whole year. I love the changes that begin with the first leaf that falls! The smells and events that give that crisp new start to as season of color, and then the one season that if the weather is right can be so magical - and a time to slow down from a world that goes way to fast most of the time.

I'm loving this… Continue

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Manifest Nest

Manifest Nest, 8" x 8" encaustic on 1" board

I keep searching for my nest--

the one that will appear

between the storm-parted branches

or Fall's gravitational pull.

Until then, I keep my head up,

skyward, where my father's eyes live,

between the cirrus clouds, deep into the blue.

Home is somewhere between sky and branch,

in that place where I manifest my life without

him. So I… Continue

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Reading Together: High Wind in Jamaica

On Saturday I saw my reading group. We first started reading together twenty or so years ago, took a break for a while, and now meet once a month. We're friends, most of us writers. This last time we read "High Wind in Jamaica," which S. loves.

The group was divided. L. said Hughes was a dandy, interested only in style, and had no moral compass. A. disagreed; he was sure Hughes had a point of view about the treatment of blacks in Jamaica. I was interested in the shocks Hughes… Continue

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Author/Artist/Social Media Strategist Ananda Leeke's new gig as DC Social Media Examiner for

Happy Monday!

Guess what? I am the newest member of the (www.examiner. com) team. In my new role, I will serve as DC Social Media Examiner. This is an exciting new writing opportunity for me to share my passion for social media with a wider audience.

Blogalicious, the first annual… Continue

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