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Short Story a Month

For the past twelve months I have been writing a short story each month and posting it on my blog. The final one titled 'The Ride' has just been posted. The discipline of posting a creative piece each month has been a good practice for me. If anyone would like to stop by the site is:

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Thanks to SheWrites, my little ole' blog is about to hit a milestone

Last year, I dipped my toe in the bloggosphere when I created The experience was initially frustrating and confusing but now my blog has begun to pick up steam. The site was initially named The Light Daughter. A title which needed to be explained and was not commonly searched.

At the advice of SheWriter Courtney… Continue

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Dear Anorexia . . . (A poem)

Dear Anorexia,

You made me







and my

W O R L D.

Leaving me with

n o t h i n g . . . . . .


for years,

when you started to fade away

my fingertips would

reach out,

grasping for you


Anorexia is thy name

And I was thee.

My soul and yours

a hazy mixture

Unable to be part of


You did serve

A… Continue

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First Story Im working on

Here is part of the first story I'm writing, let me know what you think!

“ Sam, time to get up.” Came Noni’s voice as she opened the bedroom door.

“Noni, its too early.” I whinned and tried to hide under the covers.

“Sam, you have to get up, your have chemo today and your father is coming into town and should be here in time for the appointment.”

“On, ugh. Fine Im up.” I said and rolled out of bed, itching what was left of my hair as I walked twards my pink stone… Continue

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Lookout Baby, I'm in a Dangerous Mood!

I have written several articles for Boomer Café, the online baby boomer magazine about the joy of parenting adult children. This post finds me lamenting, even complaining a bit about this role.

As a mother I am, of course, quick to point out, I’m crazy about my kids (Tracy 30, David 27) and am exceedingly proud of them. They are virtually launched and almost off the family dole. My daughter is a high school English teacher with benefits, a pension plan and a condo she is paying for.… Continue

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A Book About Writing That Will Change Your Life

Erin Hosier endorses Betsy Lerner and the She Writes Live event October 6th.

It's no secret that Betsy Lerner is to me what Emerson was to Thoreau, de Kooning was to Rauschenberg, and what Rabbi Shmuley was to Michael Jackson. (Okay, maybe what Madonna is to Lady Gaga might be a more apt example.) I have often told the story of… Continue

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Creative writing

The many forms of writing, I love them all. Well, maybe not ALL, but I have dabbled in some of everything. Is this okay? Can a writer write some of everything?

Novel writing. I have completed two. One edited and ready to go, the next needs a couple rounds of editing. I have not dabbled in this long, and never been formally trained, outside of reading some books and trolling the internet. I have been writing novellas since I was twelve. Complete stories, but rather short… Continue

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Photos & Audio Blog from DC Autumn Meet Up Held on 9/29/10 at Teaism

Writers Evelyn Bourne (, Beandria Terese (, and Ananda Leeke ( met at Teaism on September 29, 2010, for the DC Autumn Meet Up. The ladies had a great time sharing news about their writing projects and… Continue

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A Doctor Responds

In response to my prior piece about Medicare and doctors, I received an e-mail from a physician. I will summarize her response below.

Her perspective is that right now doctors aren't doing very well. Specialists are suffering, but GPs are doing even worse. Regarding Medicare, she states that it is very cumbersome and pays out at a relatively low rate, since anyone at retirement age can… Continue

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Intentional Insights - Etheric Eating: When Spiritual Emergency Becomes Physical Sabotage

Dear Kelley,

I'm at crossroads, and feel as if I soon will "take flight." I recently realized that I've been spending my energies in an effort to be everything to everybody, but left myself off the list. One of my current quests is to discover myself and learn how to take care of myself. I've had a long-standing battle with my weight. I now have an awareness of my habits, what is good for me, how I comfort and punish myself with food, etc., yet I continue to choose to eat in a way that…

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Risking It All for Her Book: A Journey Through a Generation

Courtney Martin, author of Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists, shares her dynamic journey with young activists.

I woke up on the morning of my new book’s publication feeling like I was marking the end of a wild and surprising journey. Which is strange, of course, since the day a book officially comes out is the day it’s… Continue

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Poet of Few Lines, Fewer Words

An introduction, with video, to New York poet Samuel Menashe, who is known for writing tiny poems:

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Unintended Consequences of Health Care Legislation

Something not particularly well known about Social Security Disability is that after two years, a disabled person, regardless of age, is eligible for Medicare. An eligible person isn't just given the option, he or she is automatically moved to the program unless he or she specifically declines it. Until that point, a disabled person usually has to make do with Medicaid and all of its maddening restrictions and budget shortfalls. One would think… Continue

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Crazeee Bees (Sample Chapter for proposal and looking for feedback)

Crazee Bees

January 31, 08

“You got a pallet or what,” David Hackenberg shouts to his son Davie from across the bee yard where the two are consolidating hives, getting rid of bad equipment in preparation for the almond bloom in California.

“Make sure you’re wiping the pallets off before you set ‘em down,”

he adds in that indelible accent of his.

For this film shoot we’ve driven to Dade, Florida, a city with only 6,615 people and more than… Continue

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Care to Dance?

It’s fall here, and I find I have reason to consider junior high dances. It is a rather macabre evaluation, akin to discovering a long dark hair under the cheese on your purchased pizza slice when you’re already half finished. You feel sick because the damage has been done but there’s no going back.

My own experience was similar to many, I suspect. Another wallflower growing along the cracks, shielded from the sun of popularity by thick glasses, formidable test scores and… Continue

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Zero Hour, Sub-Zero Journey

The incline to Stella Point, which sits at 5756 m, was the steepest incline possible for a climber using only his feet and trekking poles. The terrain was all pebbly and slippery. I placed most of my weight on the poles and it still did not seem to be enough. I had to go even slower with much smaller steps. I was almost crawling. At this point suffering was all I could think of, no matter how much I tried to focus on Baraka’s boots. It was an eternity. I started asking him “How far are we now?”… Continue

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The Thrill & Enigma that is New York

The thrill and enigma of a person, place, thing or idea is often perpetuated by an element of the unknown; the exciting. Obviously I’m thinking of New York.

For us it was a city where there was so much to discover below 14th st where a maze of streets, removed from the common grid layout, were home to the best boutiques and bars. The hunt was always on.

If it was hard to find the first time and not much easier the second time by retracing your steps, then it was worth… Continue

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Coop Scoop

After writing Coop Scoop - a story about backyard and wine country chickens in Oregon seeking new outlets to write about the "it-bird" that Martha Stewart deems “good for the soul and good for the stomach.”

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Poet Timothy Black: Male Medusas, Beautiful Lies, and Cancer Sex

The first male poet to publish at The Fertile Source, Timothy Black speaks to us about adoption, racism, and the roots of his poetic inspirations. Missing an Umbilical and Cancer Sex can be read here:

I was struck by the underwater world of “Missing an Umbilical” with its male Medusa imagery and haunting sense of potential loss (from father to father, the shared son). Can… Continue

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Thinkful Wishing

Red birds. Birthday candles. Dandelion puffs. All things that I have been known to make wishes on, though my wishes are usually more like prayers.

When I was little I wished for new dolls, or coloring books – things that would make me happy. Today isn’t much different, I still wish for things that make me happy, it’s just that those things have taken on a different form. But sometimes those things aren’t things at all. They’re deeper than that.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized… Continue

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